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Group CIX Thread | 4th Debut Anniversary 2023 FIX Week (1 Viewer)

24 April 2019
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completion of unknown

CIX (Complete in X, X=unknown) is a 5-member group from C9 Entertainment. They debuted July 23, 2019 with the title track 'Movie Star.' Members include ex-Wanna One Bae Jinyoung, Lee Byounggon aka. BX (ex-YG trainee who finished rank #9 on MIX9 and was a finalist on Treasure Box) and Kim Seunghun (ex-CUBE and YG trainee who appeared on an episode of Stray Kids' debut program and was a wild card finalist on Treasure Box) as well as new faces Kim Yonghee and Yoon Hyunsuk.

Korean Releases

190723 HELLO Chapter 1, Hello Stranger 1st EP
-Title track: 'Movie Star'
-Other promoted tracks: 'What You Wanted', 'The One'

HELLO Chapter 2. Hello Strange Place 2nd EP
-Title track: 'Numb'
-Other promoted tracks: 'Rewind,' 'Maybe I,' 'Black Out'

201027 HELLO Chapter 3, Hello Strange Time 3rd EP
-Title track: 'Jungle'
-Other promoted track: 'Move My Body'

210202 HELLO Chapter 0, Hello Strange Dream 4th EP
-Title track: 'Cinema'
-Other promoted tracks: 'Young,' 'Everything,' 'Stairway to Heaven'

210701 UNIVERSE Music July 2021 single: 'Tesseract'

210817 Be OK 1st Album
-Title track: 'WAVE'
-Other promoted tracks: 'ICE,' 'Here For You,' 'Bad Dream,' '20 Years'

220822 'OK' Episode 1: Not OK 5th EP
-Title track: '458'
-Other promoted tracks: 'Drown In Luv,' 'Without You'

230529 'OK' Episode 2 : I’m OK 6th EP
-Title track 'Save me, Kill me'
-Other promoted tracks: 'Curtain Call,' "Color'

Japanese Releases
  • HELLO Chapter 1, Hello Stranger EP (Japanese version)
  • 'Revival' (1st Japanese Single)​
  • 'WIN' ("God of High School" ending theme song)​
  • 'All For You' (2nd Japanese Single, B-side: With You)​
  • 'Pinky Swear' (1st Japanese Album, Lead single: Pinky Swear, Lead b-side: Wondering)​

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24 April 2019
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Member Profiles


Position: Leader, Rap
Birth Name: Lee Byounggon (이병곤)
DOB: March 5, 1998
Height: 180 cm (5' 11")
Blood Type: A
Horoscope: Pisces, Tiger
Life Path Number: 8 (The leader number btw)
Nicknames: Tyrannosaurus
Unofficial fandom name: Gonisaurs


-Appeared on MIX9, Netflix's YG Future Strategy Office, and YG Treasure Box
-Finished Rank #9 on MIX9 and was a finalist on YGTB
-Former YG trainee (3 years)
-Before YG he attended Def Dance academy
-BX was a STEM major in high school-specifically Science and Engineering (Idol Ground Ep. 4). His parents let him become an idol trainee because he kept his grades up.
-His childhood goal was to become a Korean language teacher


Position: Main vocals, dance
Birth Name: Kim Seunghun (김승훈)
DOB: February 26, 1999
Height: 181 cm (5' 11")
Blood Type: AB
Horoscope: Pisces, Rabbit
Life Path Number: 11 (a master number)
Unofficial fandom name: Honeys

-Appeared on Mnet's Stray Kids, Netflix's YG Future Strategy Office, and YG Treasure Box
-Eliminated Episode 9 of YGTB but was brought back as a wild card finalist on YGTB
-Almost 10 years of training
-Former CUBE and YG trainee
-His childhood goal was to be a soccer player


Position: Vocals
Birth Name: Kim Yonghee (김용희)
DOB: February 17, 2000
Height: 177 cm (5' 9")
Horoscope: Aquarius, Dragon
Life Path Number: 3

-Yonghee went to Choong Ang High School, the school in this MV:

-Yonghee is really good at mathematics

FYI from Weekly Idol Episode 437.

-Yonghee's favorite English expression is: "No pain, no gain."
-Yonghee's childhood goal was to be a scientist


Position: Vocalist, center
Birth Name: Bae Jinyoung (배진영)
DOB: May 10, 2000
Height: 178 cm (5’ 10”)
Blood Type: B
Horoscope: Taurus, Dragon
Life Path Number: 8
Nickname: BaeBae

-Former member of Wanna One
-Debuted as a solo artist in 2019

-Appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 where he finished 10th


Position: Main dancer, vocals, rap, maknae
Birth Name: Yoon Hyunsuk (윤현석)
DOB: September 8, 2001
Height: 186 cm (6’ 1”)
Horoscope: Virgo, Snake
Life Path Number: 2 (the diluted version of Seunghun's 11)

-Hyunsuk's childhood goal was to become a physician

Fun facts:
-BX is the maknae in his family but the eldest in CIX while Hyunsuk is the eldest in his family but the maknae of CIX.
-Yonghee and Jinyoung attended the same middle school. Yonghee was a brain and Jinyoung was a musically-inclined jock, so Jinyoung didn't remember Yonghee that much but Yonghee remembers Jinyoung very well. 😭 Jinyoung blames it on not only them being part of different crowds, but them living in different neighborhoods.
-Both BX and Seunghun appeared in Netflix's "YG Future Strategy Office." BX got to squirt Seungri with a syringe full of mystery spluge.
-Both BX and Jinyoung are allergic to shrimp. BX is also allergic to peaches. Keep the epinephrine on hand, C9.
-According to Soompi, Jinyoung's MBTI personality is ESFP.
-According to Kpop Map these are the rest of their MBTIs: BX & Yonghee (ENFJ), Seunghun & Hyunsuk (ENFP)
-BX says his English name is Justin Lee.
-Both BX and Seunghun have no Earth signs in their natal chart. Jinyoung (who has 5 Earth signs) should try to influence them to save and invest correctly. Jinyoung has no Water signs though, so he might need empathy training especially since does not have moon aspects or excess mutable signs to make up for it. Hyunsuk is the most balanced, while Yonghee is relatively balanced with brain over feelings.

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24 April 2019
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24 April 2019
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Temple of the Cult of Yoshinori
KS Coins

190724 CIX Debut Showcase

Variety Shows
Date(s)ProgramEp #MembersNotes
190724MBC Weekly Idol417ALL'Move Star' promotions
191210JTBC Idol Room79ALL'Numb' promotions
191211MBC Weekly Idol437ALL'Numb' promotions
200726MBC King of Masked SingersSeunghun & HyunsukCelebrity Panel
210516MBC King of Masked Singers307-8JinyoungContestant:
"Sesame Oil"
210822MBC King of Masked SingersBX & JinyoungCelebrity Panel
210901MBC Weekly Idol579ALL'WAVE' promotions
2208XXMBC King of Masked SingersJinyoung & HyunsukCelebrity Panel
2212XXMBC Show Champion460Seunghun, Jinyoung, &
Special MCs
230108MBC King of Masked Singers386SeunghunContestant:
"Silver Rabbit"
2306XXMBC Weekly IdolALL'Save me, Kill me'

Special Performances

191220 KBS Music Bank, cover of Monsta X's 'Alligator'
201215 SBS The Show, cover of BTS's 'Spring Day'
210224 MBC Show Champion, cover of EXO's 'Love Me Right'
MBC Weekly Idol, cover of BTS's 'Euphoria'

190820 SBS MTV The Show 'The One'
191126 SBS MTV The Show 'Rewind'
200130 Mnet M Countdown 'Black Out'
'Move My Body'
210223 SBS MTV The Show 'Everything'
210824 SBS MTV The Show 'Ice'
210825 MBC Show Champion 'Here For You'
210907 SBS MTV The Show 'Bad Dream'


200117 KBS Music Bank, Younha 'Winter Flower' (BX)


190722 Ulsan Summer Festival (MBC Music Core)
190727 Boryeong Mud Festival (MBC Music Core)
190824 K-World Festa 'What You Wanted'
201122 K-Culture Festival in Gangneung 'Move My Body'
2021 World Is One (MBC) 'Movie Star' & 'What You Wanted'
211113 Global Entertainment Expo (SBS MTV)

Korean Magazine Editorials
-I tried but it got overwhelming

2019.07 W Korea
2019.08 Arena Homme+
2019.09 Singles
2019.12 Dazed Korea
2019.12 The Star

2020.01 Nylon Korea
2020.04 Grazia
2020.05 Marie Claire Korea
2020.08 Ten Star
2020.09 Beauty+ (BX, Jinyoung)
2020.11 1st Look
2020.12 Harper's Bazaar Korea

2021.03 Singles

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24 April 2019
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Awards & Nominations

2020-21 Awards Season

Seoul Music Awards
Bonsang (nominated)
Popular (domestic, nominated)
K-Wave Popularity (nominated)

2019-20 Awards Season
-In reverse chronological order

Golden Disk Awards-Rookie of the Year (nominated)

2019 V Heartbeat Awards
-The Most Loved Artist Award (nominated)
-Global Rookie Top 5 (awarded)

MTV Europe Music Awards-Best Korean Act (nominated)
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24 April 2019
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KS Coins

The part with the post-it notes...
Seunghun is so hyper. The YGTB editing team did him a disservice by showing too many pathetic moments.
Tbh Seunghun and Byounggon's size/heights suit the aesthetics of this team.
C9 must've been ecstatic to find members who are tall enough to still look good next to their giant maknae.
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