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3 November 2018
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The instrumental is interesting. I don't know so far it's just ok, the instrumental at the start was the most interesting so far. The lead in to the chorus isn't too bad the rap isn't awful either I like the mix-up between the two leading into the chorus. The chorus is a bit clustered but it's done a bit more skillfully than I thought it would be done so it's catchy. The rap after the first one though I could've done without it being so....excessive? But I don't have too much I actually dislike about the song. it isn't bad by any means. It is catchy to an extent but it isn't fully there and that is probably the main thing pushing me away from fully enjoying it despite it not being awful. The ending bit is actually really nice.


Ok that is weird how it kind of starts the way Nanana ended but also interesting. The background instrumental makes me think of a video game for some reason. I think this is more up my alley than the first song but I also feel like it feels almost stifled in a way. Like it isn't reaching its full potential with the chorus. I can feel it trying to be catchy the way it's going but I also don't think it's catchy at the same time. I think this is a song you have to listen to a couple of times before you actually like it or get it stuck in your head. Usually, to me, that is a sign of a bad song-one that you end up liking but couldn't get into right away. But I try to ignore that as well because if I end up liking a song there has to be something GOOD about it. It just isn't fully there but I enjoy the rap here a bit more and like the focus on the vocals too.


Huh. I like that opening. The vocals overwhelmed by the instrumental but still clear. It's a cool effect. But that felt intentional and that was why it was kind of enjoyable. I don't like that the first verse genuinely feels like it was accidentally drowned out by the instruments. I think this chorus is more genuinely catchy but in a subtle way where you maybe don't sing it on your own but you want to listen to it just to sing along with the chorus. I also like the lead into the chorus as well. I think this one could maybe be suffering from what Breathe was doing where it might take a bit more time to actually like the song. But I feel myself being more drawn to this one at the same time. I like the effects they use on the vocals a lot to add dimension to the song. So this is my favorite so far.


Nervous about this one already. It's not horrible but the way it began leads me to think this will be much noisier than the previous songs. I'm not the biggest fan of their rappers no lie so this song is not up my alley. They sound almost like they are trying to get Bobby's weird aggressive sound. I don't like the beat drop much. This song almost feels empty but too full at the same time and it's jarring. I'm really not a fan of this song. The beat is just garbage noise. Turns me off from it and makes me feel like this is a less intelligently put-together song. I also don't like the way they utilize the vocals for a majority of this song. I think the vocals closer to the end where they harmonize without the rappers completely ruining it-that was dope.


Was nervous but oof I like the bump bump thing between the rap bits. Ok, nevermind I don't like the chorus at all. Nope, nope, nope, and nope. This one is like upsetting because the way it started I liked and was hoping that continued through the song and lead to a really impactful chorus but it doesn't. It feels very anti-climatic and I don't like it at all. The chorus with its annoyingly high parts just makes me think of the worst song in existence-butterfly by LOONA. Please don't hurt my ears with those randomly too high pitched for eardrum vocals. No thank you. Ok, this one doesn't actually hurt but it still is unpleasant for me to listen to in all honesty, and therefore this is the worst song on this album for me. No thanks.

Overall: 5.7/10

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3 November 2018
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