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Appreciation Eccentric (a 10 characters title) (1 Viewer)


28 August 2018
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Chahee Lovers
That person said I'm like that
This person said I might be like this
A kind of rumor without a sender
Spreads as much as it is unconfirmed

They said even if I look like that, I'm unexpectedly like this,
As they thought, I'm like that
A version of myself even I don't know is created
And exists as a different self

No one cares what's true and what's not
It's impossible to get them to understand
An evil domino effect begins
And even if I try, it can't be stopped

Just when it's corrected,
The same thing repeats

I've had enough of that already

Like a weathercock
Depending on the wind's direction,
Everyone changes their stance to here and there
Closing my ears to the voice of the society,
I have no choice but to live the way I want
So, alone, I'll close my heart
And won't concern myself with them

I am eccentric, I'm fine being strange
I thought not being understood by others was pretty comfortable
I don't care what people think, I'll cut all ties with love
Let's just stand out; that's what freedom is

"I heard that was like that"
"I heard it's actually like this"
A game of Chinese whispers full of guesses,
Where's the original story?

"Don't ever tell anyone about this,
This is a secret between us", they whisper
Secrets that shouldn't be leaked always get leaked
As if there's anyone who can keep their mouth shut

It no longer matters who's on my side
I don't care if I gain or lose
They believe or they don'tー
That's an irresponsible make-believe friendship

Agreements, denials and lies
Are all for the sake of convenience

Give me a break from that already

"Everything is fiction and a delusion",
That's immature innocence
The world overflows with lies and deception
Someone says with a smug look on their face
That there are no fishes in a beautiful river
I'd never want to swim
In a dirty river like that

I am eccentric, I'm fine being strange
Sorry for not being normal, let me be myself
Even if I'm shunned, I'll keep living my life the way I want
I won't change to the same color as them like a chameleon

It's not a joke
I have no interest either
I don't want to match with them
I'm not adept to that in any way
What exactly does being normal even mean?
In fact, everyone, whom I think of as normal,
Is eccentric themselves

I am eccentric, I'm fine being strange
I thought not being understood by others was pretty comfortable
Love, that doesn't mind the public gaze, cuts all ties
Let's just stand out; that's what freedom is

I think captain america would agree

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