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21 February 2019
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I haven't heard anything about him but all I can say is that I really feel for these women.

Source: Graves Accused Of Rape & Sexual Misconduct By Multiple Women


graves, a popular bass artist with releases on Welcome Records, Sable Valley, Alpha Pup, and more, has been accused of raping a 22-year-old and a 15-year-old in a series of Twitter posts last night.

Women have started a movement on Twitter of listing the ages at which they were sexually assaulted. Tiffany Nonaka posted her own yesterday, and followed up with a full recount of her experiences. The first time was when she was 19. The second time was at the age of 22, at the hands of Christian Mochizuki, aka graves.

“The first time we hung out, it was honestly a chill hangout,” she recounts. “The second time we hung out was when he basically forced it. All the sudden he was acting as if we were in a relationship. (Going all up on me & what not) I felt so awkward and didn’t even know what to do. He kept pushing it when I was saying no. I’ve clearly said no countless of times making up excuses but he still refused to stop. Once again, I eventually just gave in and he forced his fingers in me which left me sore for days after. I left after and never hung out with him again.”

Nonaka shared screenshots of conversations with graves, the first is her friend speaking about Nonaka’s experience with him. The second is Nonaka speaking to graves directly after her accusation came out.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t realize you didn’t wanna do anything at all, I thought you just meant like no sex,” he says.

“Quit playing the innocent game,” Nonaka captioned it.

A little more than 12 hours after Nonaka’s original accusations, she shared screenshots of another girl sharing her own story about graves in her DMs, in which she describes an “out of high school” Mochizuki raping her when she was 15. She has since also come forward publicly on Twitter (below).

“He took off my seatbelt and hovered over me and forcefully kissed me. I pushed him off and said, ‘uhm what are you doing?’ And he said, ‘it’s fine, it’s fine.’ I told him that I didn’t feel comfortable, and that I was a virgin and he kept telling me that ‘it’s fine.’

“I was rolling at the time and I was not thinking clearly. But I remember that I told him, ‘stop.’ But he didn’t. He forced his way into me. It was over before I could fully gather my thoughts. He zipped his tight jeans back up and said ‘let’s get you home.'”

More women came forward against graves in the comments on Alice’s Instagram post, as well. One was a woman who described herself as “barely out of middle school” at the time that graves allegedly took advantage of her by getting her drunk. Another says she was 13 when graves was “aggressively trying to get me to send him pics” on MySpace. She recalls he was at least 18.

graves posted a statement regarding the accusations last night.

“I was seeing someone for a short time and I wildly misjudged the nature of our relationship,” he claims. “At the time, I thought our physical relationship was totally consensual. I realize now my actions were inappropriate, violating, and totally unacceptable.”

graves has since deactivated his Twitter, but you can see a screenshot of his statement below.


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