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26 August 2018
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A Singularity in the 3C 75 Black Hole System

The Majesty of the Pakistani Luna,
The Princess of all Princesses,
The Snake ruler competing with Medusa,
The one who puts up with messes.

The Night of the New Moon has arriveth,
Her Majesty sings lullabies to her subjects,
With a look at darkness' eye, horror has crept,
Her Majesty keeps calm and objects.

The giver of life, the birther of happiness,
Her brilliance gleams upon her trail,
The Queen of Peace who revels in her muchness,
She offers aid without fail.

The pole star in the dark,
Her face resembles a million constellations,
On us she has left her mark,
She is the base of our mental foundations.

Oh pray that her Majesty forever keeps us company,
Protecting us from all evil,
I wait till the day everyone is met with a great epiphany,
And realise what's keeping them off the hands of the devil.

These clunky verses fashioned to give her strength,
Shall not go to waste,
So I'll make it to a song till the end,
Without a demon's haste.
- @la_mort_pour_vous

goodness gracious, there’s been so many birthdays lately- whoever’s was it today? let me check my calendar, oh my lord, it’s none other than yours! it appears you’re one year closer to doomsday skinnny, congrats!! kissing_heart (i wanted to type/express “congratulations” in urdu but it’s not “eid mubarak”, is it woman_shrugging) happy birthday to our beloved intelligent girlie who we all either honestly or secretively cherish; i don’t really remember how we met, or when we started talking actually, it all felt extremely natural and comfortable though, but it was thanks to you that i started talking to you and mortie in the first place! i’m ever so glad i changed my KS username to @Darjeeling that time; i still consider it one of the better decisions i made in life (exaggeration much? no, it isn’t!), despite the fact i thought Darjeeling was in France pensiveflag_fr ahem, so enough talk about me, it’s always a joy to talk to you, and i hope you know that two_hearts thanks for helping me out all the time, you’re a great friend pray eat all the chocolate cake in the world you want for one day ‘cos it’s your birthday, just remember to hold back so you don’t get sick of chocolate again aiieeeee ~love youu, darj see_no_evil
- @Darjeeling

Those in the prime of their beauty are proud,
those in the prime of their strength are impetuous;

You cannot talk to them about
the Skinnny Way.

Therefore, the superior Skinnny being
sincere and reverential, the whole world
is conducted to a state of
happy tranquility.

Hearing your name the memories come back again
I remember when it started happening
I'd see you in every thought I had and then
The thoughts slowly found words attached to them

What is the cause of birth?
There is birth because there is existence.
Birth is due to existence. What is the cause of existence?

Today is the birthday of the person who is spreading joy
and positivity all around Tuk Tuk and Daska.

May your birthday and your life be as wonderful as you are!
- @Chahee

Happy Birthday my Skinnnymon~

In a world that was filled with Pokemon, you were the cutest and superior one, that is why I ended up choosing you.
We defeated countless other Pokemons and yes, here we are~
Today is your birthday and I wish you happiness, if you are happy, that is all that should matter, stay true to yourself and again, Happy birthday to my Skinnnymon~
- @Drug

well well well it's the flop's birthday. happy birthday skinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny omg that's so fun to say I hope it annoys u star_struck you're an absolute blast to talk to and deep down I really do care about you oliviarage GWprytrFoxxolove . you're a wonderful friend and soooo good at mafia, you should teach me your ways, until then I'm always on your side. so much taste in one individual queen you're such a cultured and tasteful queen. I love seeing you around the forums and having little interactions. happy birthday skinny(I refuse to ever believe there were ever 3 n's in your username, it was always two istg), I hope you have an amazing birthday and eat lots of cake and get loads of gifts because you deserve all of that. happy birthday skinskin! shibalub foxno
- @kuro

Happy birthday! The young'un finally turns a year older~

Fortunately I will always be older than you (and I still can't believe you thought I was a... smart 12-year-old... welp) (Well since it's your birthday, I'll put aside your insulting remarks)

On this very day, the world birthed a very cute skinnny, and you grew up to be even skinnnier ma_heart I appreciate your sense of humor and all the conversations we've had together. It's really been a joy to have gotten to know you. I hope you stay the unique and intelligent individual you are (though your IQ would go up tremendously if you stanned boy groups, namely, EXO welp).

Again, happy birthday lovely blue_heart This day is yours to celebrate, so party hard :sanapray:
- @mirella

Happy birthday skinny! It seems like it was just a couple days ago that I flopped at sending my birthday message on time and mort had to send it to you ono
But this year im going to flop less and actually send it on time lol
Anyways, its been forever since I met you and to this day Im glad it happened. Even if we havent talked as much recently, I always enjoy the conversations we have.
Sorry its so short, Im not the greatest at writing these but keep being awesome aka keep being yourself chuuheart
I hope you have a great day and a great rest of the year
- @Vikki

you already know when it’s death wishes it’s gonna be a skinnny kind of thing worryyy

Happy birthday to the best sister anyone could’ve asked for!!!! I remember I had no clue who u were until dad jasque introduced me to you and who knew I would find such a good person in you pepelovesad . I love how you always like my profile posts (stalker worry ) and how much you deny that I own your profile which I do queen . I enjoyed learning that you are smarter than me even with my 97 gpa and that I’m a jock even thought I’m nothing close to that. We’ve had so many good memories and I hope we can make new ones in the future!!!

Eat lots of chocolate cake (it better be chocolate) and pork.... jk jk jk I got jokes wimwim

Lots of love from you big brother who loves you very much heartheartheart,

- @itzybitzyblink

hellow skinny pleading_face
we really didnt talk to much but our first talking times were so cute pleading_face
i love you so much. i hope you can live longer and have your the best days
happy birthday
- @blurryface

Hello,is it me you're looking for,I can see it in your soul. And I want you to know,HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINNY MINI. Ah,let me count the ways,the many things you have done to become more open and become more of a good friend and cherished user to myself and many others. You were always someone who has provided a listening ear and at first. Wow. You were so full of angst. It was adorable. Really fun to tease you. It's like going into an over lord's chamber and risking coming out with 2,678 blades in the shin. But're all soft. It's like I watched a small,adorable,small,mini,small turtle pop out of it's shell. You've grown. You've blossomed. You're a visual and honestly I have no clue why you poke at me. But I feel like it's the way you show affection and that's great. You're very kind. Adorably threatening and for you kid nap peoples children and I think that's great you give them a good ol home. I hope to find out more about you. You're like a sister to me. Or,some person asking for iPad games. You're adorably angst filled. Youre an amazing orbit. I love you with my very soul. I tease you but I feel like there's this sibling bond. Day by day you blossom more from that budding flower and learned so much compassion. You're really a softie. I'm hoping we can continue to talk and be in eachothers lives. You're not whack at all. I'm glad to someone short with you. Imagine these people who are 158 and 160 cms...not understanding you and I are both 150 and under. You and I gotta stand a fight against these tall towers. And I'm glad the one battling with me is you. Happy birthday Kinny Mini. Ily,7 days a week my smol buddy.
- @Koala

Happy Skinnny day!
I hope you‘re enjoying your birthday skinnny. Even though I joke a lot, I do see you as a good friend. I think your reaction to my teasing is why I heart you even more. Thanks for being nice to me lately ma_heart
Stream So What
from your bae~
- @Baechu

Happy Birthday bestest Girl fatlove fatlove fatlove
you are such a special cookie. I wish all the best to you and much success to everything you want to achieve.
Since we have gotten to know you each other, you became one of the friends I cherish a lot. You definitely are a bright star and I am excited to be able to see this beautiful journey of yours. sanapray
Loona Bless sanapray
love you purple_heart
- @ikonicraja

you may be skinny
but you're no ninny
boo who else could it be
the joy you bring is free
and you're funny as can be
fun to talk to and to lurk
your duties of cheer you never shirk
this here is to do what you do every day
and bring smiles to keep boredom away
you're a premiere pick
your banter is sick
thank you for being a friend
i'll be here to the end
and still barely talk
till i'm outlined in chalk
but i know you'll still be there
being fun but with care
and that's why i share
these birthday wishes with you
happy birthday skinnny
- @igloo

:yooa Look whose birthday we have here! The summit of all wonder, Skun- no Skinnnny!
Today is the day a wonderful, beautiful human being with the largest heart was blessed upon us. Seriously though, you might come off as a person who doesn't have much love in her but I feel like you have so much to give. So much to show the world.
We first met on the Forums when I answered to you in Urdu & from there we bonded.
You were the first to type a message on my wall & you called me "lub" in there. Oh, how the times have changed. trymebicth
We kept on talking & then we had that great bet in which I won(of course).
images - 2020-02-14T185300.329.jpeg

Let's reminisce for old times' sake. Anyways you were that one person who welcomed me with open arms in a foreign territory & I had never felt more grateful.
Slowly but surely, I opened up to you & here we are, knowing so much about each other.
Even though you might say I'm a great friend, I feel like you deserve so so much better.
In a way, I feel like I've brought you to a halt when it comes to exploring people with my influence. Listen, Skinnny, I don't know if you tend to follow me but I must say - it's not cool to be like me. So forge your own path!
You have a bright future ahead of you, I can tell.
You are just so lovable that I can't expect anyone not to fall for your charms.
You are so kind, whenever you feel like someone's getting ignored in conversations, you try to include them.
You have helped me so much in life, man, I owe my life to you.
You've saved me from suicide.
You've saved me from succumbing to my darkest thoughts.
You've saved me from pessimism.
With your words, I've felt comforted.
Your presence in general brings me so much comfort, I can't even describe.
(I only consistently message you first for a reason.)
You have been so so important in my life that I can't imagine it without you anymore.
I don't know what I'd do if you decided to disappear one day.
That's always a fear of mine.
You are an intelligent banter-er as well & I greatly enjoy our daily jousts.
(Even though I win all of them.)
I put you on a pedestal, Skins, I look up to you.
You've been such a support & you've been wise in your way of helping people out.
I know you're socially anxious but believe me, one day, we'll both grow out of it.
The good student who usually gets a 75/75 got a 57/75 in Board Exams. irenekek
It is still beyond me how you get such high marks without studying at all, must be the scholar genes. worryy
I'm sorry if I've ever made you feel bad or ever hurt you in any way. Wasn't my intention.
You're truly the bestest friend I've ever & could ever ask for.
What did I do to deserve this?
I feel so blessed.
If you ever need someone to beat your brother up, I'm here. dosalute
I got you into LOONA & I'm so happy you love them.
We both share deep connections with them & it's always great when we can talk about them.
*Spoiler* My favOriTe song from the album is the title track.
I feel like our music tastes are pretty similar & you tend to like my music. (Uh huh.)
I'll always keep recommending you till we get old & can't type anymore.
Sounds brutal, I know.
Oh, Skinnny, I might be Hi High sometimes but I only do it to catch your attention.
Notice me Senpai!
Kidding, you always do.
I am ending this by saying, I love you.
I love you with my whole heart. I've never found a person so special to me as you are.
And I hope we can stay friends forever.
Like you, I have more to say as well but I'll not make you read too much on your special day.
Happy Birthday, Skinnny.
Let's eat MoMos together someday.
- @la_mort_pour_vous

dubuheh dubuheh dubuheh
Happy birthday Skinnny chan, my fav dongsaeng, my protege and fav student! I hope you gave a splendid day and year ahead. Though you're smol, you have a big heart and tho you're an edgy queen, you're actually a pretty uwu softie at heart!
Though we only talk occasionally, I always enjoy all our interactions and you're generally a very fun person to be around. Even when you try not to be lol.
I'm happy we got to know each other. Indulge yourself, bring misery to your enemies and make me proud wendynod
Happy birthday again, have fun
SeulgiJam SeulgiJam SeulgiJam
gowonsip gowonsip gowonsip
- @Ozymandias

To my precious bodyguard, Happy birthday!! yvesheartu

I have lots to say but I don't know where to start. I first noticed you because you would always spam like everyone's posts. I would open up my notifs everyday and they would be filled with like from you. You were always such a sweet person and I'm glad I can call you a close friend now ma_heart You also introduced me to Loona. I'm still obsessed with Heart Attack to this day yooawoo

You honestly are like a protective big sister to me, even if our age gap isn't that big. You've always seemed like a girl with a lot of energy packed inside a small ball of fluffiness. Like mortie said, you're just so lovable. You've become some I hold close to my heart in such a short time. The memories we've experienced together have always been so precious. I'm glad I met you skinnny. Happy birthday wendynod

-love your little sister, tato chuusquish
- @potato

With love,
To: @Skinnny

Happy 16th Birthday!


🌈 ❧@bulletproof is the noora to my eva
9 October 2018
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loonaverse into the buddy hole & flover garden ღ
Happy Birthday Skinnny :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove:


🌈 ❧@bulletproof is the noora to my eva
9 October 2018
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loonaverse into the buddy hole & flover garden ღ


🌈 ❧@bulletproof is the noora to my eva
9 October 2018
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loonaverse into the buddy hole & flover garden ღ

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