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26 August 2018
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A Singularity in the 3C 75 Black Hole System
Once upon a time, there was a Koala, a Koala who lived happily in the Eucalyptus forests of Australia. There she would draw to her heart's content, sing without any boundaries, eat all the food without getting judged, & sleep for long periods. However, her happiness didn't last.
Because of the dwindling forest covers of Australia, she lost her habitat. The only way to secure her was to move her to a zoo or a sanctuary. Thus, she was sent off to Chicago zoo where she spent the worst years of her life.
The zoo was gargantuan with all sorts of animals, but the Koala felt no joy in seeing them - she wanted to back to her old haven.
There began the Koala's worst years, all the animals picked on her & made her feel terrible.
They would bully her for her hamster cheeks, bully her for being chubbier than the others.
The Koala felt lonely & lost, this was no perfect place for her. She was thousands of miles away from her safe-haven & she was getting nowhere.
Day after day, she began devising escape plans.
But they all failed. A lone Koala in a zoo filled with animals that bullied her.
Then a ranger came to check up on animals, this ranger was @KwonSoonYoung. She saw the Koala's disposition & saw that she had the saddest disposition. So, she hid the Koala in her warm heart & took her to the place where she would spend the remaining years of her life.
Lighter took Koala to KPopSource zoo, located in Singapore, where the animals lived in large stretches of their natural habitat - it was very much like a sanctuary. Everyone was happy to see the Koala & she was greeted with a warm welcome. The Koala totally fit in & she could be herself again, without any qualms.
It was not be her old home, but it was a new home with lovely, accepting animals.
Today is the birthday of that Koala who escaped Chicago zoo & we must rejoice!

Happy Birthday uwuala!!! <333333 Conversations with you were really cool, we should talk again :* you are super sweet and supportive, thank you for all the kind words you have said to me heart and you got me into Seventeen too <33333 I love your sense of humor, that's something which really attracts me to someone. Puns queen uwu If it wasn't you I wouldn't have joined kps either. You are really amazing, you make me thankful the internet exists so that I can meet people like you :** I wish you all the loveliness in the world :sparkling_heart sparkles: -Erae

@Erae, the bonobo

In holding the soul and embracing oneness
Can one be steadfast, without straying?

The five colors make one blind in the eyes
The five sounds make one deaf in the ears
The five flavors make one tasteless in the mouth
Racing and hunting make one wild in the heart
Goods that are difficult to acquire make one cause damage
Therefore the sages care for the stomach and not the eyes
That is why they discard the other and take this

I'm just as human as you.
I see, I hear, I touch, and I feel just like you do.

Humans were created by nature
so they could learn her ways.
In their endless search for the truth,
humans are condemned to knowledge.
Everything else is whim.

Let's try to be pleasant.
We'll drink to Koala.
Not to Koala, but to LeeriaYa.
Are you saying
LeeriaYa was not a Koala?
Stop it, Chahee.
Let's not fight.
After all, it's Koala's birthday.
It's her day.
Of course.

@Chahee, the anaconda

I wish you happy birthday Koala~
You are one of the sweetest person that I have ever talked to and by far one of the kindest
You have never seemed annoyed by me and I have always felt comfortable with you.
If you ever need anything, I will try my best to be here for my Koala~

You are a sunshine to all of us, I love you~

Happy birthday~

@Drug, the Japanese macaque

Hi Koala omo

It’s Darj, it’s only recently that we’ve started talking; it’s weird, it feels like I’ve known you for longer for some reason.

Do you remember the time you called me out for having a mommy kink on the KS server? wimwim I won’t forget that, it was the first time I’d used the wimwim emote to someone on Discord

I’d seen you on the forums and you seemed like a cool person, but I was kinda afraid to reach out at the time yolk

We became friends through Mortie, but I connected really quickly with you and enjoy talking to you a lot! You’re a sweet and caring person with some of the best puns out there, let’s talk more MortSoo MortSoo

Have a very nice birthday Alexus, you certainly deserve the best smileclapheartheart

~Darj cupcake

@Darjeeling, the dugong

Happy Birthday baby Koala (and Merry Christmas as I'm writing this just before Christmas Eve wimwim ),

Have you been doing well? It has been little while since we had longer chat now, but i think you every once a while. I hope you have been doing good and taking care of yourself slight_smile (let me find better emoji that one always looked shady) fatlove Let's catch up more ^^

It has been a little while since we met as well. Since the start I always found you someone who was cheerful and dependable, strenght of others. Though later on I realized of course you weren't always that cheerful, but you still put positive attitude up front and were always dependable. I was glad we bonded over similar interests outside of kpop as well and became friends. fatlove

Of course to the main meaning of these wishes- Happy birthday Koala!! uwu Another year behind and another ahead. Or actually another decade ahead, it hasn't quite sank in yet for me that it will be 2020 next year smile You get to start off the decade with birthday celebrations huh. Don't forgot to have cake! yum Nevertheless big or small, it's important to remember all the good and celebrate. Hopefully next year will be even better and more fun for you than last year was.sanapray

Your mama bear,
Panda ^^

@blueberries, the red panda

happy birthday to the sweetest and cutest koala koala fatlove

I honestly wish you all the best in this world. You really deserve a wonderful time. Enjoy a lot of cake on your special day.

You are an amazing person and being friends with you has been a wonderful experience. I am glad that you have been doing better and I wish that the next year will be even more successful.

fatlove fatlove fatlove uwu

@raja, the polecat

Hello mama lele,

ahh I will never get tired of saying how much I love you. Im sorry for the times that I forget to respond or can't think of the right things to say. I really just want to be the best for you and help you live the best life that you deserve. I hope that even though I can mess up sometimes, I will always always care for you and I'm here for you no matter what.

When I saw you at first on AKP I was a bit scared of you, but now I see that you're just a little but strong fluffball. You're always here to protecc and attacc >:) You're such an inspiration and I love seeing you grow every day. You have everyone's back and you're always there to help but you know your limits and I admire that.

I think it's been almost 2 years since we've met oh my oh my. I've enjoyed every single day knowing you and I wish you only the best. I hope that this day is especially bright and that you can enjoy yourself. Eat whatever you want because it's YOUR day <3 I hope every day from here on out is as beautiful as you are and that you get everything you deserve.

I treasure you and I love you, don't forget that I'm here for you every hour every second. You don't always have to be happy and that's okay. Things will work out eventually. When you smile, reasons will keep on coming. Thank you for being you and staying strong because this world wouldn't be as bright without you in it <3

Your daughter,
Mazie uwu

@Icy68446, the dormouse

Hello koalala
So its your birthday today
Let me dive into the reasons why your presence is a blessing for us pikahappy
When I came to know you on akp, I saw a n admirable and lovely user. Since I am bad when it comes to forming connections, I just expressed my appreciation from afar by like spamming you and didn't try to talk to you.
This changed on discord tho
I still haven't talked much with you but I am proud that I am slowly starting to getting to know you maHeart
You are a kind soul who puts others' troubles before her own and tries to be strong just for the sake of others
And I have never seen you hesistate in helping someone
And your adorable self is very much a part of the reason I like this community
Eloquate, kind and smart, just the whole package omo
Happy birthday!
I hope you you have loads of fun
Eat cake(and fries)

@Skinnny, the viper

My dear KoaHoe!uwu
It's your birthday and a reminder to me that i had the chance to meet you!fatlove
So I'll begin with wishing you happy birthday !
I wish you health,joy, happiness and success in everything youll do in your life !
I wish you to be always surrounded by people who will cherish you and love you for the amazing person you are
And now I would like to thank you ! thank you for letting me be your friend, for always hearing me out and giving me advices.
You are an amazing person, someone who will stand by your friends and someone who makes me laugh even when im depressed so im so thankeful for that !sanapray
I will forever cherish you and love you my dear KoaHoe
From the one and only BenConda <3!

@Cosmo, the bot anaconda

Koa, Lexi fatlove
Hao are you? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday. And eat all the fries you want and have such joyous fun. YOU ARE ONE OF THE BESTEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD niah
Now Here Minghao giving you some love


And Jae

@RavenHikari, the forest raven

Happy birthday Koala!! GWcmeisterPeepoLove
Thank you so much for being a great person to talk to this past year. I had a lot of fun discussing ateez and harry potter with you. I hope we get to know each other better and talk more in the new year.
I hope you enjoy your birthday and get to eat lots of cake and fries! cake

@Mangoey, the chimpanzee

Happy birthday Koala!
I'm so glad that I've gotten know over this past year or so. You're such a sweet, funny, and incredible person. I'll always cherish the time we've spent talking to each other and I hope we can continue to have great conversations. I hope you have an amazing birthday and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you Koala fatlove

@lexus, the domestic rabbit

Hello Koa heartheartheart
It's your Panni here sparklessparklessparkles
Can you believe it's national Koala day? maybe not officially, but in our hearts it is
First of all, happy birthday, love! You have successully survived one more year in this world tada
Seriously tho, I hope you're having a wonderful birthday, you are such a kind and lovely person, you really deserve to be cheered with love today and every day for the rest of your life~
I like to say that we have grown close to each other and I'm really glad about that! You are such a supportive and caring friend. There has never been a time that I didn't love spending with you, and I hope that in your next chapter of life, we get to make many more memories!
Koa, once again, happy birthday! Let's make today a good day heart
@Panda, the Giant panda

crescent_moon To The Koala Of The Crescent Moon crescent_moon
Did you expect us to forget your birthday again?
Well, I hope you didn't because you deserve the world & more. And today is your special day. The day you were blessed onto this Earth. A special day I can never forget.
Koala, I've seen you at your worst & I see you as a phenomenally strong person with a heart full of love & affection. Even though you might not be as emotional as most others, you try your best to emote for others & lift their moods through that.
In general, you're a total fluffball who knows very well to press the right buttons to make people happy.
You're a resilient & incredibly beautiful human being who lets her kindness shine through her words. I love how most acts from you are acts of giving & kindness.
I'll remember not to ever let you feel alone & insecure, I'll remember to always reply to your messages. Because you deserve that & more.
I've seen you at your worst & even then you tried warning me that you might hurt me.
You're such a perfectly generous & gracious & caring soul, you give the people around you a feeling of immediate security.
Your blunt directness is another characteristic I enjoy, you never sugarcoat anything despite being always sweet. And you always know to state your own opinion no matter how much opposition it receives.
You've endured so much & I'm so damn proud of you for coming so far.
Now you'll go to college again & become a nerd like me. We can be nerd buddies together.
You shine brightly like the moon on us & you're my LOONA personified.
You have given me comfort in the darkest times & provided a lending ear.
Even though I might not be good at venting, it's always comforting to know that you'd always be there for me.
Your words are of great value to me & I cherish them greatly.
More than anything, I'm thankful to you, thankful for you being my best friend that I never thought I needed.
I hope we can be friends for a long time.
You, a once-cheerful Koala, escaped Chicago zoo & came to us AllKpop-ers & KPopSorceries as a boon, a boon that protects us from negativity & dark thoughts.
Happy Birthday, Koala!
Think of 2020 as a new beginning, a happier, more important chapter of your life.
You will go a long way.
I love you, my friend.
Remember that.

@la_mort_pour_vous, the jungle cat

Happy birthday Koakoakoakoakoakoa!
I hope you slept well before your birthday, because you really need that energy IUSleeper
Eat cake and fries, open presents, stan RV, blablabla you know the drill, right?
I just wanted to let you know that you've been a real mood lifter for me everytime you dm'ed me.
My heart just melts away with every compliment you give me and you were supporting RV so much just because of me yolk
I just wanted to thank you for that, I'll make sure to repay you someday by supporting a group of yours sanapray
Make sure to eat, sleep and rest, just like you always tell me, even though I already do irenecrazy
If I catch you being awake all night again it will have some consequences joycreep
Please care for you health and take long loooong naps, cause we are the nap gang IUSleeper
Nap gang will always support each other, no matter what sanapray

I'm really bad at birthday messages, so sorry yolk
I hope this napping Jinsoul will make up for it.
Happy birthday Kooaoaooakoakokaokok - from your bae

@Baechu, the domestic Labrador dog

I usually write these last minute because procrastination lets go yooagasm

But in your case its both a mixture of procrastination and a bit of not being sure what to say tbh wimwim You always word things so pretty and then theres me struggling to say anything more detailed than I love you and even that took an embarassingly long time so whenever I try to express my feelings it comes out as awkward. But that aside I do love you and I think you know that hopefully

I could list off a million qualities as to why youre amazing but idk if that would be that productive since most people here can say it in a much more understandable way but one thing that i can't not mention is your kindness. No matter how Im feeling you can make me feel good which is actually not an exaggeration for once. I often wish there were more people as empathetic and well spoken as you are because you really are one of a kind. I hope youre doing your best to take care of yourself despite everything because I and everyone else here care about you so much.

Eat good fries, not like the crappy ones I had in the UAE that one time because thats one of the most depressing things there are in this world. And eat cake too because you need a variety of disease inducing foods rather than just one MortSoo

I hope your day goes as well as it can, and I hope things look up for you this next year.

Btw Vivi still makes me smile every time just saying maHeart

@Vikki, the pitbull dog

Happy birthday Koa!! omo

I'm writing this barely a day before your birthday. yolk I'm normally one of the early ones with birthday messages but there was just so much to say. For one, you're like a ray of sunshine in my life. I've gotten so used to calling you and evie mum; 'mum' and 'koa' have become interchangeable at this point. I look up to you a lot, maybe you know that or maybe you don't. I've learned a lot from you.

I'm easily swayed. I know I'm easily swayed. It's something I know I have to admit. But when I think about you, how you stand by your opinions no matter what, I become a little more confident in myself. Not just online, but in real life too. You have a certain way with words, I'm not sure quite how to describe it. But some of the things you say, although they're just blocks of letters on a screen, I can feel emotion and passion behind them. It's sort of enchanting in a way. It gives me that reassurance that I can stand up for myself and I can be acknowledged, even if my thoughts and opinions don't fit in with everyone elses.
People think that being a good person means that you have to always have good qualities. But I don't think anyone can be a good person without bad qualities. Good people embrace their flaws, accept them. Maybe you remember our conversation about this. I think, wholeheartedly, you are an incredible person mum. One of the prettiest people I've known, inside and out. Society tells us that perfection is an unnatainable staus that all humans can't hold. I've come to rather dislike the word perfection. It leaves a sour feeling in my mouth because no one can be truly perfect. But I want to sort of mould the idea of perfection into something else. I feel like perfection isn't being with flaws. Perfection is trying to become the most content version of yourself, flaws an all. Not the best, but the happiest state of being one can be in.

I went off on a huge tangent here but I feel like the conversation we had before was unfinished and there was something lingering. ono

So happy birthday to my dear mum. Let's strive to be happiest versions of ourselves in 2020. If not this year, maybe next year, or maybe the year after. Whenever it happens, or if it's happening right now, I will always wish you happiness. I love you Koa heart

@potato, the sloth

My dearest Koala,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays, as you deserve no less. blue_heart We've known each other for several years now, worked together, went through good times and bad, and my life would be lesser without you in it. You are a great friend, and while I've been rather unavailable recently, I hope we can talk more and catch up. Honestly you're one of the most inspiring people I know, and I really hope that 2020 is an amazing, productive, satisfying year for you. Love you always blue_heart blue_heart

@LeeHoseok, the rattlesnake

Happy birthday to my darling Koa!
The world needs to realise what a blessing Koa day is sanapray

I'm actually quite sad I didn't get to know you sooner! When I became active on Discord and KS, you had just began to be inactive, so our paths did not cross frequently. However, by some miracle we met and began talking. I love the bizarre conversational topics we always manage come up with maHeart

After all this, I'm eternally grateful to have gotten to know such a vibrant and genuine individual. You are positive and always manage to uplift others (including myself on many occasions). Although I believe you don't give yourself enough credit -- your personality really is wonderful omo Forever stay the Koa you are.

Happy birthday again fatlove I hope your day is as joyful as you make everyone maHeart

With much love,
MiMi uwu

@mirella, the bottlenose dolphin

Happy Birthday, Koala!


✯☾🌸Koala Of Spring’s Moon🌸☽✯
4 November 2018
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c': This is probably the nicest thing I have ever gotten for my birthday. Thank you all for your kindness. It makes it all worth it


🌈 ❧@bulletproof is the noora to my eva
9 October 2018
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loonaverse into the cosmic world & flover garden ღ
Happy Birthday again Koa :nekolove:
hope your day will be amazing. you deserve the best.


3 September 2018
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@Koala I didn't know until last minute that your birthday was coming up or I would have made a nice message for you already :yolk: BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY LADY! I love you to pieces. I'll write something longer when I'm off work. I'm actually sneaking this in really quick sobs.

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