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18 February 2019
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Hello, this is Hong Jin Young.

It’s already very late and I know that I can’t undo anything. However, I’m writing because I want to sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness, even if it’s at this point in time.

On the day that I was making a comeback with a new song, a report came out about thesis plagiarism. I was so scared about what I should say and my mind went blank.

I think that even then, I couldn’t let go of my greed.. I was so scared because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to go back on stage again if I admitted to plagiarism.

So that’s why I was busy trying to justify myself by saying things like, ‘The professor said that there was no problem’ and ‘I’m not going to be lecturing with my degree.’ It was because I was scared that everything in my life so far would look like a lie.

I even had the lackadaisical thought that if I gave up my degree, then maybe people would let it go, maybe they would forgive me. That’s why I used the expression ‘convention.’ Maybe I was only thinking about finding a way out.

If a mistake is made, one must properly apologize and be chastised for it… Rather than reflecting, I was just busy making excuses. I wasn’t able to act in a mature or adult way. I made a mistake.

I will accept Chosun University’s tentative conclusion of plagiarism and I will deeply repent. I’ve also acted very disrespectfully toward the people who even now are working all day and night on their master’s and doctoral theses. I’m sorry. I admit to everything and I will reflect.

I have received greater love that I deserve. I will now pay back that love while quietly spending time reflecting on myself and doing meaningful and good things.

I once again apologize. I am sincerely sorry.


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