I met this wierd girl at my previous job in 2009 (1 Viewer)


4 June 2019
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like in 2009 when I was working at Marshall and then I met this customor name B. so we exchanged myspace usernames. while we were chatting on myspace, I asked her what hobbies does she like to do, she said "i like cutting myself!" then I asked "you like cutting yourself?" she said "hells yeah! its fun!" i said "ok i have to go ttyl" later I asked her how long does she surf the internet and she never responded. i told her "you're so wierd" then I blocked her. I think i made a mistake for associating with her. I wouldnt associate with people who says they like to cut themselves as a hobby and i dont associate with people who talebears and gossips. If someone says something like they like cutting themselves for fun as a hobby then Ill would just ditch them and ignore them. I dont care if they go around asking my friends or other people about me about me.

How would you feel when someone says "i love cutiing myself" or "I like to cut myself. because its fun"? what would you do after they say that to you?


~Angel of Death~
28 November 2018
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England, London
As an ex self harmer, it's not something I would parade happily about, people like that annoyed the hell out of me severely cause I was struggling with issues and addiction and these bitches wanna act like it's all fun and games... :seokeyes:

But I have come across alot of people like that which made me hide like fact I was an actual self harmer much more because its a negative thing to begin with but these idiots doing it like its a hobby it wasn't helpful.
But I usually asked them 'why is it fun to you?' .. Then proceed to suggest things like 'so if someone else we're to cut you would it be fun?' They'd say usually said no, and I said why but cutting yourself is fun right?
Yeah but.. '
They'd usually get quiet about that point cause some of them just said bs to be edgy, and You can't out egde a bitch that naturally crazy can you? Lol
some instances it was an exaggerated paper cut when they say 'cutting'. And some did need help.

And to be completely honest coming from me it's funny cause I generally like cutting things, with scissor, knifes it's really calming for me. Like cutting into meat is oddly satistifying, probably why I enjoy food prep alot... Which is one reasons why my self harming became a huge issue for me in the past.

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