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3 November 2018
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This is going to be really random but most of my life I have not liked Christmas.
I know, even as a kid I spent most Christmases trying to find proof of Santa
NOT existing. I never believed in him.
I always tried to hide how grumpy I would get and I could never figure out
why I hated it so much. I mean I definitely had some bad years with Christmas.
All related to the gifts I got-I know that makes me sound really shallow.

But I guess I could never figure out how to enjoy it for what it is.
This year I finally figured it out.
I need to have NO expectations for the day.
I don't need to give people a list of what I want
I'd rather be surprised and enjoy what I get-then think I'm going
to get something I put on my list only to end up with NOTHING on it.

I know this comes across as shallow but I had a hard time
wrapping my mind around why someone would ask for your Christmas list
then not use your Christmas list.
THis year I didn't bother making one and I've enjoyed every gift I've gotten.
I think this is the first Christmas I am really going to enjoy and that makes me happy.

Just sucks it had to happen without my Grandma here to see it.​
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