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18 May 2021
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Lee Donghyeon is a contestant on JYPSY's "LOUD". He is on the JYP team and made it into the final lineup.

Basic Information !!
Name: Lee Donghyeon
Nickname: Idol On Ice
Birthday: March 13, 2007
International age: 14
Korean age: 15
Blood type: A
Talents: singing, dancing, poetry, ice hockey, composing music, playing the piano
– He is from Daegu, South Korea.
– Before Loud, he used to be an ice hockey player for the Daegu Sky Eagles Ice Hockey Club. His jersey number was 99.
– His nickname during the audition round was Idol on Ice.
– His audition was the first one shown.
– His nickname on his self-written profile is “나무늘보” meaning sloth.
– His TMI is that he was class president for 2 consecutive years in middle school.
– A search/associated word he wants to have is “Lee Donghyeon tops Billboard chart for 10 consecutive weeks”.
– What scares him the most is his mom.
– His soul/favorite food is his mom’s kimchi jjigae/kimchi stew.
– The first thing he does after waking up is to go back to sleep.
– The thing he wants to do the most these days if he had the time is to play with his friends.
– He relieves stress by singing.
– He describes himself as someone ready to become a worldwide artist.
– A change that happened to him during Loud is having confidence in his dream. To him, Loud feels like he is in a dream.
– His team lost against Gyehun’s team during the team battle evaluation round.
– He was part of National Voice team during the JYP round, performing “Airplane” by iKON with Amaru
– He was part of P-Dar-Nation team during the PSY round, performing “Shock” by Beast with Doohyun and Amaru.
– His performance during the casting round was “90’s Love” by NCT U.
– He was the 6th member casted for JYP Loud Team.
– He was originally the 4th member eliminated during the live show rounds, decided by voters. He had the lowest individual rank within the team, combined with JYP team losing in the team votes. However, JYP used his wildcard to save him from elimination.
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