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3 November 2018
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Scheduled Releases:
DayTimeArtistAlbum TitleAlbum TypeTitle TrackStreaming
1st01:00Lay (EXO)LitChinese mini albumLitSpotify / Apple Music
18:00JungKeyLOVEmini albumI Know (feat. George)Spotify / Apple Music
Lee YejoonFrom Hi to Goodbyedigital singleFrom Hi to GoodbyeSpotify / Apple Music
TWICEMORE & MOREmini albumMORE & MORESpotify / Apple Music
2nd18:00NU’ESTBest Summer (with Spoonz)digital singleBest Summer (with Spoonz)Spotify / Apple Music
Seo Ja YeongMonologuemini albumMonologueSpotify / Apple Music
VICTONMaydaysingle albumMaydaySpotify / Apple Music
3rd00:00Stray KidsTOP (Japanese ver.)Japanese single albumTOP (Japanese ver.) / SLUMP (Japanese ver.)Spotify / Apple Music
18:00EDEN X Samuel SeoSOONSTARDUST 2 project singleSOONSpotify / Apple Music
GidongdaeParty Like Thispre-debut singleParty Like ThisSpotify / Apple Music
4th18:00F.ableBurn It Updebut singleBurn It UpSpotify / Apple Music
Rain X Sik-k X pH-1 X Jay Park X HAONGANG (Official Remix)digital singleGANG (Official Remix)Spotify / Apple Music
5th12:00ONEUS, TOO, ONFRoad To Kingdom (Your Song Part 1)omnibusvarious songsSpotify / Apple Music
18:00Bang Yedam (TREASURE)WAYOdebut digital singleWAYOSpotify / Apple Music
punchnellousdigital singleus (feat. meenoi)Spotify / Apple Music
6th12:00HYNN[Vol.58] You Hee yul's Sketchbook : 34th Voicedigital singleThe Days With YouSpotify / Apple Music
8th18:00Eunkwang (BTOB)FoRest : Entrancemini albumNo One KnowsSpotify / Apple Music
Ha SungwoonTwilight Zonemini albumGet ReadySpotify / Apple Music
Super Junior-K.R.YWhen We Were Usmini albumWhen We Were UsSpotify / Apple Music
9th18:00ChunghaBe YourselfNew.wav project singleBe YourselfSpotify / Apple Music
E'LASTDAY DREAMdebut mini albumSwearSpotify / Apple Music
MaktubLHAU (feat. Lee Raon)digital singleLHAU (feat. Lee Raon)Spotify / Apple Music
NCT DreamTHE DREAM SHOW - The 1st Live Albumlive album-Spotify / Apple Music
WayVAwaken the WorldChinese full-length albumTurn Back TimeSpotify / Apple Music
WJSNNeverlandmini albumButterflySpotify / Apple Music
10th00:00Jun. K (2PM)This Is Not a Song, 1929 (Kor Ver.)digital singleThis Is Not a Song, 1929 (Kor Ver.)Spotify / Apple Music
18:00DIAFlower 4 Seasonsmini albumHug USpotify / Apple Music
DvwnDawn Defibrillation, Vol. 3digital singleConcrete (feat. CHEEZE) / ForeverSpotify / Apple Music
HeizeLyricistmini albumLyricist / Things are going wellSpotify / Apple Music
N.FlyingSo, 通mini albumOh really.Spotify / Apple Music
11th18:00MOMOLANDStarry Nightspecial albumStarry NightSpotify / Apple Music
12th12:00PENTAGON, VERIVERY, THE BOYZRoad to Kingdom (Your Song Part 2)omnibusvarious songsSpotify / Apple Music
ONEUS, ONF, PENTAGON, THE BOYZ, VERIVERYRoad to Kingdom FINALomnibusvarious songsSpotify / Apple Music
18:00JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)Greedyydigital singleGreedyy (feat. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO))Spotify / Apple Music
SwanSwanmini albumi like uSpotify / Apple Music
14th01:00Kyla Massie (ex-PRISTIN)Watch Me Glowdebut mini albumWatch Me GlowSpotify / Apple Music
18:00JukjaeNo, Thanks (feat. Zion.T)digital singleNo, Thanks (feat. Zion.T)Spotify / Apple Music
15th18:00BewhY & Simba ZawadiNeo Christianmini albumHymnSpotify / Apple Music
IZ*ONEOneiric Diarymini albumSecret Story of the SwanSpotify / Apple Music
Lee SunheeAnbu / How Are You?mini albumAnbu (feat. EXO Chanyeol)Spotify / Apple Music
16th12:00AWEEKBETTER TODAYsingle album1.4.3Spotify / Apple Music
18:00Baek A YeonLooking for Lovesingle albumLooking for LoveSpotify / Apple Music
HI CUTIETry Againsingle albumTry AgainSpotify / Apple Music
Lim Seulong (2AM) feat. Kei (Lovelyz)Female Frienddigital singleFemale FriendSpotify / Apple Music
NiloAbout Memini albumFloat AwaySpotify / Apple Music
17th18:00D1CEDRAW YOU : REMEMBER MEmini albumDraw YouSpotify / Apple Music
Jung Seung HwanWhenever Whereverdigital singleWhenever WhereverSpotify / Apple Music
NATURENATURE WORLD: CODE Msingle albumGirlsSpotify / Apple Music
Stray KidsGO生full-length albumGod's MenuSpotify / Apple Music
18th18:00Odd Child (Former BOL4 Woo Jiyoon)O: CIRCLEdigital singleIslandSpotify / Apple Music
Weki MekiHIDE and SEEKmini albumOOPSYSpotify / Apple Music
19th12:00DMTNNever Forgetdigital singleNever ForgetSpotify
18:00Bandage432full-length albumColoring The LifeSpotify / Apple Music
BTSStay GoldJapanese pre-release singleStay GoldSpotify / Apple Music
IUI-LAND Part.1 Signal Songdigital singleInto the I-LANDSpotify / Apple Music
NCT DREAMiScreaM Vol.2 : Ridin' Remixesremix singleRidin' (Will Not Fear Remix)Spotify / Apple Music
21st18:00H (BECZ)Bye Bye Bye
Kim Na YoungNot Anyone Elsedigital singleNot Anyone ElseSpotify / Apple Music
22nd18:00MaddoxSleepdigital singleSleep / EngineSpotify / Apple Music
SEVENTEENHeng:garæmini albumLeft & RightSpotify / Apple Music
Zhoumi & Ryeowook (Super Junior)Starry Nightdigital singleStarry NightSpotify / Apple Music
23rd18:00Golden ChildTake A Leapmini albumONE (Lucid Dream)Spotify / Apple Music
RAVI (VIXX)RAIN DROP (feat. Lee Na Eun)digital singleRAIN DROP (feat. Lee Na Eun (APRIL))Spotify / Apple Music
24th12:00A.C.EStand by yousingleStand by youSpotify / Apple Music
25th18:0020 Years of Age7942digital single7942Spotify / Apple Music
Jung Seung HwanWalking along the moondigital singleWalking along the moonSpotify / Apple Music
Nada (ex-WA$$UP)My Bodysingle albumMy BodySpotify / Apple Music
26th18:00BLACKPINKHow You Like Thatpre-release singleHow You Like ThatSpotify / Apple Music
28th18:00ASTRONo, I Don'tdigital singleNo, I Don'tSpotify / Apple Music
29th18:003YETrianglemini albumYessirSpotify / Apple Music
AB6IXVIVIDmini albumThe AnswerSpotify / Apple Music
Hwasa (MAMAMOO)Maríamini albumMaríaApple Music
Sunmipporappippamdigital singlepporappippamSpotify / Apple Music
WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun)EQUALmini albumLove Me HarderSpotify / Apple Music
30th18:00WeeeklyWe aredebut mini albumTag Me (@Me)
?Lee Jinhyuk (UP10TION)Splash!mini albumBedlam
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