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18 November 2018
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Blood for the blood god
Yes I'm biased
Do I care? Fuck no!

This is the Album of the year simple as that!
Not ONE meh song on this album! Not ONE SONG that I wouldn't listen to again!

The INSTRUMENTALS for every one of these songs are impeccable, they are varied, interesting and overall amazing! The production is immaculate and fine tuned to perfection! It is nostalgic, retro in many ways, full, immersive and just.... PERFECT!!! For every single one of these tracks! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. ARE. PERFECTLY. PRODUCED!!!!!

Anyways here goes!

Mmmh - 9.5/10

This song only gets better the more you listen to it!!! It was an 8 on first listen, but now??? It's only been a few hours, but those Hmmm's are ADDICTIVE! I already feel compelled to sing along to them and some of the english lines. The song is really hypnotizing and perfect for.... activities. A good song to listen to with dimmed lights.

It's quite a repetitive song, but at no point do you get bored. You just sway along with it! You just.... vibe with it!

Nothing on me - 10/10

The snippet we got before was already amazing, the entire track is even MORE amazing! It feels so spaced out in the beginning and then you just get thrown head first into it! The bass is absolutely amazing in it & the far away and muffled sounding synths are really amazing! The background vocals are interesting and honestly sound like..... an angel calling from the above or something!

The final chorus merges the feelings the beginning of the song and the feelings the chorus have. It feels spacey, but also has the straightforward near aggression the previous choruses have.

Its quite a short song, but it doesn't FEEL short

Amnesia - 9/10

I liked it more than I expected it to! The song gets better the more it goes on. The adlibs are stunning, the duality of Kai's voice is really displayed here which I just LOVE! I don't have many comments on this song to be honest!

Reason - 9.5/10

I like it a LOT more than I liked it in the teaser we got! it has a a bit of a darker vibe to it than the rest of the songs on the album, which makes it stand out perfectly! This song feels like flirting. It's playful, while also having a serious streak to it. It's like.... This song isn't asking you out. It's telling you that it's going to take you out for an expensive date and then take you to bed afterwards.

The scene they had for it in the film suits it to a T. High society, arrogant and even a bit deriding

Ride or die - 9/10

This is so RETRO!!! The SYNTH IN THIS!!!! This feels like being in love. This song just oozes happiness and I am living for it! This is the one song not about sex lmao, this song feels like holding hands If I'm perfectly honest and that just makes me love this song even more! It stands out among the others.

Hello Stranger - 8.5/10

I THINK this might be the only song that has rap in it! (not quite sure if even in this one, it QUITE counts as rap) I think this song could have used a BIT more variety in it to push it up to be as good as the other songs, but do not mistake me.... this is still an amazing song! This song also feels strangely cold and more like a goodbye (even though there IS hello in the title)

Album overall 10/10

It works together so well as an album, all the songs have a similar feel and sound to it!
I already said most of my thoughts about the album in the beginning, but everything about it really is SO well produced! This has honestly become my favourite EXO related release ever!

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