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24 April 2019
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Temple of the Cult of Yoshinori
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Episode 6: MBTI, Part II

Yoshi is the same personality type as Asahi INFP-A. But while Asahi is a severe introvert, Yoshi is a total omnivert with a 49:51 extroversion to introversion split like Jaehyuk. Both Yoshi and Jaehyuk would be ENFP like Hyunsuk and Mashiho if they crossed over to a 51:49 split. I actually feel like Yoshi is more of a Campaigner than Mediator. Yoshi has the same F/T split as Haruto. (Rap line was the top 3 most "feeling' members with Hyunsuk in first.) Yoshi has the most flexible, adaptive, and spontaneous nature of all the Treasure members by a landslide (Jeongwoo in second). Yoshi is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Yoshi is the second most confident and self-assured Treasure member behind Asahi.

Since Yoshi is I___-A, I shouldn't even bother giving him constructive criticism and advice. He's so confident in himself. Only Asahi is more confident in the group.

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