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26 August 2018
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Remain kind and respectful towards the other members of the forum as well as guests that may be visiting. We all have different opinions, but name-calling, unprovoked attacks, harassment, bullying, or threats are not allowed under any circumstances. If you break these rules, you will be reprimanded and penalized.

Privacy is very important to us at Kpopsource.
Real name, private phone number, address or anything that a user doesn't feel comfortable sharing should not be disclosed by themselves or others. This is for our users' safety and security.

Swearing in moderation is
allowed; however, you may not use swears directed towards a person, institution or organization of any kind, or in thread titles. Trying to bypass this rule shall be severely penalized.

Keep the thread on its topic. Derailing the thread will not be tolerated. Derailing is when a thread is diverted from its intended course. Individual posts that stray off the topic are okay, but completely derailing the topic is not.

Any discrimination (regarding sexual orientation, political affiliation, race or origin, skin color, or life preferences, etc), personal attacks (including but not limited to someone's opinions or thoughts, what they like or dislike, how they type/talk/present themselves, etc), and directed insults will not be tolerated under any circumstance and shall be severely penalized. We are committed to creating an environment of openness, acceptance, and belonging for everyone.

It is important that serious topics are discussed appropriately and without malicious intent. Any attempt to get a rise out of other users with such topics
and, most importantly, usage of such topics to insult other users shall be heavily penalized. Examples of serious topics that should be discussed appropriately: LGBTQ, ethnicity, or homeland, suicide, self-harm, psychological conditions, political views, religion, beliefs, war, etc. Please do not post-triggering content. In our community, we have a zero-tolerance policy for malicious intent.

Staff antagonizing will not be taken lightly. Should a user feel like they have been wronged or mistreated, they are encouraged to open a new conversation with an Administrator. All of our Staff members work really hard to
provide the best experience for our users and talking ill of our Staff members (or any member) will be heavily penalized.

If a member user receives hateful comments or DMs, they should immediately report the content and/or contact a Moderator with the concern through DMs. Please be advised that the above applies to both individual users as well as groups of members. We are committed to ensuring that all members feel safe and accepted in our community, and we take reports of hate speech very seriously. We will investigate and take action when necessary.


The official language of the forum is English. This allows all users to participate in conversations and helps moderators supervise the forum. Not everyone is fluent in English, and that is perfectly okay. This is a community where users help each other, so do not be afraid to make a mistake. Talking in languages other than English is allowed for a couple of posts if you find someone who speaks your language, but a thread solely in one foreign language is against the rules. Of course, common expressions such as "c'est la vie", "de gustibus non est disputandum" and other majorly used phrases are allowed. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Please post your threads in the correct section. As a quick guideline, Japanese releases of Korean artists should be under J-Music. Discussions about TV shows should be under Movies and Television forum of the Korean Entertainment category. If you are unsure as to where your thread belongs, do not hesitate to contact a Staff Member. We would like to thank you for your cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be removed if made. If a duplicate is made, either the two threads will be merged or the thread posted later will be deleted if it provides no new information. If a user sees a duplicate thread, they should use the Report function to report it to a Moderator.

Posting meaningless or spam-inducing threads, or posting threads to gain attention in a negative way are strictly forbidden. Quality is key over quantity. If a question should arise for a Staff Member, a thread can be made in the Questions area.

Titles for thread titles have to be appropriate and exaggerated titles can draw attention, but titles used have to be related to the content of the thread.

Thread takeovers are possible with the consent of the original poster, or if the original poster has not visited the forum within the last month. If a member goes on hiatus, they need to let the Staff know in order to keep the original post of their thread. Staff reserves the right to change the original poster as requested.

Controversy and discordance between users from
outside the forums (as well as disagreements between users on the KS forums) are not allowed to be posted anywhere on our platforms other than in direct communication with the staff. The aforementioned includes, but is not limited to both content and any personal vendettas towards or between other users and places. Please be aware that this is only concerning personal communications and user interactions and doesn't include controversial opinions, events, or content in Kpop or real-life events.

If a user requests not to be tagged by certain users or requests that users do not interact with them and informs a moderator or administrator of the request, users will receive punishment for breaking the request.

Advertising of communities similar to ours is strictly prohibited. Mentioning them is allowed, but creating links is not.

There's a big difference between providing critical feedback and bashing an artist, group, TV show, company, or fandom. Critical feedback is welcome, but hate-filled rants that target a specific person will not be allowed.

Content including full-frontal nudity, pornographic content, and links to pornographic content, as well as gore, violence and any other harmful or provocative materials, is not allowed. Other 18+ content is allowed under the following conditions:
- Graphic stories must be in the fan-fiction section (should it be fan-fiction) and have a prefix.
- The content must have an 18+
prefix; having 18+ in the title is not enough.
If a user who is underage posts in 18+ threads, they may receive a thread ban/verbal warning/warning points for repeated offenses.

Spreading harmful rumors and disinformation is not allowed, regarding either global events or users. While speculation is okay, harmful rumors will not be allowed. If you are providing confirmed news, there must be a reliable source to back up your post. The exception to this is fan-fiction, which must be in the fan-fiction category.

Do not abuse the Report feature or moderator tag. Our Moderators are voluntarily giving their time to the forum to
guarantee peace. False reporting and overuse of the moderator tag is making their job much harder.


Do not use a display name that contains any sort of abuse, violence, racism, sexism, or any sort of hate towards anything, even if it's considered an inside joke among a fandom or friends on the forum. Also, we ask that you do not use vulgarities in your customizable user fields (i.e... display names, locations, etc.) (curse words, genitalia or slang for these parts, sexual innuendos or words of a sensitive, sexual nature). If you have concerns about a member's user field, feel free to contact any of the mods about it.

The maximum upload size is 3 megabytes. Uploads are accepted in all major formats
(. jpg,png,bnp,tiff,gif, etc), and they can be animated as well.

The signature can be no wider than 900px and no taller than 400px. This includes the text as well. Should your signature extend beyond these dimensions, it will be automatically shrunk to fit 900px by 400px.

All content rules from General Posting Guidelines and User Interaction apply to visual content as well. To reiterate, no full-frontal nudity, pornography, gore, violence and other 18+
content; no trolling, baiting and inciting fan wars through graphics.

Additionally, no overly flashy animations or irksome graphics are allowed as they might cause physical discomfort to some users (especially ones with photosensitive epilepsy). Please be aware that we have light and dark modes; your graphics should be suitable for both of those.


A user can have a maximum of two accounts. Alternative accounts cannot be used while the main is banned, and vice-versa. Should one account be used while the other is banned, both accounts will be banned for an additional month. Do not take this rule lightly. Alternative accounts are confirmed through IP address. We understand that multiple users may have the same IP address. but there is no other way to confirm whether a user is using multiple accounts other than through an IP address (or e-mail, which is easily changed).

Creating third, fourth,
etc accounts will result in the new accounts being permanently banned.

Cases, where users have the same IP addresses but are indeed different users, shall be addressed individually and further proofs will be needed.

The same rules apply to users of the same household/network. Additionally, a different e-mail has to be used for both accounts. If needed, Social Media integration with the forum (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) might be
asked to verify the unique user.

A user can edit their own posts and threads, but they cannot delete them. The post can be reported to have a moderator delete the post/thread, but not more than 10 posts/threads per day.

Self-ban is possible. To request a
self-ban, create a thread in the questions area. Self-deactivation is also possible through the Account Preferences. Self-ban and deactivation will not delete the account in question, but a banned and deactivated user will not receive any notifications from the forum (including major announcements).

Account deletion is possible under extreme cases only. Deleting an account to start fresh is not possible. If I user makes a new account after deleting the old one, they will be banned permanently.

A permanent ban is permanent. Under no
conditions will a permanent ban be lifted.
*Breaching any of the rules above shall issue a disciplinary measure in the form of a verbal warning and/or warning points.
*Response threads/posts to warnings are not allowed. If you have an issue with the way reports were handled, take it to direct messages instead of tagging moderators.
*It remains at the discretion of a moderator to evaluate rule-breaking. Again, if you feel a Moderator brought the wrong decision, please open a new conversation with @Administrator.
*Users are not allowed to leave administrator or moderator conversations until the issues have been resolved.
* All posts and actions that are rule-breaking and were made before the new Rulebook shall be moderated if reported.
* KPopSource reserves the right
to change the rule book should a need occur.


Each warning point will expire after a month

- Ban Appeals are made through this link - Contact us
Using the following template.

Subject - Username & Reason Of Ban
Message - Why do you think you should have your ban reversed?
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