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23 September 2018
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Something that I have dearly missed doing in my absence from KPS is creating polls. Now, I have made a lot of polls and many (if not all) of them being kinda controversial thank you KPS staff for not deleting them or giving me warning points lmao so I decided to make a list with all of the threads I have made with all the polls I have done, and I will add on this list as more polls are coming (which will be hopefully soon lmao).

Polls I have made:
- This is important for the KPS Community.
- Something Serious
- Polarizing Opinion Questionnaire
- Polarizing Opinion Questionnaire PART 2~!
- Polarizing Opinion Questionnaire PART 3~!
- Polarizing Opinion Questionnaire PART 4~!

Upcoming Polls:
- Polarizing Opinion Questionnaire PART 5~!

I will also link this list in my sig in the next upcoming days as I finish the next poll!

And if there are any polls that you guys would like to see that are in this manner, I don't mind making them as long as they won't be taken too too far (lmao at me cause some of these polls are extreme, not gonna lie). If you want to request polls, use this google form por favor :)
~ Google Form ~
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