News MEME TOKYO announces digital single "ROAR", to feature virtual Korean idol "SOLI" (1 Viewer)


29 July 2020
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  • Single is called "ROAR"
  • Release date is November 5
  • Currently shooting MV
  • Part of a monthly project, the groups plan to release two singles in a row (in November and then in December)
featuring Korea's first virtual idol! technology is amazing, look how real she looks!



she is actually Soli a member of MEME TOKYO, she is from Korea but hasn't been able to get back into Japan because of the pandemic but while she can't be there in person she still can be present using tablets, monitors and computers (like plankton's wife)


MEME TOKYO are really good, for sure one of the best new gen groups right now, anyone reading this should definitely stan!
plus if they get enough fans then we can issue an ultimatum to the government of Japan to allow her back into the country


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