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3 November 2018
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So I just came up with this idea to through a thread show you what I think
of groups that I recently began to stan.
So I recently have declared myself a (G)I-DLE fan.
aka Neverland.

So I'm going to order their title tracks by favorite for me:
1. Lion*
2. Uh-Oh
3. Hwaa
4. Oh My God

5. Hann (Alone)
7. Senorita
8. Dumdi Dumdi

So you're probably asking about the highlight ones. So the green ones are the ones that essentially had me back to back to back thinking that I would eventually stan them as a group which I wasn't wrong about. So you see, I never was a huge fan of LATATA, Hann was better in my opinion and I could jam to it but I got tired of it real quick. Then Senorita was a huge miss for me BUT Uh-Oh was the outlier, it was the song that hit me and I was like shit-this is a bop. The live stages are fun, the vibes are great, and it's all-around a fun catchy song that I REALLY enjoyed. BUT I didn't think I'd stan simply because the previous songs were not my cup of tea.

Lion dropped and they appeared on Queendom. I was genuinely stunned by their stages. Oh My Girl still was the best for me but (G)I-DLE caught my attention and in particular, Minnie did-I was already aware that I really liked her vocals and her look but I fell for her harder through Queendom. The same could be said for Soojin. I liked her already too she always caught my eye and I like what I saw of her on Queendom as well. Through this show, they dropped LION and I was blown away-by far their BEST song.

NOW I'm thinking I could possibly stan this group holy shit.
THEN they dropped Oh My God and I wasn't a fan at first so my hope was lost. It didn't help that I also struggled with some of the group's b-sides.
At this point the only B-Side I knew of that I really liked was Maze.

I really want groups I like to have B-sides I enjoy so even at this point I was like, they've released some good title tracks BUT their b-sides have yet to do it for me. I'm sure I could look back now and find some that I enjoy now that I am a stan. I think I could grow to love Put It Straight as well given that I adore their rendition on Queendom.
But up to this point, none of their b-sides were impressing me.

Sadly after falling for Oh My God and thinking I was on the brink of stanning they dumped the WORST song for me. Dumdi Dumdi. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal of this song but first of all, it is so repetitive. It's too long for a song that is THAT repetitive and I got tired of it after one listen-I enjoyed the change in vibe to a more summery and fun one though and could get behind ones in the future that are....better made?

This is where HWAA comes in, the literal song that legit DID change it all. I adore this song.
I didn't even notice the abrupt ending tbh if anything it increases the replayability for me. I seriously love this title track and what's more, I really like a lot of the b-sides. Even the ones I'm not putting on my list this year-I still liked and enjoyed. But that is the thing that pushed me over.
I think having the other members have more of a say in the album really made this one the best for me.
All the songs fit the theme but they are beautiful in their own way.

My ranking:
1. Where is Love

Where is love is amazing. Please check it out if you haven't:

But this is my journey with their music. This is mainly what got me to be a fan but the members are also a huge part too.

So this one is kind of confusing. But I will do my best to give a ranking,
1. Shuhua
2. Soojin

5. Yuqi
6. Soyeon

So this is going to be a more messy explanation but hopefully shorter. I originally believed that Soojin & Minnie were my favorites within this group. I found Soojin to be the most physically attractive and I found Minnie to be really pretty as well. I am big on vocal skills and Minnie by far is one of my favorite newer vocalists and she really caught my eye with her singing in a couple of the songs, especially Lion. So during Queendom I fell harder for these two and I was so set on this idea that they were my biases-if I ever became a fan of this group, those two would be my top.

That all changed when the fire nation attacked...aka Shuhua.
See what I did there? Her only line in HWAA is "Set A Fire" and she set a fire in my heart. And this is also a reference to one of the best shows in all of history. If you don't get it- unfollow me you trash being.

Anyway, right before HWAA dropped I was suddenly getting all of these recs on my youtube feed about Shuhua standing up for people in her group and herself, and then videos of her being blunt as all hell and cracking me the fuck up. Just to give you some examples.

I instantly was so shocked by her personality and how genuine it is and on top of that charming and funny. I instantly was like shit, she has replaced Soojin as my second favorite member within the group. That changed though when I watched more clips and genuinely was like, how can I not bais her? So that is how Shuhua became my ult bias within this group. She is seriously great and ugh I can't believe I didn't know it until now.

Minnie is red because she is my original bias. Shuhua is now my bias within the group hence why she is green. Now Soojin and Miyeon? They are my bias wreckers, I realized I really like this trio after watching some more clips:

I think the dynamic is cute and funny all at once and I really appreciate that it let me see the more silly side of Soojin & Miyeon. You could even say they are tied to be honest because I genuinely don't know who is better in my eyes. Now I think I'm leaning more towards Miyeon and her weird but cute charms.

So those four make up my top 4 favorites within the group-I genuinely love them all tbh. Now moving onto the bottom two I don't have any ill will towards them to be honest. Yuqi has made me laugh more and I really enjoy how she seems to get along with everyone and anyone-it's an attractive and nice quality in a person and I enjoy her husky deeper voice as well when it comes to the songs. I enjoy her but she isn't my favorite.

I'm a bit....weirder with uh Soyeon??? I don't hate her by any means but I do find that when I watch compilations for the group she seems to be absent from the fun and activities. Or it feels like she isn't part of the group but instead someone outside of the group? I don't mean this ins a mean way but I think she has so much involvement with the production of their music and as the leader, on top of that it makes her less comfy with the members. But that's how I take it but I could a hundred percent be wrong. It doesn't help that I'm not the biggest fan of cockiness and she has given that off in the past-granted I know she got a lot of shit on PD101 so I'm glad her confidence came back in full throttle but I'm not the happiest with how it presented itself-at least on Unpretty Rapstar (which I'm sure was just a persona) but yeah.

I don't hate her by any means she is the only member that maybe rubs me the wrong way but I'm hoping as I watch more of their content I'll see more good in her that I like and enjoy. I already know she's very talented and a hard worker.

But with that-that concludes my journey to become a NEVERLAND.

If you are a NEVERLAND tell me your journey down below or your favorite album, title tracks, and members and why.
If you have something to show me do that as well-I'm willing to watch anything at this point.
I really am so glad I can finally call myself a fan!!!​

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