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New MV NCT Universe (mostly daily updates) - Aug. 13, 2023 (1 Viewer)


13 January 2022
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Neo City, EXO Planet
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NCT Universe
August 13, 2023

A (mostly) daily round-up of everything happening in the NCT Universe.
What's included: tour news, appearances, cfs, performances, news.
What's not included: IG updates unless there's something highly pertinent, merch drops unless something highly pertinent like a new CF.

Oh, Baby Comeback: NCT DREAM - ISTJ
  • Yogurt Shake promos wrapped with Inkigayo, thread here.
  • NEW CLIP: more yogurt shake with TBz

  • ISTJ promos should be wrapped up.
  • You can find all the latest info in the comeback thread here.

Oh, Baby Comeback: Jaehyun - Horizon
  • No new updates

Oh, Baby Comeback: NCT - Golden Age
  • First batch of member teasers: Taeyong, Kun, Yuta and Jeno, thread here by @Yerichu
  • New track info
    • Golden Age: All
    • Baggy Jeans: Taeyong, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark
    • Interlude : Oasis: Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Jaemin, Chenle
    • The Bat: Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Jungwoo, Hendery, Jeno, Jisung
    • Kangaroo: Taeil, Kun, Renjun, Yangyang, Chenle,Jisung
  • NCT Dream cbars say they are boycotting Golden Age. There is widespread discussion of a potential boycott because ppl feel the members are overworked.

NCT Dream:
  • NEW CLIP: mark with BM of Kard

NCT 127:
  • NEW CLIP: Taeyong with Suran

  • NEW COVER: Taeyong

  • NEW PHOTOSHOOT: Taeyong will be on the cover of September Elle Korea.

  • NEW CF: Puma

  • There are Phantom nails. 😂

  • WayV wrapped up their Macau fanmeets and are back in Korea. They said they are working on their second album and will have a tour.
  • long thread
  • NEW CLIP: Ten and YangYang with Eric Nam

NCT DoJaeJung:
  • No new updates

  • NCT Nation spoilers from today's fan signs:
    • NCT U - My Everything from Resonance (Renjun fan sign)
    • NCT U - Vroom (Chenle fan sign)
    • WayV Take Off (from WayV Macau fanmeet)
    • Previously revealed:
      • Round & Round (Taeyong?)
      • Know Now (Jeno fan sign)
      • New Axis (Taeyong fansign/event)
      • Boss (Taeyong fansign/event)
      • Universe (SM practice info)
  • New NCT Nation info on BL pricing

Biggest Hit on This Stage (Charts, Awards, Milestones):
  • Melon Weekly Chart:
  • 40. #NCTDREAM - ISTJ [+1]
    43. Candy [-17]
    62. Broken Melodies [+2]
    97. Blue Wave [-]
    100. Yogurt Shake [NEW]
  • Hanteo Weekly Chart:
  • Albums: #4 ISTJ [+4] - 117,715 copies
  • Social: #8 NCT Dream, #13 NCT
  • World: #2 NCT Dream, #59 NCT 127
  • ROAD TO 100M 🏃‍♂️ no songs above 90M right now

Neo's Got My Fact:
Did you know Taeyong and Jeno were among the first introduced SM Rookies, along with Irene?

Music, Dance:
Your daily dip into NCT

@NCTzen @NCT 127 @NCT Dream @WayZenNi

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