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Solo 「Official Ningning Thread」 ੈ ♡˳·˖✶ (1 Viewer)


.*゚+ rest in peace our little pear blossom *+.
26 February 2019
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team misty rain
MeU & MY
she ♡ her
˗ˏˋ NINGNING ˎˊ˗

stage name: ningning
name: ning yizhuo (宁艺卓)
english name: vivan
birthday: october 23, 2002
birthplace: harbin, china
nationality: chinese
middle school: high school attached to harbin normal university
high school: beijing contemporary music academy

height: 161cm
blood type: o
mbti: infp/entp/enfp
nicknames: ningningie, dongbei tiger, little pig, ning wang
special talent: she's loud
hobbies: shopping, drawing
motto: trust nobody

favourite colour: purple
favourite number: 777
favourite season: spring
favourite word: kkwabaegi

favourite food: pork backbone stew, sundae soup, hot pot
favourite animal: tiger, cat
favourite movie: titanic
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.*゚+ rest in peace our little pear blossom *+.
26 February 2019
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team misty rain
MeU & MY
she ♡ her
more facts:
  1. she is the only smrookies member to have made the group
  2. she is good friends with nct's china line
  3. can play the piano
  4. also close with ive's yujin, (g)i-dle's yuqi, the9's yu shuxin, ioi/pristin's pinky, everglow's yiren, 7senses' kiki, snh48's gao chong, name's jin zihan, and lexie liu
  5. she stans blackpink (jennie biased), bigbang, snsd, red velvet, sistar, nct, 2ne1, and twice
  6. her favourite 2017 sm releases are: peek-a-boo, cherry bomb, holiday, and black suit
  7. she likes dolls, watching horror movies, watermelons, and strawberries
  8. during srg era, her favourite colours were red, pink, and yellow
  9. she was on let's sing kids the season after chenle
  10. was also on china's got talent
  11. her favourite subject is art, and she wanted to be a painter when she was younger
  12. her favourite disney princess is mulan
  13. she prefers having black hair
  14. her debut teasers dropped on the 1500-day anniversary of her sr16g introduction
  15. a big animal person, really likes cats
  16. her favourite character is patrick from spongebob (she thinks he treats spongebob well)
  17. if she had to live with a spongebob character, she’d go with squidward
  18. she likes buying vintage clothing
  19. listens to a lot of hiphop
  20. she would use the word sexy to describe herself
  21. favorite snack is butter caramel pringles
  22. likes ariana grande
  23. thinks winter looks like a hamster
  24. likes jay park and got noticed by him
  25. karina describes her as glamourous and passionate
  26. she usually wears suits
  27. she has eight piercings on her ears
  28. she likes the oversized outfits
  29. she’s into diy phone cases and would go out and buy materials and watch videos to make them
  30. she’s fond of butterflies, and made it her symbol because it looks pretty and has a unique vitality
  31. she describes herself as acting like the baby of the group in front of her members, like a typical younger sister
  32. she is highly independent though, having left her hometown to train in korea at a young age
  33. she’s always loved music, and since dancing and singing were related to it, she started liking it too
  34. she never had any formal musical education prior to entering sm
  35. she’s currently taking more vocal lessons and wants to focus on singing the way she feels instead of the way she speaks
  36. her first time meeting a my was at a convenience store, where a worker was one
  37. up until forever, her most memorable moment was aespa’s first win
  38. when giselle falls asleep listening to music, she’s the one to take off her headphones
  39. she visited japan in 2019 with her mom and was wowed by everything; if she visits with her members she’d like to go discover food
  40. if she could bring her members back to harbin, she’d take them out to eat food since they all like chn food, especially guo bao rou
  41. she doesn’t get nervous easily when performing and loves being at the top of the stage
  42. her musical role models are beyonce and rihanna
  43. her key to achieving one’s dreams is to always be self-confident
  44. her audition song was beyonce’s love on top
  45. describes karina as someone with a lot of sensibility
  46. describes giselle as 4D
  47. describes winter as a cute and smart dummy
  48. if she were to describe herself with three words, they would be sexy, confident, and divaaa
  49. if she were to describe aespa with three words, they would be happy aura, unexpected charms, well-rounded
  50. her favourite phrase is good job!
  51. musicians she looks up to include rihanna and beyonce
  52. the first thing she notices of other people are whether they maintain eye contact or not while talking
  53. she applies lip balm before sleeping to maintain her beauty, she wouldn’t fall asleep otherwise
  54. her favourite tiktok the xmas one aespa did with the adams family bg music; it took about an hour to film because it was hard to match the beat of the song
  55. has a pet cat named roro in china
  56. would like to collab with g.e.m
  57. has a pet tailless gecko named ddongi (poop)
  58. bought ddongi on a whim because she was in a pet shop and felt bad that no one was buying ddongi
  59. the makeup team calls her artist ning
  60. auditioned with beyonce’s love on top
  61. has her own star on beijing contemporary music school’s golden star walk of fame
  62. has a pet cat named roro back with her parents
  63. her dad works as an engineer
  64. liked the movie a little red flower
  65. has three tattoos: "n" behind her left ear, "sweetener" above her left elbow, devil/angel below her right wrist
  66. doesn't know how to ride a bike
  67. hates leos for some reason "even dogs wouldn't date a leo"
  68. once went to a convenience store to buy ice cream only to realize later that she left her phone in the freezer
  69. has the habit of scratching her nose and stomach
  70. has bad memory
  71. scared of all types of bugs
  72. the type to person to cry in private (the other aespa members said that they've never seen her cry)
  73. good at cooking
  74. doesn't like sweets
  75. prefers eating a filling meal over eating many snacks throughout the day
  76. the member who spends the most time staring at herself in mirrors
  77. name searches herself up to 20 times a day
  78. the member with the most aegyo
  79. one half of the moodmaker duo with winter; both are loud and have similar senses of humour
  80. her dark history moment is the infamous dancing diva cover she did as a child
  81. got noticed by g.e.m when she was touring in harbin back in 2014; instagram post here
  82. does not like rainy days
  83. sleeps with her eyes open and without the blanket covering her
  84. likes blasting her music out loud (so loud that the people beside her can hear it)
  85. can do an extended split
  86. dislikes borrowing clothes from her members due to her fear of staining them
  87. the clumsiest member and loses things easily
  88. doesn't like flowery or fruity scented perfumes (prefers natural scented ones); she uses santal 33
  89. has an auntie laugh
  90. doesn't handle the heat well
  91. her first stage was in a harbin mall
  92. has sung multiple songs for animated series shining star
  93. her old weibo username was 我终于是会员了
  94. her graduation composition is called 那年夏天我们毕业
  95. had a mini podcast series on lizhi channel celebrity's livestreaming room 1008
  96. pinky was the one who gave ningning's wechat to yu shuxin since they both were fans of each other
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