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Solo [Official] ✧ Song Yuqi Artist Thread ✧ (6 Viewers)


11 September 2018
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Official Song Yuqi Artist Thread

Stage Name: Yuqi (우기)
Birth Name: Song Yu Qi (宋雨琦/송우기)
Korean Name: Song Yu-ki (송유기)
Birthday: September 23, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 43 kg (94 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Chinese

Yuqi Facts:
– She was born in Beijing, China.
– She’s a Rising Star Cosmetics Model
– Education: Beijing 101 High School.
– Yuqi’s hobbies are rapping and dancing.
– Yuqi can speak Chinese, English, and Korean.
– She appeared in Rising Legends CUBE x SOOMPI Promotional Video.
– She likes pickled radish.
– She likes hot pot.
– What do you want to become in the future? “I’m Chinese and I came to Korea alone and train hard… I wish to be as good as Victoria sunbaenim”.
– Hard time as a trainee: “I didn’t have friends at first so it was really hard for me”.
– She used to be the president of the Street Dance Club of her high school.
– She audition for Cube on October 2014.
– She watched a lot of “Running Man” episodes when she was in China.
– Yuqi was introduced as a CUBE TREE trainee on August 23, 2017.
– She loves meat, especially jokbal (pigs feet).
– She can play the guzheng (chinese cithara).
– One of her charm is her deep voice.
– She introduce herself as (G)I-dle’s cutie.
– She shares a room with Minnie.
– She has been nominated for “Most 100 Beautiful Faces of 2018”, representing China.
– She’s a fan of Super Junior and her bias is Ryeowook.
– She’s known as the strongest member in (G)I-DLE.
– Yuqi debuted as a soloist on May 13, 2021 with single album “A Page”.


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