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Fanfiction ~••❦𝓚𝓲𝓼𝓼 & 𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓮𝓾𝓹❦••~ (Jikook Story) (1 Viewer)


26 October 2020
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Jungkook is an online makeup artist and Jimin is an art student. Jimin is one of Jungkook’s fans.
Youtube/College AU
(perivously posted on kprofiles)
~Chapter 1~

Jungkook’s POV

"I love nature…” I say, somewhat to the camera and somewhat to myself. I hopped over a log and hoped my camera wouldn’t be too shaky.

‘Oh well... that’s what editing is for.’

I had decided to try something new. Doing makeup was fun- and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think my viewers want to see other things too. So I choose to take a hike and do a vlog. I think it works out.

I came to a heavily forested area and said my outro, and that I was going to do this last part on my own. I already had an hour of footage anyway. I could work with that.

I put my video camera in my bag and entered the thick woods. It felt good to be off-path, it made me calmer somehow. Though jumping over fallen trees and ducking under vines wasn’t a normal thing for me, I found it to be fun.

I stopped walking as I came to a clearing. It was beautiful and full of colorful flowers.

I was going to take out my camera again, to capture how pretty it was, but something else caught my eye.

Someone, I should say. It was a boy, dressed in a long, pastel dress, sitting on the ground. He was painting on a canvas that was in his lap.

I stepped closer, studying him. I realized that he, like our surroundings, was really pretty. I noticed that a flower crown adorned his head.

‘He’s really cute...’ I think to myself. Then, because I find it weird to just be staring at him, I speak,” Hello...”

The boy looks up with wide eyes. He looks surprised for a second, then his features soften.

”Hi,” he smiles,” Sorry, I wasn't really expecting anyone to- wait Oh my god, aren’t you Jungkook?” The boy stood up, putting his painting on the grass beside him.

“Yes, I am... How did you know that?” Sometimes I forget how public I am.

He giggled,” I watch your videos, I’m a huge fan. I really admire your talent.”

I blush,” I wouldn’t call doing makeup a talent...”

“Of course it is! No need to be so modest.”

We stood there as I refused to take a compliment and he studied me.

“So, what’s your name?

“I’m Park Jimin.” he held his hand out for me to shake.

I shook it gently.

Jimin’s smile grew as he put a hand to his cheek,” Oh I never imagined that I would meet you... You could say I look up to you in a way...”

I almost laughed,” Again- I’m not that great.”

Jimin shook his head, then gasped like he had an idea,” Can I draw you?”

“You’re an artist?” I nodded to his painting.

I notice his blush,” Yes, I’m just starting out... but I promise I’ll try my best!”

I smiled,” Well of course you can, if you want.”

“Okay please sit here.” I sat as he went back to his spot and grabbed a sketchpad and some pencils out over his bag. He sits there.

I talk as he starts drawing,” So why did you come out here? Do you come here often?” I knew the answer to this, but I just wanted to listen to Jimin talk.

“This place is very inspiring, so yeah, I come here all the time... I guess you could say it’s my happy place... And I’m glad you found it too.”

I smiled and Jimin glanced up,” That’s perfect, stay just like that.”

~Time Skip~

Jimin was cuter than I’d originally thought. I liked how he stuck out his tongue if he was focusing, or how if something was frustrating, he puffed out his cheeks. Watching him draw gave me a kind of joy, I can’t explain.

Once he finished, he gathered his skirt and clutched his sketchpad close. Then he skipped over to me and sat down. He showed me the finished product.

“Wow, did you say that you’re new to this? This is way too good to be an amateur...” I said, amazed.

The picture was really good and his attention to detail was amazing.

“Thank you...”

We sat in silence as I studied the drawing and as the sunset

“You know... You’re the one who inspired me to start doing art...”

My eyes widened,” Really?”

Jimin nodded.” Ah, that’s so cool! That makes me happy.”

Jimin laughed,” Oh my god, you’re so cute...” I felt myself blush.

“So are you.”

Jimin covered his face with his sketchpad,” I did not say that out loud.”

“You totally did.”


I chuckled,” It’s okay- I was telling the truth when I said that you are cute.”

Jimin lowered the pad and giggled,” So was I.”

We didn’t say anything again until Jimin broke the silence.

“It kinda feels like we’re on a date,’ He giggled, “With all the compliments and watching the sunset together.”

“Well if you give me your number, I can take you on a real date.”

Jimin smiled at me,” Okay.”​

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