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23 February 2019
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Ok im going be honest now as ot7 has never really made sense to me...

1. you cant be ot7...
as the group never has been a full 7 group
Jaemin was missing from most comebacks...
and when he wasnt...
all the lives etc always had mark missing or haechan...
the group has never really been a 7 member group...

2. Mark will never return dream...
he has no reason to...
what really will sm get out of putting mark back into a dream line up apart from a nct u song

3. Dream has had better success without mark then with mark...
boom has had there most wins
and the most sales

4. you complain than complain when you get what you want...
fans complained when mark worked to much
now complain he isnt in the dream line up...

5. If they moved all of dream line up into another group....
if they moved the entire ot7 into another group...
wayv fans would be sad as chenle and renjun wont be joining.. as doing both is impossible as it not like they could miss comebacks as that would be marks job
Mark would miss majority of aboustly anything like he did with dream but x2 due to superm
Haechan misses alot of work also not so much atm due to no work for 127 atm

6. dream 2.0
If they got rid of the graduation system they would have to make full dream line ups knowing they will have to be permit groups
at risk some units being massive due to crossovers..

7. sm will lose baby promotion
sm has been known not to debut idols at a young age
they always seem to debut boy groups a bit on the older side of debuts
this unit is a way of sm promoting 1 or 2 members before they enter a new unit
making these members popular due to previous unit work
making the unit they enter a little more popular without having to promote the unit itself as much
i.e lucas etc in nct before wayv if wayv had no nct members it wouldn't be as popular due to being cpop not kpop
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10 June 2019
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psst, behind you !
I didnt like when some NCT stans said the next BG slated for 2020 was gonna be a fixed NCT Dream ot7 line up.
I mean .. I love the original 7 but it's time to let go when they graduate.
Nct Dream is meant to be a introduction unit for the kid trainees, so I hope the next members introduced wont get hate.
We can always have OT7 reunions every now and then.
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