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Fanfiction PREP Entertainment (Fake K-Pop Company) (2 Viewers)

20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
KoolDown Entertainment
All disbanded. Technically run by my friend, but we put KoolDown under PREP, and then KoolDown was shut down when they left KPF.

Glass Pearls
Yuri, JinJoo, Lindzy, Letesia, SiU, Daze, Kiri, Jiwoo, Pansy


Cracked Glass (2023)
1. Ghost (orig. Dreamnote)
2. Sahara (orig. Dreamcatcher)

Broken Glass (2023)
1. Villain (orig. PIXY)
2. Break The Wall (orig. Dreamcatcher)

Glass Shards (2023)
1. Chase Me (orig. Dreamcatcher)
2. Black or White (Kiri, Letesia, Lindzy) (orig. Dreamcatcher)
3. And there was no one left (Yuri, JinJoo, Daze) (orig. Dreamcatcher)
4. Salute (SiU, Pansy, Jiwoo) (orig. Everglow)

Glass Remade (2024)
2. Back Together (orig. Everglow)
3. YOU AND I (orig. Dreamcatcher)




Winter, April, Autumn, Summer

Spring Fever (2023)
1. Flower Shower (orig. HyunA)
2. When This Rain Stops (April Solo) (orig. Wendy)
3. Spring Day (orig. BTS)

Summer Vacay (2023)
1. Power Up (orig. Red Velvet)
2. Pop! (Summer Solo) (orig. Nayeon)
3. DUMDi DUMDi (orig. (G)i-dle)

Halloween Night (2023)
1. Zombie (orig. Purple K!ss)
2. Paradise (Autumn Solo) (orig. Siyeon)
3. Bewitched (orig. PIXY)

Snowy Christmas (2023)
1. Funky Glitter Christmas (orig. NMIXX)
2. Heart Attack (Winter Solo) (orig. Chuu)
3. snowy night (orig. Billlie)



Gxxd Kids
Members (All):
Nali, Lumine, Choi Yuna, Lexi, Yumi, Dew, Nayeon, Jieun, Baihe

Gxxd (2023)
Members: Nali, Lumine, Choi Yuna, Lexi, Dew, Yumi
1. Gxxd Boy (orig. Everglow)
2. Bad Boy (orig. Red Velvet)
3. So Good (orig. Red Velvet)
4. I Want U Baby (orig. StayC)

Boy Crazy (2023)
Members: Nali, Lumine, Choi Yuna, Dew, Nayeon, Jieun, Baihe
1. You Make Me (orig. ITZY)
2. Pretty Boys (orig. Choi Yena)
3. The Feels (orig. Twice)
4. Don't Ask, Don't Tell (orig. Everglow)

The Boys (2024)
Members: Lexi, Jieun, Nayeon, Nali, Baihe
1. The Boys (orig. SNSD)
2. Bad Girl, Good Girl (orig. miss A)

20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
Last Sub-Units!

Concept: Japanese Songs

Airi, Yuki, Pansy, Suki

Airi & Suki: Blue Roses
Pansy: Glass Pearls

Member's Positions:
Airi: Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Yuki: Main Vocalist, Visual, Center, FOTG
Pansy: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
Suki: Maknae, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Debut EP:
Candy Pop
1. Candy Pop (orig. Twice)
2. Poppy (orig. StayC)
3. Choices (orig. LE SSERAFIM)
4. Wave (orig. IVE)



Concept: All member's names start with 'L'. Not really a set concept.

Lindzy, Leetesia, Lexi, Lisa

Lindzy & Letesia: Glass Pearls
Lexi: Gxxd Kids
Lisa: Blue Roses

Members' Positions:
Lindzy: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Letesia: Main Vocalist, Center, Visual, FOTG
Lexi: Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Lisa: Maknae, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

Debut EP:
1. Cheshire (orig. Itzy)
2. Lunatic (orig. Moonbyul)
3. Where is Love (orig. (G)i-dle)
4. Ting Ting Ting (orig. Itzy)


Concept: Slay

JinJoo, Jieun, Nayeon, Jiyeon

JinJoo: Glass Pearls
Jieun & Nayeon: Gxxd Kids
Jiyeon: Forever Winner

Members' Positions:
JinJoo: Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Jieun: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Nayeon: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
Jiyeon: Maknae, Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Center, FOTG

Debut EP:
1. Slay (orig. Everglow)
2. Spicy (orig. aespa)
3. D+1 (orig. Everglow)
4. Lingo (orig. aespa)



Concept: Revenge (?) but all members are rappers

Winter, SiU, Nori, Penelope

Winter: &Season
SiU: Glass Pearls
Penelope: WHAM!88

Members' Positions:
Winter: Leader, Main Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
SiU: Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Visual, Center, FOTG
Nori: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Penelope: Maknae, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Debut EP:
1. Karma (orig. PIXY)
2. Hate (orig. 4MINUTE)
3. Hope Not (orig. Blackpink)
4. I Don't Wanna Know (orig. Lee Chaeyeon)

And that's all! The form to vote for your top 3 favorite will be released soon!


1 June 2022
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Death bed
KS Coins
I'm sorry I didn't pay attention on kpf, I fell off of the fik-world lol
Your dedication makes me want to finish their full album but on here :pepeheart:
20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
Starlight Entertainment
Blue Roses & Starry formed by survival shows.

Blue Roses
Airi, Aidana, Micha, Wendy, Suki, Sooha, Lisa, Minnie

Blue Rose (2023)
1. R.o.S.E Blue (orig. Dreamcatcher)
2. FlowerLD (orig. Billlie)
3. Blue (orig. Dreamnote)

Red Rose (2023)
1. La Vie En Rose (orig. Iz*One)
2. Red Flavor (orig. Red Velvet)
3. Hwaa (orig. (G)i-dle)

Yellow Rose (2023)
1. Sunflower (P.E.L) (orig. Choi Yoojung)
2. Lemon Candy (orig. Pink Fantasy)
3. Boogie Up (orig. WJSN)

Purple Rose (2023)
1. Purple (orig. woo!ah!)
2. Panorama (orig. Iz*One)
3. memeM (orig. Purple K!ss)

Pink Rose (2023)
1. Pink Venom (orig. Blackpink)
2. Pink Blusher (orig. Iz*One)
3. PINK YOUR MOMENT (orig. Minnie)

Orange Rose (2023)
1. Loveade (orig. Viviz)
2. Smartphone (orig. Choi Yena)
3. Attention (orig. NewJeans)

Green Rose (2023)
1. I'm So Sick (orig. Apink)
2. LOVE is (orig. Itzy)
3. So Curious (orig. Iz*One)

Black Rose (2024)
1. Black Dress (orig. CLC)
2. My Heart Skip A Beat (orig. Purple K!ss)
3. Tales of the Unusual (orig. Pink Fantasy)

White Rose (2024)
1. I Can't Stop Me (orig. Twice)
2. Glass Bead (orig. GFriend)
3. Love Shhh! (orig. Jo Yuri)

Gray Rose (2024)
1. PTT (Paint The Town) (orig. Loona)
2. Take It (orig. IVE)
3. 247 (orig. StayC)



13 Dreamers:
Siyoon, Chosa, Alexa, Abby, Nora, Xiaojun, Sally, Bridgette, Chaehyeon, Olivia, Liana, Irina, Yeseo

Dreams Come True (2024)
1. Dreams Come True (orig. aespa)
2. Rising (Dance Unit) (orig. tripleS)
3. Ponytail (Rap Unit) (orig. Twice)
4. Another Dream (Vocal Unit) (orig. Kep1er)

Seoul Side (2024)
1. Seoul (Such A Beautiful City) (orig. H1-Key)
2. ZzZz (orig. Purple K!ss)
3. Underwater (orig. Chuu)



Ae Ri, Eunji, Hana, Binna, Hinata, Kara, Li Mei, Alice, Denise, Pansy
(Ae Ri, Hana, Binna, Hinata, Kara, Li Mei, Alice & Denise all belong to KPF user roaxy)

Stars Up High (2024)
1. Intro: Ghost Light (orig. Everglow)
2. Voice (orig. Loona)
3. Sparkling (orig. Chungha)
4. Diamond (orig. Irene & Seulgi)
5. Star (Voice English Version) (orig. Loona)

20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
Threads from KProfiles
Since I'm moving everything over here

Group threads/ Entertainments:

The PREP Store

PREP Entertainment:

KoolDown Entertainment

Starlight Entertainment

Glass Pearls




Blue Roses


Forever Winner

Gxxd Kids

13 Dreamers

St ✨ rry


Avatar Angels

Luminescence Academy (K-Drama)

Mix & Match (Survival Show)

Rose Garden (Survival Show)

The 1st PREP Tour

P.R.E.P. Girls


Glass Pearls: Broken Glass

Glass Pearls: Glass Shards

WHAM!88: Young & Fierce

WHAM!88: School Bell Rings

WHAM!88: Mascara

&Season: Spring Fever

&Season: Summer Vacay

&Season: Halloween Night

Mel: Solo

Mel: Smiley

Blue Roses: Blue Rose

Blue Roses: Red Rose

Blue Roses: Yellow Rose

Blue Roses: Purple Rose

Blue Roses: Pink Rose

Forever Winner: Freedom

Forever Winner: Goodbye

RUBIX: Like It

RUBIX: Dance With Me

Gxxd Kids: Gxxd

Gxxd Kids: Boy Crazy

Every other comeback:

20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
Episode 6: 'For Good' from Wicked



[A picture from Wicked shows up first.]
[Text: What happens when you put ‘For Good’ from Wicked… through several layers of Google Translate?]
[Mollie and Jackie appear on screen.]
Mollie: I is limited. I looked at me. I is limited. And not just me. All I can do is you can do. Glitter. Hitherto. For all of us. Now it’s up to you.
[Another picture from Wicked, then Mollie and Jackie come back on screen.]
Jackie: I’m listening to. People get into our lives. Why? We must learn to take things! We perform. If we do, help us. This is the biggest growth. We help our revenues. I think I’ve you believe it’s real. Well I was not aware of it. But today I will know who is. Because I know you. Since the orbit of the comet draw, it enters the sun. I meet the rock, over half of the forest. He changed for the better I to be able to say who. Since, however, I know you. I changed the benefits.
[Two more pictures from Wicked are shown.]
Mollie: This could very well. We do not have to meet again. We in the world. Therefore we assume that prior to demolition. Too much for me. I taught what you are doing. You I want to go with me. Idea of handwriting. Now in a sense, and the end of our story. You know the re- re- my my. A friend of mine. In a hub anchor, with the wind from the sea. Delete the seeds of a new heaven. Distant tree! Had changed for the better I to be able to say who. Since, however, I know you.
Jackie: Since, however, I know you.
[A last picture from Wicked shows.]
Both: A changed the benefits.
Mollie: Only the air clean. I forgive you for what I did, you have taught me.
Jackie: However, I think we can learn to share responsibilities. No one seems to be more important.
[Both singing at the same time.]
Jackie: Since the orbit of the comet draw. It enters the sun. Meet the rock. Halfway through the forest.
Mollie: French ship moored above. With the wind from the sea. In the forest half.
[End of singing at the same time.]
Both: I began to change for the better… if you cannot say who. I think it has changed for the better.
Jackie: Since, however, I know you.
Mollie: Since, however, I know you.
Both: Since, however, I know you. I has changed. Feelings.
[Both look confused, then burst out laughing. The camera changes to Mollie addressing the camera from a different room, the video from her ‘Let It Go’ video in the right hand corner.]
Mollie: What’s up, everyone? Thank you so much for watching this Google Translate Sings, uh, I’m Mollie Miyakawa, and today I featured one of my best friends, Jackie Wright. And she will continue to be a permanent feature on the channel, along with some other friends that I will introduce later!
[The video in the corner changes to ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman’.]
Mollie: This was the first of two Wicked Google Translate Sings, so I’m gonna put the second one right here! [Makes a box with her fingers.] And.. be sure to like, share, and subscribe for more crazy, fun stuff coming up! And I will see you guys very, very soon! Bye! [Mollie waves and the screen goes dark.]
20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
Episode 7: 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked



[The instrumental starts and an image from Wicked shows.]
[Text: What happens when you put “Defying Gravity” from Wicked… through several layers of Google Translate?]
[Kimmie and Mollie are in front of a black backdrop, dressed as characters from Wicked. Kimmie is yelling at Mollie, while Mollie looks remorseful.]
Kimmie: [Speaking.] Elphaba– Why can you not keep your cool? Once the handle instead of flying! [Music starts, and Kimmie starts singing.] I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re lively now. I hope you’re pleased because ever the cause of your injuries. I think you’re smart, please.
Mollie: [Angry, yet somewhat confused.] I wish you happy. I wish someone happy. I hope you’re proud of how you do servile submission will. To save the business.
Both: So I could not even think of how. I hope you’re lively. Today.
Kimmie: I hear Elphie! Just not tell your excuse!
[Mollie sighs, moves her broom so it’s now standing straight up, and looks at the floor.]
Kimmie: If you still magician. What is your job and wait. You can find anything you always wanted to.
Mollie: I know. But I do not want. No. I can not want. No more.
[Kimmie moves out of the shot and the camera singles in on Mollie.]
Mollie: Modified within some. Situation is not the same. I played the meter regulatory compliance. Other people’s games. So late second conjecture. It’s too late to go sleeping.
[Kimmie moves back into the shot.]
Mollie: Time to trust me. Close your eyes. [Mollie holds a hand out to Kimmie.]
[Kimmie looks around, confused.]
Mollie: And hopping!
[Kimmie fixes herself, looking up at Mollie.]
Mollie: Now is the time to try ignoring gravity.
[The camera zeroes in on Mollie again.]
Mollie: I think I should be able to try ignoring gravity. And you can take me. [Turns to Kimmie, who goes back into the shot.]
Kimmie: I cannot understand you. You’re having illusion of mastery.
Mollie: I was through with acceptance of restriction. Because I heard someone. Certain things I cannot change. But until I attempt I’ll never know. I’ve been scared for too long. I think there is no love lost. Well if this is love, it is much too expensive. I want purchase sooner ignoring gravity. Kiss me goodbye. Ignoring gravity. And you can not kill me. Glinda, come! [Extends her hand to Kimmie, and Kimmie takes her hand.] Think about our best-- to do together! Indefinite.
[Kimmie looks down at their hands.]
Mollie: With us indefinitely. Join us would be the greatest team there are ever before. Greenda. Dreams, was timed to coincide with.
Kimmie: If we work together.
Both: No struggle we can find. Only you and me ignoring gravity. You and I ignoring gravity.
Mollie: They’ll never let us disappoint us. ? [Says question mark.] And are you lo?
[Kimmie lets go of Mollie’s hand, sighing.]
Kimmie: I wish you happy. Now that you selecting this.
Mollie: Are you too. I hope it brings you happiness.
Both: We hope you get. You will not regret. I hope that you are happy ending. I wish you a happy. My friend.
[They start to move away from each other, and a clip from Wicked plays.]
[The camera turns back to Mollie, but it’s now at a different angle, facing up at her.]
Mollie: So if you are worried to find that, check out the Western sky. Someone told me recently. Everyone flight worth the effort! [She raises her broom in mock glory.] What if I go solo? At least I freedom to fly. For those who want my land. [Points angrily.] Take the news back from me! Them how I ignoring gravity. I’m more over the high ignoring gravity. And shortly I will matched with their reputation. And every city… No! That is to say that I am not a magician. [Wields her broom.] Forever gonna bring me down!
[The camera moves, showing Kimmie, who is mixed in a video from Wicked.]
Kimmie: I wish you a happy.
Mollie: [Offscreen, her voice multiplied.] Look at it, it’s ugly, got it!
[Mollie appears where Kimmie was.]
Mollie: Bring me down! [Her voice multiplied again offscreen.] No one condolences the wicked. So we’ve obtained her. Downward! (Oh~!) [She raises her broom, and the video goes dark.]
[Mollie is in front of the black screen, now in normal clothes.]
Mollie: What’s up everyone? Thank you so much for watching GTS. My name is Mollie Miyakawa, and today I was joined by my best friend, Kimmie Park. Kimmie and Jackie will be regular visitors on GTS… maybe we’re an official group now? [Shrugs.] This is the first of two videos of Wicked. So if you want to see the first one I will put that right here-ish. [Gestures to a point on the screen.] And as always there is more to come on this channel so be sure to subscribe and like and share this video and all of that YouTube magic. And I will see you guys very, very soon. [Waves.] Bye!
20 April 2023
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The Boiling Isles
KS Coins
Bloomin' Blue Roses: Micha & Aidana's Bumpy X-Mas Baking!
(A few months late-)


[Intro: Instrumental of Red Flavor]
Micha: We’ll just start! One, two, three! [Claps.]
[Aidana laughs.]
Micha: Start!
Both: Hello~
Micha: This is Micha!
Aidana: Aidana~
Micha: Why are we here today, Aidana?
Aidana: That’s because… We’re making cupcakes for Christmas!
Micha: Right.
Aidana: This match is made by SEOGI.
Micha: The name is… [Laughs.] Please make a name for us.
Aidana: We’ve been thinking about it for an hour and we couldn’t decide.
Micha: Uh, first of all, as a person who loves cakes, I’m really excited for today.
Aidana: Today, we are going to use buttercream instead of fresh cream, so it’s a bit American style.
Micha: American style.
Aidana: So we’ll make a very sweet and pretty cake.
Micha: It’s actually the first time for me, too. Should we start?
Micha: First, I’ll wash my hands first.
Aidana: Clean hands are very important these days.
Micha: I have my own way to do it.
Aidana: What is it?
Micha: Put your nails like this, and scratch. [Scratches.] That’s how you get under your nails.
Aidana: It’s a hand-washing that suits Berry completely.
Micha: I don’t know who’ll eat this, but congratulations first, congratulations on tasting my hands.
Aidana: I want to make them pretty, will they come out pretty?
Micha: Now, I was going to use a napkin… I only have the roll here. Do we wipe them on the apron?
Aidana: But when we look at chefs, they just tap it like this! [Taps her hands on her apron.]
Micha: Isn’t it nonsense?
Aidana: For real!
Micha: That’s true. Uh, what should I do? Yes, I washed my hands anyways.
Aidana: We are going to wear gloves anyways.
Micha: Is that so?
Aidana: Did you just wonder why we even bothered to wash them?
Micha: Ah, yes.
Aidana: We’ll wear the gloves and start.
[They start putting on gloves.]
Aidana: Ah, since it’s Christmas…
Micha: Right, because this will be out on Christmas day, we prepared this as an event.
Micha: We were surprised when we wore this. [Points to her headband.] It’s a bit… it feels…
Aidana: Good. It feels like that.
Aidana: When your granddaughter is visiting…
Micha: Am I a grandfather then??
Aidana: [Laughs.] No.
Micha: A grandmother?
Aidana: Do you like your grandfather more than your grandmother?
Micha: Yes, I do. Then I’ll be the grandmother. Then let’s begin the baking of the grandmother and grandfather. [Finishes putting on her gloves.] Now they are on.
Aidana: Then please introduce the ingredients!
Micha: Yes! First, responsible for the sugar, sugar powder.
[Aidana and Micha both hold up packs of sugar powder.]
Micha: To express cute and pretty colors…
Aidana: Food color.
Micha: Uh, food color. Food color like this.
Aidana: Colorful.
Micha: Colorful! [Points to the food coloring.]
Aidana: And this is the mix to make the muffins, cupcakes. We pre-measured it.
[Transition. Music: ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. Subtitle: MICHA & AIDANA’s ‘Christmas Cupcake Making’/ Muffin Making, Buttercream making, Decorating. A list of ingredients and instructions show. Transition.]
Micha: I’m not good at breaking the eggs.
Aidana: I have a tip for this.
Aidana: The shell always falls off. It feels awful when you happen to bite it.
Micha: It feels really bad.
Aidana: If you do it in a bowl like this, on the table, if you break it on the edgy surface, the shell goes in less.
Micha: Hmm.
Aidana: I saw it in a cooking book.
Micha: Hmm.
[Speed run of cracking eggs.]
Micha: Aidana… hold on.
Aidana: OMG OMG OMG. What happened?
Micha: [Laughs.] You said it wouldn’t go in!
[More speed running.]
Aidana: Milk!
Micha: Milk!
Aidana: 8 x 2 = 16. 160ml.
[Micha opens the milk container.]
Micha: Ah, because we are doing two?
[Micha pours the milk into the container.]
Micha: Put it in. It smells so good. It already smells good.
Aidana: What is it?
Micha: Cooking oil 50g.
Aidana: What’s important here is you press ON.
Aidana: Put this measuring cup on…
Micha: You have to set it to 0!
Aidana: Hmm.
Micha: Otherwise, because it would add it. [Micha pours it in.] It’s fun.
Aidana: Isn’t it depressing to see that all cakes have this much of this?
Micha: Right, sense of betrayal.
Aidana: Oh, it’s good. You got it just right! You got it for real.
Micha: Then this. Airi wouldn’t have been able to get it. She would’ve poured to 200g.
Aidana: 100g, right this is. In baking, the measuring is really important.
[Micha picks up the container. The camera zooms into Micha’s face, and she’s smiling.]
[Micha pours the cooking oil in.]
Aidana: Add it.
Micha: Uh, uh, uh, it feels weird! Wow. We are eating all this oil, usually.
Aidana: [Laughs.] I’m happy.
Micha: [Stirs.] It’s like an egg-mixing game.
Aidana: Apparently you have to mix it in one direction? Is that so? Ah, there is this too. Right, you have to mix it with the spatula upright.
Micha: Have you learned this?
Aidana: Well, I learned from school and clubs and stuff.
Micha: Ah, right! Is it CA from any chance?
Aidana: Right, from the CA. I did some baking for a bit. I haven’t done it apart from that.
Micha: Yes.
Aidana: I just do home-bakings by myself!
Micha: My CA was skating.
Aidana: Are you done?
Micha: Yes. You are not curious about my CA.
Aidana: Oh, what is it? What is it?
Micha: It was skating. So…
Aidana: Skating in an ice rink?
Micha: I dreamed of becoming like Kim Yuna.
Aidana: Wow! Then you must be really good!
Micha: Oh well… I was a flying bird.
[Aidana adds more mix powder and stirs some more.]
Aidana: Also there will be one remaining one since we will make 12. Everyone, we will add 6 (mispronounces) potions twice.
Micha: Now, let’s change it to the big one. Oh, it already smells like bread.
Aidana: Right, the baking smell.
[Micha starts stirring.]
Aidana: I think it will be good.
Micha: Miss Aidana, do you have a hand?
Micha: My headband keeps coming forward.
Aidana: Wait, should I do this? [Takes the spoon from Micha.]
[Micha goes to fix her hair while Aidana stirs.]
Aidana: Because of this kind of dough, there are many people whose arms are mismatching among those who bake.
Micha: Oh then later, does this hand only get bigger like this…?
Aidana: The muscle would be on the right arm. So in the perspective of a right hand user, the right arm would be thicker.
Micha: Let’s take turns doing it.
Aidana: Okay.
Micha: The foot is getting bigger.
Aidana: The foot?
[Aidana and Micha burst into laughter.]
Aidana: You wanted to say ‘arm’, right?
Micha: [Laughing.] Arm! Arm! The arm can get bigger! So I will do it. Give it to me now.
[Given to Micha.]
Aidana: Before we did this, it’s the combination that our fans wanted, right? So… We thought that if we did this baking, we wouldn’t say anything because we would concentrate and I was really worried that it would become ASMR. But isn’t it going well?
Micha: Do you feel that way? But why did your voice split, Aidana?
Aidana:[Laughs.] Wait, I worried a bit before coming here.
Micha: Why?
Aidana: What should I say when I bake today?
Micha: This is actually difficult. It’s easy to just talk but having a mission like this… but we will succeed. I think it’s done now.
Aidana: Yes, it’s done.
[They take out the food coloring and pans.]
Aidana: We will do icing today.
Micha: Icing is making shape with buttercream.
Aidana: And since we need to do icing we shouldn’t put it in perfectly.
Micha: Only a little?
Aidana: We need to put it in small amounts at a time. Now, I will put in the parchment paper cup between the muffins. [Shows the pan to the screen.] I will put in the dough everyone!
Micha: This looks fun, right? It’s getting you nervous again, right?
Aidana: Only 2/3?
Micha: Yes.
Aidana: I am nervous.
Micha: Miss Aidana, isn’t that too much?
Aidana: It’s fine~
Micha: It will swell up.
[They start putting it inside the parchment paper each with their own convenient method.]
Micha: When you eat something like a cupcake, in a cupcake, do you like bread or a lot of cream?
Aidana: For me… Cream.
Micha: Oh, I pick bread.
Aidana: Why?
Micha: It’s too greasy.
Aidana: Oh, that’s true. Butter cream is especially greasy.
Micha: There are less sounds now, right?
Aidana: We are concentrating, everyone. Oh, I want to eat carp bread.
Micha: Oh, I want some carp bread too.
[The video speeds up.]
Micha: For me, for all food, I like the plain version.
Aidana: Oh, the basic?
Micha: I like the basic so I don’t like food with things added.
Aidana: Me too!
[They continue to pour the muffins as they talk.]
Aidana: Then why did you decide to do baking suddenly?
Micha: It’s because I like bread.
Aidana: You wanted to try it.
Micha: Yes, I thought about making bread and I was very curious how it was made when I ate it.
Aidana: But isn’t it fun to make it?
Micha: It’s fun, but compared to what I thought, I was surprised that it’s so mathematical and difficult.
Aidana: Right, you have to weigh everything.
Micha: You can’t just make it with your senses. And what the teacher said was: adding the right amount is the most important. It wouldn’t work if it goes wrong even a little bit.
Aidana: So I think baking is the most difficult. I went to a cooking academy, so I learned other recipes. But I think baking is the most difficult.
Micha: Right, baking is hard.
Aidana: If I make a little bit of a mistake, the bread is not made properly. We put it in a muffin frame! [Shows the muffin tins to the camera.]
Aidana: We will bake it.
Micha: Isn’t this moment the most exciting moment? But it would be really fun if it were black when we took it out. [Laughs.]
[They put the muffins into the mini-oven.]
Aidana: I hope you pre-heat. We forgot but we turned it on for 30 minutes. It would be okay if it bakes well, right?
Micha: We are going to eat it anyway.
Aidana: Then, it’s time to make buttercream. We are going to make buttercream and we are going to put in all 450g of butter.
Micha: Putting in! Oh!
Aidana: [Pounds the butter in.] Putting it in! You must use it after placing it at room temperature for 30 minutes. Now, the key point is the start. It’s scary.
[Micha starts shaking subtly.]
Aidana: This is really difficult.
[Aidana takes out a blender.]
Micha: Isn’t it an iron?
Aidana: It looks like an iron, but it’s a hand mixer.
[Micha stares at the butter.]
Micha: [Smells the butter.] Oh the smell! The smell is totally…
Aidana: We have to loosen up this butter. And it takes a little bit of time to loosen this up.
[Micha starts up the mixer, then turns it off again.]
Aidana: We will do it at low speed in the beginning.
Micha: Low speed? [Starts it.] Oh, it’s scary! Oh, my!
Aidana: [Laughs.] This is why we must do it at low speed…
Micha: Oh, my!
[They both start laughing.]
Micha: Wait, Miss Aidana-
Aidana: [Laughs.] It’s supposed to be like that.
[Micha falls over from laughing so hard.]
Aidana: You were really surprised, right?
Micha: Wait, why is the butter angry at me? Why was the butter so angry? No… it’s angry!
Aidana: [Laughing.] It’s very angry. The food processor is a bit strong.
[Micha puts her hand to block out the butter from flying everywhere. The video speeds up as they continue to mix.]
Aidana: We are making cream out of the butter. Once we are done making it, it’ll turn white. Hm…
[Aidana shakes off the butter that is still on the processor while the video speeds up again. The mixer is turned over to Micha.]
Aidana: It’s all melted, so I’ll put in some sugar powder from the side. I’ll put in the whole 110g.
[Shows the packet to the camera, then she opens it and shakes it into the mixture.]
Aidana: Get the butter in the stirrer, like this every once in a while. [She starts mixing it.]
Micha: It smells good.
[Micha starts mixing the butter with help from Aidana.]
Aidana: Are you okay sister? Are you ever going to bake again?
Micha: I quit eating bread.
[The video quickens again, Aidana checks the oven as Micha continues mixing.]
[Micha starts turning the bowl as she stirs.]
Aidana: Smart! She’s turning the bowl guys! Clap, clap, clap. [Claps.] While we are making it sweet, should we make it sweeter?
Micha: Aw, let’s live sweetly.
Aidana: Let’s live sweetly. Life’s hard enough.
Micha: Sure. We should at least make the cupcakes sweet. The world is really hard these days.
Aidana: So, you guys can’t go out On Christmas just like us. Apparently they spend Christmas day icing the cake at home in foreign countries. So, this Christmas, it sounds like a good idea to do what we do!
[They turn the mixer back on.]
Aidana: It’s turning into cream now. THORNs will laugh so hard while watching us baking.
Micha: Why?
Aidana: Because we are only beginners LOL. How funny do we look LOL? [Laughs.]
Micha: I want to taste it as a midpoint check, do you want to try it? It should be really sweet.
[Micha tries it, then pauses, then sticks it back into her mouth.]
Aidana: Don’t spit it out again!
[They both burst out laughing, and the mixer turns back on.]
Micha: Ah, did we put in all of the sugar powder? I think we should put in one more.
Aidana: It’s not sweet?
Micha: Not at all!
Aidana: Then we should put it in.
Micha: What should we put? Sesame oil?
Aidana: Excuse me?
Micha: No, my mom always puts in sesame oil when something tastes bad.
Aidana: My mom uses fish sauce.
Micha: Yeah, right.
Aidana: Sister, can you switch the top and bottom of that?
[Micha goes to switch the oven pans.]
Aidana: It’s hot. Hot. You have to wear oven mitts.
[Micha turns the timer.]
Aidana: You just need to open it.
[She turns it back to the original setting.]
Micha: Oh, really? What was it set for…? I don’t remember… Did I mess it up?
[They take out the muffins.]
Micha: They look good! [She smells them.] Oh, oh, oh, it smells awesome! The smell is awesome!
Aidana: I think only the top part is baked and not the bottom part.
[They put them back in and try again.]
Aidana: The crust is cooked but the inside is not.
[Aidana starts mixing the cream again.]
Micha: Aidana! Something just flew off. You’re not playing baseball, right?
[Aidana laughs.]
Aidana: Home run!
Micha: Sorry!
[They look in on the cupcakes.]
Micha: Oh!
Aidana: It’s rising!
[Micha laughs so hard she falls on the ground.]
Micha: Aidana! [Laughs some more.] No, guys! Our cupcakes! Ah, what should we do?
Aidana: It’s done.
Micha: No, Aidana, hold on. Why did it get so big?
Aidana: They are only cooked on the top. We microwaved them for a bit.
Micha: We have to do the icing!
Aidana: I think we should cut it off.
[Aidana runs around the kitchen while telling Micha what to do, the video playing at fast speed.]
[Micha stops and shakes out her hand.]
Aidana: This shouldn’t be rising like this! Aren’t you tired?
Micha: I’ll try it.
Aidana: Why do you keep tasting it?
Micha: No, it’s because I can’t admit it.
Aidana: But the buttercream should taste like this. We did it right.
[Aidana does the stirring while Micha checks if the cupcakes are done.]
Aidana: Half of the baking film is the whipping. I think it’s done! Uh? You shouldn’t dig it out lol.
[Micha is trying to dig the muffins out of their paper wrappings.]
[Micha laughs.]
Aidana: MICHA! Lol! I asked her to check if they were cooked! She dug up the muffins instead!
Micha: This is cooked…
Aidana: How we do it is we poke it with a clean chopstick. And if raw dough comes out on the chopstick it’s not cooked.
Micha: Oh.
Aidana: It’s cooked.
[Aidana sets the muffins on a clear tin while Micha finishes whipping. Micha takes her headband off.]
Micha: Should we cut it off then?
Aidana: Ah, I think we should cut something like this off a little bit. [Cuts the top of the muffin off.]
Micha: Then where do I put the cut out part?
[Aidana eats it.]
Aidana: It tastes good!
Micha: Really? Good.
Aidana: Guys, if you are going to do the icing, if the top part bulges too much, if it’s too risen, then you can cut it off and eat it. Hmm, it tastes good.
[Micha eats a muffin and falls down.]
Aidana: Is it bad?
Micha: No, it’s so good! It’s like a sponge cake, a sponge cake with a little bit more butter?
Aidana: We’ll put on the icing, while the other three cook. We will do the icing now. What color are you going to use?
[A piece of equipment falls in the background, causing a noise.]
Micha: White.
Aidana: White? Then we should just use this. Put this in the piping bag. And we can put some aside using a spatula.
[Micha grabs the piping bag while Aidana grabs the spatula.]
Aidana: What do I mix with the orange color?
Micha: I put the orange first.
[A side camera pops up of them making the frosting.]
Aidana: Is it okay to mix brown and black?
Micha: Orange… What do I mix it with? Right… yeah. [Mixes some colors.]
Aidana: You can put that much cream on top, and spread it with this.
[They start decorating the muffins.]
Aidana: I mixed a black color!
[The timer for the muffins ding.]
Aidana: Oh!
Micha: Please…
Aidana: Does this look brown? [Shows her cream to the camera, which has light brown coloring.]
Micha: Please… [Goes to check the cupcakes.] They’re beautiful!
Aidana: Is it done?
[Micha takes the cupcakes out and pokes them.]
Aidana: It’s cooked! I’ll make a black sesame Rudolph. It won’t become brown. I saw a video on my way here, and it’s not easy to put the icing on. It looks really easy on video, but this is not easy.
[Micha burns herself on the cupcakes.]
Micha: [Jumps back.] It’s hot!!! Uh! Ari arirang~
[Aidana starts laughing.]
Micha: Wow! [She’s singing Arirang with the heat.] Surprised, right? It’s okay guys.
Aidana: I feel like they’re going to say sorry, and that they’re never going to make us do this again. The colors don’t come out as expected.
Micha: Then just the liquid. What if we squeeze this in? It’s going to spill.
Aidana: Really? Try it once.
[Micha puts a dot on the muffin, and both girls are surprised.]
Aidana: Oh!
Micha: Eureka! Eureka eureka.
[Micha draws facial features on her muffin.]
Micha: It’s cute!
Aidana: Eureka~
Micha: It looks the same.
Aidana: You did good!
Micha: Yeah.
[They show the muffin to the camera, which now has a face.]
Micha: It’s pretty.
Aidana: It’s cute!
[Micha eats some more muffin tops.]
Aidana: [Looks around for scissors and finds some.] I’ll do it barehanded, because the colors get on the glove. I washed my hands.
[Aidana puts dots on her muffin with a piping bag.]
Aidana: I drew the eyes. [Shows the camera.]
Micha: It’s cute!
[They continue to use tools to make faces, Micha using a spatula and Aidana using a pastry bag.]
Micha: It looks like a fiddlehead. Who wants to see? It looks like a fiddlehead. [Shows the camera.] Tada~ [Shows the antlers she made on the muffin.] Rudolph has a red nose, so I’ll draw a red nose.
[They continue to frost.]
Micha: it was originally socks, but now it’s a man with a black hat. I don’t know who it is.
Aidana: It could be Santa Claus.
Micha: That’s how this turned out. I’ll do it for real this time.
[They continue to frost, Micha using blue and Aidana using red.]
Aidana: Rudolph! [Shows her cupcake to the camera.] A Rudolph with a weird mouth. Isn’t this good?
Micha: The Rudolph is good. It’s cute!
Aidana: Right, it’s good.
Micha: You did great. You really did great!
Aidana: I got complimented. Hehe. I think I did really great.
[Micha shows her cupcake to the camera, and they continue to show off their art skills. At one point, Aidana starts laughing at her cupcake. Micha makes a heart and Aidana makes a tree. Aidana shows Micha her tree.]
Micha: Oh! It’s really pretty!
Aidana: It’s good, right?
Micha: Oh!
Aidana: The tree is finished~ [She shows her tree to the camera.]
Micha: Guys, I think it was good. Okay.
[Micha’s heart cupcake is finished, now there are 6 cupcakes.]
Micha: Tada~
Aidana: It’s pretty! They’re really pretty together.
Micha: This has to go in the middle.
Micha: I’ll start introducing mine.
Aidana: Yeah!
Micha: We made cupcakes today, for Christmas. There are meanings behind the cupcakes I made.
Aidana: Oh!
Micha: First: this is me. [Points to a muffin.] It has a blue hat on. I wear a hat often in winter. It has a blue beanie on. It’s me. And the heart represents love. This is Yangi. This is the good part.
Aidana: This is really good. It looks the same!
Micha: It’s Yangi and a snowy winter. It shows that we’re together this year.
[Aidana claps.]
Micha: I did storytelling with cupcakes. What about you, Aidana?
Aidana: I don’t have a story, but I made a Rudolph.
Micha: It’s really good.
Aidana: And tree! [Aidana picks her muffins up and shows them to the camera.]
Micha: For Christmas!
Aidana: It’s good, right?
Micha: It’s cute. I went with a story feel.
Aidana: I really like this. Yangi and his buddy with the hat.
[They both clap.]
Aidana: It’s amazing. The start and the process was tough.
[Micha nods.]
Aidana: But we ended with pretty cupcakes.
Micha: Yeah.
Aidana: Pretty cupcakes were made.
Micha: Who’s going to eat them?
Aidana: I like them.
Micha: The members will eat them since we made it. Since we did our best to make these, I hope you guys have fun watching the video~ Thank you for watching! Today’s Christmas eve. The 14th.
[Aidana holds up two fingers on one hand and four on the other.]
Micha: We hope that you guys have a great time with your families at home. We’re done with the cupcakes. Thank you for watching. Bye! [Waves.]
Both: Merry Christmas! [More waving from both of them.] Ho ho ho. [They continue waving, and the outro plays.]
[Outro: Sparkling sounds with the Blue Roses logo showing.]
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20 April 2023
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Episode 8: 'Colors of the Wind' from Pocahontas
[Text: What happens if you put “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas… through several layers of Google Translate?]
[The screen shows Mollie to one side with a microphone, the clip from the song from Pocahontas on the other side.]
Mollie: You think I do not know what barbarians. If there is a lot of space, and. I think it should be like. However I can not see. If me is the wild one, There are many they are not using? I do not know.
[Mollie’s camera fades as the instrumental plays.]
Mollie: I am also a land. Of the dead you ask. However I know animals, trees and rocks and all. The name of the life, of the soul. I think as the sole person. I want people to see that it. But if you have one is to follow in the footsteps of a stranger. You do not know that you do not know you know that they. Sometimes the wolf heard the cries of the Silver Ever. Bobcats… are you smiling? Also the voice of the mountain can sing. Color is the air that you can calculate you think? Color is the air that you can calculate you think?
[Mollie’s camera fades as the instrumental plays.]
Mollie: I appreciate the hidden jungle races. I land a sweet fruity taste. Watch the bouncing of wealth around you all. This time I did not know it’s value. As the brother of my rivers and heavy rain. Otters and bungalows friend. We are all connected to one another. Infinate face. In particular digit growth rate. You are cut. You will not feel. And hear the Silver door. Do not cry Wolf. In fact, copper colored or white. We sing the sounds of the mountain. You should keep in mind the color of the wind. You can also inherit the earth. Until the earth is all you have. When you paint the color. Of your air can.
[Mollie laughs, and her screen goes dark. Then does the video, and the camera changes to Mollie’s room. On the top left corner, the words ‘Subscribe for more!!’ are shown. Next to it are the words ‘Click here for the GTS playlist!’. Under that is the video from ‘Defying Gravity’, and then the video from ‘Part of your World’.]
Mollie: What’s up, everyone? My name is Mollie Miyakawa. Thank you guys so much for watching GTS! A whole bunch of you suggested ‘Colors of the Wind’ after ‘Defying Gravity’, my last video, which if you haven’t seen, you should check it out! But yeah, thank you guys for suggesting this song! I had a great time doing it, and there is always more to come here on GTS. We’ve got some pop and uh, another Frozen song coming up, and Kimmie’s going to release something soon, also. Spread out, maybe, possibly? We’ll see! I don’t know! Well… yeah! There you go. So be sure to give this video a thumbs up [Puts up two thumbs.] and share it and subscribe! Thank you guys so much for the love and the support! You guys are awesome, and I will see you soon. Bye!
[The video ends.]
20 April 2023
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Episode 9: Live Cover of 'Let It Go' from Frozen


[Text: ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen by Kimmie Park.]
[Regular version of the song.]
[Switches to outro.]
Kimmie: What’s up everyone? Kimmie Park here. Thank you so much for watching this little cover of ‘Let It Go’. This is a very long time coming, I promised I would do this after we hit 50,000 subscribers, and now it’s 50,000 and then some. So to all of our subscribers, I love you guys! You guys are so cool! To get to sing for people and make people laugh and all of that good stuff is just… it’s a dream come true to have this opportunity to, you know, stretch myself as an artist and as a person and all that good stuff. [Laughs.] So yeah, I’m just, I’m very, very grateful to you guys. I promise there’s many more GTS to come, and some normal covers, and Jackie is going to be doing a Q&A in a few days, so please continue asking your questions! We want to continue to expand this channel and let you guys into me a little bit and I want to get to know you guys a little better too. So you know, anything you guys just want us to do- just comment below and we’ll see what happens! So thank you guys so much for your continued love and support, back at you, see you soon! Bye! [Does a two-fingered salute and the video ends.]

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