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3 November 2018
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Okay so I think everyone knows how these work, thus the shorter title from now on lmao

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1) MINZY - Superwoman
I remember this all too well when it came out, it's also probably the only thing besides 2NE1 'Come Back Home' that I'll ever like from anything related to 2NE1.
It definitely gives off the empowerment that it intended to, they really nailed it with this song.

2) Jeong Sewoon - Day & Day
I forgot I had this song in my playlist too, but it's definitely nice re-listening to it.
It's a soft song with really nice vocals by Sewoon.

3) TREI - Gravity
TREI was so underrated, sadly they already disbanded, didn't even come back once after their debut.
However I really like this song. The vocalist has such an amazing voice and the rap parts have nice rhythms as well.
And the instrumental is so nice as well.

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