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So watching the pd 48 eps again just cannot figure the voting yo yos. (1 Viewer)

21 February 2019
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I know we have verified rigging in the last ep but dang the whole season was crazy volatile.

And there was a large number of older retreads. in part due to aks.

It was like vastly different people were voting each time.

And at times it made like no sense.

for example both Rumor and Truth untold are in most everyone's top 3 from the whole season but both those teams got nuked in ep 11 and 8.
Sorry not sorry again most agree great number the members got lite up in ep 8

play with this spread sheet to see.

so first ranking pick 12 5 j 7 k girls like Moe, Miyu and Noe ranked well 13 and 14 were both j line. [ top 20 9j 11 k]

2nd ranking pick 12.. 3j 9 k Moe and Noe hammered (they did come off weaker and Noe had like no screen time) Miyu did great but got nothing. 13 was j 14-19 k [so top 20 5j 15 k]

3rd ranking pick 2 ...7 j 5 k and it was OLD.... Ill bet this is what causes the screw it lets just pick our team. 13- 16, 18-20 were k. [top 20 8 j 12 k ]

4th ranking 2 spots fixed the court said K and C were 5,6 none of the 7 J line rigged out ( if the week 11 ranking was what freaked em out they could have just taken this.) I would like to see the 'real ranks' if it would not just really screw up the 2 who were in thru no fault of theirs.
The monster disaster here would have been only sakura in the final line up from japan.
pick 1 clearly Yujin was not 5 and Nako not 6. 3j 9k again.

13, 14, 15 were k [ ofc top 20 same demo as ep 11 8/12]

aside from Chowon and Hyewon crazy rise the top 20 30 was ballpark the same girls after ep 5. Which is pretty standard it just the movement was not.

i wonder if they played with the numbers more than was reported in hopes of drama.....

I think that for sure Wonyoung was the real vote winner. Especially give how poorly the rest of the j line did.
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