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25 September 2018
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You know when you're having a conversation with someone and they suddenly get really aggressive for no reason? Or when you're trying to talk to someone about something and they suddenly lash out at you?
It's frustrating. It definitely is. As humans, we always want to get the last word so that we know we "won". But is getting the last say really winning? Sometimes it's better to stay quiet, as hard as it is. And I'm not saying it's easy to do this, but it will definitely pay off. An angry person lashing out at you doesn't determine the kind of person that you are, it shows what kind of person that they are. Sometimes you just need to let them know that they upset you and move on. Because at some point, that person's behaviors and attitude are going to bite them in the neck. Honestly it is painful having to get scolded or yelled at out of nowhere, but sometimes we need to get hurt. It helps lengthen our limits and actually makes us self reflect a bit. Some arguments really aren't worth having, especially if the person begins to be hostile. This is a lot easier in thought than in practice, but absolutely nothing bad can stem for this. This doesn't mean that I'm telling you to get run over by people's behavior, more so to choose your battles wisely. As long as you have made your point, you have nothing more to contribute there. If they are disrespecting you or start to upset you by using their frustration as a tool to to hurt you rather than to strengthen their argument, then it really isn't worth it anymore. Be the bigger person. Defend yourself if you need to, but only when you believe their claims can damage your reputation or self worth. Make your points and leave. There's no point feeding into people's attacks and hostility.

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