Fanfiction Song Inspired One-Shot: That Should Be Me [J-Hope x OC] (1 Viewer)

11 September 2020
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That Should Be Me


Ho-Seok watched in silence as his dream girl danced with her boyfriend during the school dance. Ho-Seok had had this crush on Katelyn ever since the day he moved to Mason City, Iowa, from Gwangju, South Korea, four years ago and had intended to ask her out, but he could never get up the courage to until now.

And now was too late. Katelyn had recently become the girlfriend of Brett Dyer, the quarterback of the football team, and Ho-Seok didn’t see this relationship ending anytime soon.

Ho-Seok heaved a big sigh, got up, and turned to leave. However, just as he reached the door, his friend Jimmy grabbed him by the back of his shirt, pulling him back and spinning him around to face him.

“Why are you leaving, dude?” Jimmy asked. “The party’s not over yet!”

“Katelyn’s dancing with Brett Dyer,” Ho-Seok said sadly. “At the rate they’re going, I’ll never have a chance with her.”

Jimmy put a calming hand on his Korean friend’s shoulder. “Don’t beat yourself up about it. In fact, Brett doesn’t really treat her right.”

Ho-Seok raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Yeah… he’s so busy with football practice and games that he barely makes any time for Katelyn. Just go up and ask her out; if she likes you back, great! If she doesn’t, at least you tried.”

Meanwhile, back on the dancefloor, there was a break between songs when Brett suddenly started walking away from Katelyn.

“Brett, where are you going?” Katelyn asked.

“Home,” Brett said. “I know we’ve only just started dancing together, but I have to get up early tomorrow for practice.”

Katelyn sighed. “Can’t you stay for just an hour longer? It’s only 8:30!”

“No, Katie; I’m sorry… but I’ll make it up to you, I promise!”

With that, Brett gave Katelyn a kiss on the lips before he turned around again and headed home. When he disappeared completely, Katelyn found a bench to sit down on and stared off into space with her arms folded in disappointment.

As she was considering breaking up with Brett, Katelyn was joined by Jung Ho-Seok, the guy who sits behind her in English class.

“Katelyn-ah, you look sad,” Ho-Seok said, sitting next to her. “What’s wrong?”

“Brett has to get up early for football practice… again,” Katelyn said, rolling her eyes. “This is the third time this month he’s done it, too.”

Ho-Seok nodded in understanding. “I see. Well, you should be with somebody who can treat you better than he does… and that somebody just might be right under your nose.”

Katelyn scoffed. “You couldn’t possibly! Besides, you’re too good for me.”

Ho-Seok offered a smirk. “Maybe… but listen, I’ve had this incredibly huge crush on you since the day I moved in, and I’d be honored if you could be my date.”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Precisely, and if we get together, I’ll make damn sure I give you all the time and attention you deserve.” Just then, a slow song started playing, and Ho-Seok stood up and offered Katelyn his hand. “May I have this dance?”

Katelyn smiled. “Absolutely.”

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