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11 November 2018
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So I started watching The Clone wars earlier this year but stopped... I don't remember why but I did remember where I left off so imma review the episodes as I go through em.

So Ahsoka, Obi Huan and actually a good character Anakin crash land on a random planet (that looks really cool btw) cause they were looking for a medical station nearby. The episode essentially revolves around them trying to help a village that is being terrorized by pirates while also working with the mercenaries the villagers hired before they came. They clash throughout the episode and it's the standard slowly getting to know each other type of stuff and in the end they respect each other.

There was a really good missed chance to show a bit of Anakins dark side, when the enemy commander was hanging off a cliff it would have been good if he hesitated for a second or smn but nah they just left it at "help him out, almost get shot in the back, bad guy escapes". Had to be done but still. Not much character development in this episode besides Ahsoka being smarter than both her masters and following a smoke signal she saw instead of a hunch like her masters.

The episode also had one of the coolest designed aliens I've seen

Embo, a bounty hunter, looks really cool. His hat reminds me of Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat but like he also has that mesh of Alien, Asian and Apocalyptic
He also shows up later as far as I know so I'm glad he'll be in them cause he's really cool and his moveset and such is also interesting.

Not much else to say, the villagers houses were kinda high tech for a villager town? That might be standard or smn but they looked dope, I'd live there lol. One of the other mercenaries in a suit of armor also looked intimidating.

Not a bad episode, doesn't stand out much either besides introducing us to a "noble" group of bounty hunters that don't just kill mindlessly like others we've seen.

Mostly cause of Embo lol

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