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25 August 2018
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This will be a compilation of changes that will improve Quality Of Life for users in the forum.

  1. Images are shown when quoting another user instead of showing view attachments.
  2. Certain users were triggering our akismet spam filter integration, fixed it for them.
  3. Updated php version to 7.3.2
  4. Updated our cache software to be even faster by 50%. End user experience for loading times should improve drastically.
  5. Added lightbulb feature to easily switch to dark mode (Not Available for mobile, use the theme switcher)
  6. Emoji loads fast now instead of waiting for a few seconds.
  7. Server is running latest PHP version now, speed improvements should be noticable.
  8. Fixed header & display upload error.
  9. Security error when login in should be fixed.
  10. Search backend upgraded.
  11. Web server upgrade to latest version, significant speed improvements up to 7x from previous version.
  12. Improved performance of sql server by up to 30%.
  13. Image loading should be improved on mobile.
  14. Updated php version to 7.3.4
  15. Mounted web server to memory which should speed up various functions for the site.
  16. Statistic widget gives more insight into site activity.
  17. Added more ram to our database server to speed it up.
  18. Further tweaks to the backend was made which should improve performance.
  19. Fixed Image Slider not clickable.
  20. Optimised our website for
  21. Fixed all connected accounts and social media icons misalignment.
  22. Switched web server successfully, site should be better optimised now.
  23. Added who replied list to the forum.
  24. Images & static assets loaded from
  25. Trophies categories are now fixed.
  26. Added icon for new notifications for those has problems differentiating between the colors.
  27. Added most followers to Notable members
  28. Fixed Bold issue on dark theme.
  29. Guest will now have to register to view links, images with links.
  30. Switched PHP handler to mod_lsapi (50% speed improvement) for main forum and php-fpm for our image+blog & store site.
  31. Added 5k temporary email host to our blacklist.
  32. Upgraded all server software to latest release.
  33. All images are now lazy loaded.
  34. Updated theme + bulb switch for dark & light theme.
  35. separation of sticky thread & normal thread
  36. Switch php handler to lsapi.
  37. Optimised database.
  38. Added new header by our graphics team to rules page - KPopSource Forum Rules - KPopSource - The Only KPOP Hub That Matters
  39. Switched from Apache to Litespeed + Haproxy Ngnix frontend.
  40. Updated php to 7.3.5
  41. Various image changes all over the forum.
  42. Added CN, RO, RU, NL, FR, KR, TL & PL to forum's language selection.
  43. Did a overhaul of server settings to squeeze performance out of available resources.
  44. Criu activated.
  45. Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization optimizes the order of resource delivery, independent of the browser. Greatest improvements will be experienced by visitors using Safari and Edge browsers. TCP Turbo accelerate latency and throughput with custom-tuned TCP optimizations.
  46. Updated redis & elasticsearch.
  47. Overhauled html code of the site to use less resources.
  48. Updated blog with a responsive theme.
  49. Tuned sql to handle more connections.
  50. Tuned page load, 50% to 80% improvement.
  51. Added recurring donation option.
  52. Fixed error on uploading avatars.
  53. Fixed a server configuration bug.
  54. Weekly server performance tuning done on 8/6/2019
  55. Added brotli and http2
  56. Updated Openssl
  57. mod_pagespeed added.
  58. TLS 1.3 Support Enabled.
  59. Updated server kernel.
  60. Image upload was broken, but fixed it today.
  61. Fixed an overlooked bottleneck in ssl renegotiations, clients connecting should have speed increase.
  62. Updated maria db to 10.3.16.
  63. Bitninja delisting should now work as intended.
  64. Enabled ipv6 support in dual stack mode
  65. Added username change notice.
  66. Rebooted the whole server to fix connectivity issues for some clients after making some changes to dns settings.
  67. Guest are served on cache to speed up page loads even further.
  68. Updated mariadb.
  69. Updated search backend.
  70. is now http3 ready - HTTP3Check -
  71. We got accepted into new ad publisher platform MGID & codes are already implemented.
  72. Removed igbinary and installed json serializer for our forum backend, should improve performance by 20%.
  73. Successfully moved everything to litespeed enterprise, a commercial grade webserver, HTTPS/QUIC handshake offloaded, http/2 peformance should be 7x it was before.
  74. Fixed not being able to edit profile post.
  75. All our sites are now http3 ready.
  76. Updated backend to latest.
  77. Fixed alerts not being read by default when checking alerts, thanks to users who reported it.
  78. 1 year limitation of deactivating account removed, you can now have unlimited amount of time for reactivation.
  79. Updated php to latest security bugfix release.
  80. Crash issue fixed, related to misconfiguration of the webserver which crashed the webserver.
  81. Our webserver developers has released quick fixes for HTTP/2 Denial of Service security vulnerabilities - Netflix/security-bulletins, we are already patched without downtime.
  82. Updated all web & server applications to latest release.
  83. Fixed slow loading speed by purging old data from cdn.
  84. Added full screen to editor.
  85. Moved session off local filesystem to be stored in memory directly to speed up page load.
  86. Our kspress blog is now powered by the same search backend as our forum, so searches will be more accurate than before.
  87. Our server are now powered by google's bbr - google/bbr
  88. Added 2 variations of our themes, KS Light NEW & KS Dark NEW
  89. Updated CNN embed code.
  90. Updated responsiveness code to better suit wide screens.
  91. Images on posts and outside of posts are now lazy loaded through lazysizes library responsive code.
  92. Updated database server to latest version.
  93. All emails are now scanned by anti virus software before leaving our server.
  94. Updated our search backend.
  95. Fixed firewall bash script & http2 is now working for cloudflare connections.
  96. Server updated with latest release.
  97. Updated our caching application to latest version.
  98. PHP version updated.
  99. All websites back-end optimized and patched to latest version for this week.
  100. Enabled experimental rocket loader for our cdn, should improve performance of website.
  101. Updated PHP version & weekly database tuning done (24/10/2019).
  102. Security updates performed and weekly server tuning done. (5/11/2019)
  103. Removed sidebar on our blog to make it seem wider and less compressed. (5/11/2019)
  104. Updated plugins (8/11/2019)
  105. Updated lazy load library for images for more optimized page view. (16/11/2019)
  106. Updated php to 7.4, massive performance boost. (26/12/2019)
  107. Fixed medals being too big on the new themes for mobile & removed title for mobiles due to space.
  108. Hide extended footer on mobile. (27/12/2019)
  109. Added whats new button for mobile and desktop (27/12/2019)
  110. Made 2020 Light theme a little less bright & various fixes to both 2020 light & dark theme (28/12/2019)
  111. Finally hammered down the last slow query that was affecting page speeds, performance should improve from here on out (28/12/2019)
  112. Updated database to latest version (28/12/2019)
  113. Various bug fixes and implemented initial code for avatar frames. (31/12/2019)
  114. Removed service worker that was causing performance degradation (1/1/2020)
  115. Updated our python 2 scripts to python 3 as python 2 has reached end of life (4/1/2020)
  116. Announcement - Due to email queue issues, daily digest emails have been removed. We can't afford to raise the limit to the mail server so email digests have been removed for now (4/1/2020)
  117. Added page navigation at the top for mobile on the new themes & various css styling fixes on the whole forum (4/1/2020)
  118. DIsabled sticky navigation to make space for users with small screens (6/1/2020)
  119. FIxed invalid ssl on some of our domains (7/1/2020)
  120. Remove animations as that is the main cause of page loads (10/1/2020)
  121. Did a massive performance tweak on our underlying back-end powering our website, massive performance boost. (12/1/2020)
  122. Updated Jquery from 3.3.1 to 3.4.1 due to a security vulnerability Snyk - Vulnerability report for [email protected] (13/1/2020)
  123. Various css styling fixes & added new styling for breadcrumbs (13/1/2020)
  124. Disabled persistent connections to improve performance. (21/1/2020)
  125. We are now powered by Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute (25/1/2020)
  126. Updated database server. (29/1/2020)
  127. Disabled output buffering (8/2/2020)
  128. Applied security fixes and performance tuning on the new dedicated server, will be doing a series of work throughout the week to further stabilize the server even further (19/2/2020)
  129. Extra tuning on our database server to attempt to fix the out of memory error that causes broken pages. (20/2/2020)
  130. Additional Security fixes applied (20/2/2020)
  131. Enabled http3 support while waiting for major browsers to support the new protocol (25/2/2020)
  132. Added virus check using for new attachments (27/2/2020)
  133. Updated server stack (29/2/2020)
  134. Added new status page at - Kpopsource Server Status - KS Server (Recent History) - Powered by HetrixTools & added day & night mode switch for guests. (3/5/2020)
  135. Compiled php manually for better performance (7/3/2020)
  136. Did some tuning with persistent connections (12/3/2020)
  137. Increase persistent connection timeout to 15 seconds. (12/3/2020)
  138. Additional tuning done on the server (17/3/2020)
  139. Fixed color change in bbcode (19/3/2020)
  140. Updated server software & updated plugins to latest version (17/4/2020)
  141. Fixed database server locking up (20/4/2020)
  142. Updated php. (2/5/2020)
  143. Removed most follower feature due to bug with sql queries, will probably be added again in the future. (20/5/2020)
  144. Ran our yearly database optimization pass (21/5/2020)
  145. Added more memory to database server. (21/5/2020)
  146. Added auto refresh for New profile posts & Latest activity (22/5/2020)
  147. Fixed users not being able to receive any emails from us (4/6/2020)
  148. Avatars, images & videos are now lazyloaded to improve user page loads (8/6/2020)
  149. PHP updated to latest version (11/6/2020)
  150. Updated youtube embeds + added upload avatar from URL (21/6/2020)
  151. Fixed youtube embeds filling up all available space on posts. (22/6/2020)
  152. Updated our caching server (5/7/2020)
  153. Updated lazy load mechanism to aggressively load embeds to prevent slow page loads. (11/7/2020)
  154. Updated lazyload library for improved performance. (22/7/2020)
  155. Updated server stack to latest version (29/7/2020)
  156. Added option to hide signature for posts. Mobile signature will still be hidden regardless of this setting. (30/7/2020)
  157. Added ajax statistics widget (1/8/2020)
  158. Updated security headers for & to A+ rating (4/8/2020)
  159. Restarted database to fix slow queries with updated settings (17/8/2020)
  160. Images and attachments should now show again on quotes (18/8/2020)
  161. Updated imagemagick and php version (18/8/2020)
  162. Updated curl to latest version (21/8/2020)
  163. Inbound emails to the server are now checked by mailchannels inbound filtering service for extra security from malware, amavisd + clamav is setup locally for redundancy incase any malware gets through (22/8/2020)
  164. Upgrade database to latest major branch (27/8/2020)
  165. Applied database optimization. (28/8/2020)
  166. Added php preloading to kpopsource forum, performance increase by 20% (1/9/2020)
  167. Updated server (7/9/2020)
  168. Drag & drop upload multiple images into editor is now available (8/9/2020)
  169. Fixed discord connection to forum account (13/9/2020)
  170. Added patch for login form. (16/9/2020)
  171. Updated application software to latest version, added robohash default avatars & favicon notifications. (20/9/2020)
  172. Migrated kpopsource to a high availability setup with self healing capabilities (22/09/2020)
  173. Updated server software and applied security fixes. (27/09/2020)
  174. Moved browser triggered job tasks to system based cron (28/09/2020)
  175. Disabled all persistent connections due to queries being too fast on this new server, changed all database type to innodb to be crash resistant and added auto restart if database crash occurs again. (6/10/2020)
  176. Updated kernel for server to make use of google bbr (06/10/2020) - Link
  177. Made some changes to dark theme buttons so they appear consistent (07/10/2020)
  178. Updated database to latest version (07/10/2020)
  179. Additional database tweaks added, server has been stable for 3 days so far since last error, believe to have solved the issue (09/10/2020)
  180. Updated system cron from using systemd to running direct in the crontab (10/10/2020)
  181. Fixed dns on master box, added transparent proxy for connection. (11/10/2020)
  182. Additional database tweaks applied (11/10/2020)
  183. Added new server status page - Kpopsource Server Status & added link to it on the footer (13/10/2020)
  184. Set lazy loading to using a jank free library instead of relying on native browser lazy load code (13/10/2020)
  185. Applied security patch for cross site scripting vulnerabilities in the software. (14/10/2020)
  186. Updated server stack to latest version (28/10/2020)
  187. Wrote a code (script) specifically to address the four hour downtime we had, its more of a quick hack for now as a bandaid for the issue while i debug more of what happened. (29/10/2020)
  188. Updated caching server and image processing software (03/11/2020)
  189. Updated database software (05/11/2020)
  190. Fixed mobile sticky navigation not aligning (05/11/2020)
  191. Updated database further to prevent downtime (07/11/2020)
  192. Applied kernel updates to the operating system. (14/11/2020)
  193. Updated database configuration (15/11/2020)
  194. Updated system kernels to latest version (20/11/2020)
  195. Updated image processing software to the latest version (23/11/2020)
  196. Updated webserver to latest version (25/11/2020)
  197. Twitter embeds should load faster now (26/11/2020)
  198. Updated php (27/11/2020)
  199. Applied system updates & updated image processing software. (1/12/2020)
  200. Updated ks caching layer (02/12/2020)
  201. Http 3 is now available again to browsers that supports it (05/12/2020)
  202. Users will need 20 posts before being able to open conversations. (12/12/2020)
  203. Updated php & image processing software (11/01/2021)
  204. Updated caching layer & antivirus backend (13/01/2021)
  205. Updated webserver software and cache engine to address crash issues in the backend (18/01/2021)
  206. Updated JSFiddle, added support for more URLs from bitchute, and updated support for short URLs from tiktok. Instagram Reels are processed and rendered like normal posts or Instagram TV. (20/01/2021)
  207. Updated curl (20/01/2021)
  208. Added conditional checks to prevent users using unsupported email providers (28/1/2021)
  209. Updated software stack and a couple of addons. (24/02/2021)
  210. Fixed some of the alerts being persistent due to deadlock (27/02/2021)
  211. Updated system kernel (28/02/2021)
  212. Did a series of performance tuning for our code cache (02/03/2021)
  213. Disabled transparent huge pages in linux kernel causing caching backend to operate with high latency (04/03/2021)
  214. System automatic update caused cache to deadlock causing error, changed settings to report only so in the future it can be done manually (06/03/2021)
  215. Raise limits on mmap and total cache size to improve performance for small files like images. (07/03/2021)
  216. Optimized database settings based on last week usage data (11/03/2021)
  217. Fixed deadlock occurring in caching backend (11/03/2021)
  218. Updated system kernel to stable version & rebooted server (13/03/2021)
  219. Preloaded all scripts to speed up page generation (26/03/2021)
  220. Updated webserver software (08/04/2021)
  221. Applied security hotfix to system kernel (11/04/2021)
  222. Update php version (02/05/2021)
  223. Added ability for users to start conversations solo. (04/05/2021)
  224. Applied security updates to database server (10/05/2021)
  225. Applied changes to database queries and updated cache application. (18/05/2021)
  226. Tuned database & cleared old logs files to make space on the server (24/05/2021)
  227. Updated webserver + caching backend to latest version (01/06/2021)
  228. Revamped entire code to use native browser lazy loading instead of javascript, javascript lazy loading is only used as a fallback (02/06/2021)
  229. Changed webserver branch to a much modern tier (04/06/2021)
  230. Did a live migration of key store to newest version of the backend cache application (04/06/2021)
  231. Updated server kernel to the latest stable version (04/06/2021)
  232. Updated php (05/06/2021)
  233. Updated ks's search backend (05/06/2021)
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