News "The Go-Gos" documentary abt the most successful girl-band of all time, on Showtime 1st August 2020 (1 Viewer)

18 February 2019
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The Go-Gos, the most successful girl band of all time, are the subject of a new documentary out on Showtime on 1st August 2020.
Also, some pre-release interview from January 2020.

a 2018 feature, at tat time their musical Head over Heels was coming out.

I think i was too young when the Go-Gos debuted in 1981 to notice them, but a couple years l8r i knew abt them when they Belinda Carlisle solo successes with "Mad About You", "Leave a Light On", "Circle in the Sand", "I Get Weak" n "Heaven is a Place on Earth"; forced brought attention to her history with the No. 1 chart-topping band to increased attention.
However, i dont believe this was a case of Yoko-ing or Knowles-ing as the band became inactive due to the mains' disinterest(i strongly suspect that how they were perceived n portrayed in the media from 1981-1984 may hv played a strong part in this, as i think they werent taken seriously as musicians by most of the media at that time{also not much on early mtv-which i dont rmbr if they featured the go-gos much from 1981-1984}, but who knows...)

I digress, here's:
Club Zero, new song by Go-Gos.

We got the Beat, official MV.

Our Lips are Sealed, official MV.

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