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○ the thousands of moons - writing collection ○ (1 Viewer)

1 January 2023
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~ welcome to my small writing collection ~

I didnt really know where to put this, so here I go.

in the past years I have been writing a few poems
(and other stuff, like fanfics - but mostly poems).

the amount differs from time to time, depending how long my 'phase' was.
currently I`m not writing, but I`m also not in a 'phase'.

anyways, I decided to share some pieces.

1 January 2023
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a moment in white

the sky crying crystal tears,
falling down to gray grounds,

carried by the cold winds,
painting an innocent white.

two eyes watching,
two feet following.

the sound of crunches,
echoing in the quiet woods.

Black Dog

There is a black dog in your neighborhood,
your father gave him to you as a puppy.
He is a ruthless man.

There is a black dog in your neighborhood,
he pulls at the lash a bit too hard when you walk him.
You begin to stumble.

There is a black dog in your neighborhood,
he bites you when you are not expecting it.
It stings and makes you question yourself.

There is a black dog in your neighborhood,
he attacks you when you are not looking.
It hurts you deeply and leaves nasty marks.

There is a black dog in your neighborhood,
he is out of control and takes away your focus.
You can't get rid of him, he haunts you in your sleep.

There once was a black dog in your neighborhood.
Even though he became really big,
no one but you could see him.

There once was a black dog in your neighborhood.
You wanted someone to take him away from you,
but no one could help.

There once was a black dog in your neighborhood.
He drove you crazy,
even your tears could not wash your pain away.

There once was a black dog in your neighborhood.
One day he suddenly vanished.
He took you with him.

Above the Horizon

I saw a flash of red at the horizon,
it's almost the end of your journey.

Your tiny paws left heavy prints,
I can still see them.
They are tattooed on my heart.

You once where a little prince,
innocent and raw.

But your soul was taken by sickness.
it brought you that far.

You still fulfilled your dreams, I`m happy for you.
But you left me behind,
with tears and ashes.

Now it's time to let go,
the evening sun burning thoughts away.

I can see your red tail one last time.
Until you reach the moon,
your favorite place.

Now you reside with the stars,
they are shining painfully upon me.

But I know we will see each other again.
I know you will wait for me.

A Game of Death

Bloody thorns in the night
a white horse chasing
the wounded raven

Dream about you

Last night I dreamed about you,
the shock of you leaving still deep in my bones.

You grabbed my shoulder gently,
telling me to keep strong.

And stroked my neck softly,
reassuring me I`m holding up well.

Last night you smiled at me your usual smile,
does that mean you are happy in that place?

You shined so brightly,
it gave me hope.

But waking again,
I couldn't stop my tears,

I missed you even more.

Life is a hustling friend

Why is it when the world around you is quiet,
that your mind seems to scream at you?

Life is a hustling friend. His days and nights buzzing with life.
You can feel him everywhere around you.
Crawling over your skin like a spider over its web.
It's a tingle, that reminds you of his never ending existence.
A tingle, you learned to ignore. Just like everyone.

It's on those days when you are home alone, standing at the opened window.
You can close your eyes and feel the crispy air on your warm skin.
It almost feels like the world is as quiet as it should be.
And just for one short moment it is.

Before your blank mind starts to work again.
Eyes open, gaze wandering from one thing to another, to everywhere... to that person.
That person, that left a deep scar on your broken heart.
Even the fresh air not being able to clean your soul or tears.

And in that moment you wished you could forget.
You wished, that friend of yours to be by your side a little bit faster.

once a tiny bud
it slowly started to bloom
a radiant red

It's easy to make mistakes at night

“GET OUT“ Eve screamed at Pete, her now ex-lover. And if it wasn't for the darkness in their shared apartment, Pete would be scared to see those heavy tears, colored red by the blood moon shining high at the night sky. Eve usually wasn't one that screamed easily. She was a calm and composed person, but when she found out about her lovers nightly affairs she snapped badly. The heart that once beat rapidly when looking in those deep eyes now broken by Pete's foolish actions. Eve couldn't just forget and forgive. No, no one ever called her an easy person. So the only thing she could think of right now was getting her ex-lover out of her sight, grabbing a fluffy blanket, her favorite ice cream and watch some corny romance to cry her eyes out peacefully, without SOMEONE interfering.

Pete grabbed some clothes and his dog before leaving the apartment quietly, without a word or a big explanation. He knew Eve would no longer fall for his white lies. It wasn't the first time he cheated. Once you fall into that dark pit, it's easy to just stay there. It's easy to make mistakes at night, when no one can see you. Exciting he would call it, but not anymore, because his hideous stage play was over and revealed to the wrong person. The person he still loved deeply.

Someone might ask for the reason Pete started to cheat on Eve in the first place. On the outside they looked deeply in love and probably both thought they were, they still are. But Pete was curious, too curious. He opened Pandora's box one night and the rest was basically history. It's not like he stopped loving Eve. Oh no, he still worshiped the ground she was walking on, he would do everything for her, but this second life was just too addicting, like a drug and now it was his task to do the withdrawal.

He promised himself to fight for his love, he promised by the stars that looked just as red that night, he promised by his bloody tears.

He will be the scapegoat for everything and maybe after some time Eve's heart will beat rapidly at his sight once again. He hoped so dearly.

Sometimes I feel like the world is ending

Sometimes I feel like the world is ending,
in that moment of sadness,
everything is lost.

Empty your heart,
heavy your chest,
everything is silent.

Every fingertip,
the slightest movement,
everything is present.

It‘s loud,
the breathing,
the tears,
everything is vibrating.

sometimes I feel like the world is ending.
but … it wont.

Summer Rain

summer rain,
washing over my dry body.
standing still,
in the endless silence.
feet covered in ash colored dirt.

The other side

The other side,
bright eyes watching me,
cold breath shaking in smoke,
goose bumps crawling over blood colored ash and bones.
the end,
coming to all of us slowly.


twilight crossing the vast horizon,
slowly washing dark shadows away.

like waves from the cold ocean,
the warmth of your aurora is so vibrant.

I can feel it in the atmosphere,
as I close my eyes again.

You feel so free,
at the beginning and end.

Sweet Halloween

horror of the night
dark, but sweet like pink candy
spirits following.

The underworld

darkness surrounding shaking bodies,
a silent scenery repels freable views.

rough eyes searching endlessly,
kinder wickedness and everlasting pain.

nebula still breathing in mischievous lies,
erebos waiting between soundless black.

sharp eyes creeping over buried skin,
sizzling gold - soon - will follow.


the emptied rush you give me every time,
I think of you endlessly in light and dark,
till sounds get cold and senses hot.
I bear with the weightless thoughts,
as I enter your deep ocean.

stars pass by like lost memories of you,
packed in colorful happiness.
what‘s left as they pass is shimmering stardust,
spreading in extensive black twilight,
and hollow nothingness.


snow tickling skies and blue,
now falling deep onto the green.
oh cold air breathing heavy smoke,
winter melting on warm skin.

When darkness comes

Darkness ... it's an eery silence in the woods once the warm sun sets down, giving up her position to the cold moon. Once colored in greens and yellows, the wide lands are enlightened in pitch black, warmth withdraws, making space for thick heavy fogs. You might think there is no one around as even the birds stopped their singing, falling silent as the night arrives. But there is always someone, something... and as the creatures of the day fall slave to their dreams, creatures of the night move step by step, breath by breath. You can't hear them, you can't see them. They are invisible... and when you hear them, it's too late.

It's HIS time. Steps silent, breath heavy, vanishing in the trees dark shadows as he searches for his next easy prey. It seems his surroundings are freezing, no one wants to be first. And you know he is there, you feel his piercing gaze on you. You can feel it creeping behind you as you run and run and run, faster and faster. But he is still chasing you, the slow you. Soon... soon you will be trapped in his cage as he plays hungry games with you.

Be aware, he is not a merciful monster.

No, he is darker than the moonless night, his yellow eyes seeing everything and everyone around him. And if he had a mouth to laugh at you, he would do it. It would be so loud the night would turn into a dreamless one.

Because there would be no one anymore to dream a dream.

And YOU would be first.


I fell into the weightless blues,
now surrounded by endless silence.

cold air leaving pressured lungs,
in small hollow circles.

sinking deeper and deeper,
darkness creeping over burning skin.

As lost light follows the bright surface,
there is nothing left, but a wicked smile.

Fog covered night

the cold summer breeze, slowly followed the silent mountain range
mindlessly, an odd eyed creature hollowed in the dark night
thick fog covered the cruel act, it all seems like a twisted dream
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