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7 March 2019
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wow i have never been more tired in my life

so basically i went to the dps aka dmv aka the place where you get your drivers license and i went there today to get some information changed

i woke up at 7:30 am and went to the DPS, it took us 30 mins bc traffic rip

when we got there a line was coming from the front of the entrance and it nearly wrapped to the side

we got there and thought oh it might be a short wait, IT TOOK US AN HOUR TO GET INSIDE and standing in 90 degree Texas weather didn't help oof

we finally got inside and got our documents checked which we almost didn't pass bc we didn't have proof of Texas Residency until the lady we talked to pulled up some bank statements online

then we started to wait, and wait, and wait, AND WAIT FOR 3 HOURS

i had time to leave the dps and get some mediocre hamburgers; but then i just watched vids on youtube and almost fell asleep until they finally called my number

we got our information changed in less than 5 minutes; and we had to wait 4 HOURS

I ended up missing my summer class and nearly passing out from how tired i was; btw we got home at 3:30 PM

best day ever
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