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3 November 2018
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I started watching quite a few Anime again beginning with this years Fall season, however I did look at Anime released before then for this year but none of them were able to beat these 3 which were released just not long ago.

3. Deca-Dence

People liked to say this is Attack on Titan with a small budget. While at first it may seem like it, separated from the world, surrounded by monsters.
But it's so far off from what it actually is.
What sets this apart from others is that they aren't scared to throw you off completely with a huge plot twist pretty early on.
It was a hit or miss for many, but I've never seen anything like it in any Anime I watched.
You'd think that the story is predictable at first, and in some instances it is but for others you'll completely feel like a fool for thinking that.
It has great characters with good motivations for what they are doing, believable and relatable as well.

And while some of the CGI animation for the huge fortress Deca-Dence seem off (especially in the first few episode) they do get better at the end + there are some absolutely gorgeous scenes in it as well.


This is a pretty grim & dark Anime.
A detective trying to solve murders in other worldly looking spaces.
Even if it would cost him his life.
It has a really intriguing story, that had me at the edge of my seat multiple times, thinking about the mysteries of the murders as well.

The only thing that's holding this anime back a bit is the character design.
Characters that should stand out, do so, and not over the top, which is great, but other than those they feel a bit dull, and sometimes the proportions and the way they dress isn't really true to say, what their age is supposed to be.

But apart from that, the voice acting is great, the story, as written before, engages you to think about what's happening as well.
Overall a great mystery Anime.

1. Akudama Drive

This might be one of my favorite Anime I ever watched from my 205 finished ones.
You wouldn't think that an over the top action Anime like this would have time to give each of their characters a amazing story arch, great character development and believable motivations. But that's exactly what is happening here.
Each character belongs to this story, not one, even the side characters, feel like filler, each of them deserved their place.
The chemistry and group dynamic is amazing, they are all able to bring their skills together and work out problems that no one else could solve before.

But not only the characters, but the way this Anime portrays it's world is top notch as well.
The beauty of this world as well as the dirty is showcased so well, the wealth and the poor, you get to see all sides to it.

One thing this Anime does astoundingly well is the way they show the characters skills.
Let's take one character, the Hacker for example, normally you'd just see them press some buttons repeatedly without really knowing what's going on,
but trying not to spoil anything, it's completely different with this one (though more towards the end of the Anime, instead of the beginning).

The only thing holding this one back is the censorship, sadly being broadcast at a time where censorship is necessary is really sad, there was one episode, really brutal, where half of the screen was covered for a short duration due to the censorship, definitely going to buy a blu-ray version or so with this, because without the censorship it'd be a 10/10, with it it's a 9.5/10​

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