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Is Wendy your bias?

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Welcome Back Red Velvet
27 May 2019
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Massachusetts, USA
Here are some excerpts:

McIntyre: Red Velvet is hugely successful. When you found out you were going out on your own, were you nervous to live up to that same level of success? To all the expectations?

Wendy: First? Yes. I was, I'm not gonna lie, but...I had to go on my own. I knew I couldn't fulfill those expectations. I had to believe myself. And I had to find my own color as a soloist, Wendy. I thought that that would be my job, to just show myself. So I didn't worry about that at all.

McIntyre: So how did you go about finding that sound and finding who Wendy is musically versus the group?

Wendy: It was kind of hard at first, but then my company and my A&R team and my staff helped me out. They helped me listen to different types of songs. And when I was really confused about finding my own color, they would suggest to me, or they would leave me to find my color. And finally, my album came out like this.

McIntyre: Like Water has a pop-rock/ballad sound. What led you in that direction? What brings you there?

Wendy: Before the album came out, I told my A&R team that those genres are the genres that I love, that I'm into these days. And then they requested those kinds of genres to the writers. Yeah. So some of the songs were actually written just for me. That was the start that I was able to find my own colors from then

McIntyre: The single is “Like Water.” Is that your favorite on the album or do you have another one that personally touches you?

Wendy: All five songs are precious to me. Cause it's my first solo debut album. And also it's all my stories. So all five songs...I can't really pick one!

McIntyre: So this EP is out and you're going to promote it. What's next for you? Are you already thinking next? Are you thinking more Red Velvet?

Wendy: Well, first I'm just focusing on my solo debut album Like Water, and then probably our group Red Velvet, because people are waiting for us. We'll be back soon.

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