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Is Wendy your bias?

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Welcome Back Red Velvet
27 May 2019
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Massachusetts, USA
Here's one of the comments posted to the When This Rain Stops video:

Hoai Nguyen 1 week ago

When this rain stops is a song that heals the deep wounds in everyone's heart. Thank you Wendy for this wonderful song, thank you Wendy for saving my classmate's life. He attempted suicide last Monday due to school pressure and family problems. Fortunately, he was saved because the wound to his wrist was not too deep. This morning, he came to my desk and said only one sentence: “thank you very much.” I wondered if something happened to him. I texted him and found out that he had accidentally read my story and heard this song by Wendy. He is not a K-pop fan and I still remember his message clearly: "I cried and sat in the bathroom for 45 minutes, I was very tired, sometimes I just wanted to give up everything, but thanks to When this rain stops, I feel so much better". Thank you, Wendy, for making everyone's rain stops!

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