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Is Wendy your bias?

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27 May 2019
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Massachusetts, USA
Here's a very nice story from SBS Youngstreet. Thanks to wandj221 for the translation:

Wanso: Seungwan, do you happen to remember your science tutor? One day, I suddenly thought our Seungwan would have become a celebrity, so I searched Son Seungwan on the internet and found an idol named Wendy. And she looked like Seungwan in her childhood.

Seungwan was always polite and kind. When we were eating snacks, she always handed me snacks first, saying, "Teacher, eat them first". I still remember the gimbap, omelette, and hamburg steak that her mother made for me. I thought Seunghee and Seungwan would have grown up well because they were children who tried hard to do anything. While we were tutoring, you sang and danced, and I thought you would have become a celebrity because you were a talented child. Seungwan, always be healthy, and thank you for helping me reminisce like this.

WanD: I remember you very clearly. Because you also taught my sister, and you always came to my house, so I remember. Sometimes when my sister was tutoring, I went in and studied together. The teacher was really kind. She was so warm. And she taught me kindly.

After reading this story, I became a bit emotional. Maybe many people don't know, but when I was young, my first dream was to be a scientist. I think I was able to dream of becoming a scientist because my teacher taught science so interestingly.

Thank you for not forgetting me and remembering me. Teacher, thank you so much for being so kind and warm even though I would have been immature and can't understand well when I was young. Thank you so much for making such beautiful memories that I can still remember.

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