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Appreciation Why do I stan Loona? (1 Viewer)

21 November 2018
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At first I was skeptical about Loona. When I saw the 1st article on facebook about a group that will cost 4 million I was like "k rich company they don't need to worry about flopping" but seeing that they will have 12 members was kinda a turn off. Usually even if I am into some group with +7 members and even if I follow them sometimes I can't tell their voices apart. You know sounding too similar... that's kinda an issue for me because even though I like the music I think some groups could lose a few members and they would do just well. I wouldn't miss any voices because voices already sound similar.

My 2nd issue was young members. I'm not a bitter old person who's like "damn you're younger than me I'm jealous" but sometimes when new groups debut you can hear that their cute voices in songs are forced and they sound way too childish.

We all know that companies do this shit... members have to sing in cute voices and completely change their sound.

When Heejin came out with ViViD I was surprised. The song was good. I wasn't obsessed with it but it was really nice. Because her solo was pretty good I was interested in this pre-debut project. But my worries that their voices will be too childish like or forced to be too childish-like were gone. It seemed pretty cool to me that every girl has her own color & animal. The MV was really nice and you could see that BBC cares about quality of the music and the music video. Loona TV was pretty good decision as well, even though videos were very short.

When Hyunjin came out with Around you everything changed for me. I love ballads it was an amazing song. Because of her my interest in Loona was 1000 times bigger. I'll be there was also an amazing song 2jin's voices fit so well together. Also My Sunday was pretty great. 2jin totally made me looking forward to hear the other girls, it was obvious that BBC knew how to pick talented girls. This was the time when I started thinking should I buy their singles? I decided not to buy singles and wait for a little bit becase what if I won't like other songs...

Haseul again surprised me with an amazing MV and an amazing voice. Let me in was a fantasic song but I still liked Hyunjin's solo the most. The Carol with Heejin and Hyunjin was quite nice as well (but I liked the carol with Vivi, Choerry and Yves way more). I was also happy that Haseul is 97 liner. I was subscribed to Loona's channel but I didn't know what to expect. Should I expect younger or older members after Heejin & Hyunjin.

When Yeojin came out with Kiss later I must admit that I wasn't too much into it at first but after a few times of listening to the song it grew on me. Lyrics were pretty good, very age appropriate. But I liked My melody more.

Vivi was a game changer. Every day I love you & Every day I need you were just so good and she was 5th member already so I decided to buy their singles. I loved all of their songs (even though I needed more time to fall in love with Kiss Later I loved all songs at this point). Her music video was pretty awesome and she was so pretty with her pink hair (I mean she's pretty now as well. I was also glad that she's just 4 years younger than me, because if there were even more young members like Yeojin I would feel odd that I'm stanning a group where members are mostly kids ya know?)

Kim Lip was also pretty good. I liked Eclipse but I thought that Twilight was better. This was the time I noticed how many people started stanning because of her song. I was really happy that the girls gained new fans. This was also the time when BBC started writing long ass descriptions (which I love btw) on youtube about Loonaverse.

Jinsoul's Singing in the rain & Love letter were pretty great as well. At this point I started to believe that the girls won't disappoint me. I think her MV was the prettiest with the fishes and stuff like that.

And I was right that girls won't disappoint me when Choerry came with Love cherry motion. This song is such a bop and I can't believe that it people weren't obsessed with it like they were with Eclipse. Puzzle was also a good song, but it didn't addict me like Love cherry motion.

And then Yves came with New... till now I didn't pick my bias yet. Sure I liked Around you, Every day I love you and Love cherry motion the most but when I heard Yves I was like "that's it idc who will have a solo after her this is the best song ever and I loooove her voice." Anyway D-1 was also amazing and this was the first single where I loved both songs the same. There is just something about Yves' voice that it's addicting af. And she's easily the prettiest idol as well (I don't pick my biases based on their looks btw... but I'm just saying. Sure ALL Loona members could have "the visaul" title but she reminds me of Sunmi+Sulli and I always thought Sulli is easily one of the prettiest idols, Sunmi as well.)

Chuu's heart attack was pretty amazing. It was quite addicting. I loved her duet with Yves as well! I knew that I'm stanning the right girls at this point. AAAND because Yves was my bias ofc I had to pick the single that had Yves on the cover as well. I'm so glad they're writing articles about Chuuriah Carey and her Chuu heart like yes, we need more Loona articles. Bring new stans with your cuteness and amazing voice.

To be completely honest I also wasn't into Go Won's One and only when the MV came out. I needed to listen to it a few times to get into it. But I loved the lyrics a lot and One and only lyrics are my favorite lyrics from all solos. I loved See saw on Go Won's single. Surprisingly right now her solo is in my top 5.

And of course Olivia Hye. I'm glad she was the last member. They finished all solos with a bang. Egoist was such a bop and also l love lyrics of this song a lot. Rosy was pretty cool as well. Olivia just confirmed I'm stanning the right group. Waiting for new solos & reading about theories was fun but I was glad it was finally over. I really wanted to see them together as 12. I'm happy that they had their solos though. Usually idols wait for years to come out with solos. But with Loona we were able to see how talented members are on their own. Having a solo before you release a group song is a great concept. Because even if members don't really get much lines we know it's not because they are lacking. We know that they are not in the group because of visuals and if someone says something like that you can easily send them a link of their solos and prove them wrong.

1/3, OEC were amazing sub-units I did not dislike any songs on the album in fact I loved them all. But someone has to be your favorite and at the time 1/3 was my favorite sub-unit. Jinsoul, Choerry and Kim Lip were perfect together but I was more into 1/3 songs.

But then YYXY came... and that was it. YYXY became my official favorite sub unit. I don't think YYXY is my favorite just because my bias member is in this sub unit after all Hyunjin & Vivi are pretty high on my FavOriTe list. YYXY was just one of the most perfect sub-units with the most perfect songs and I'm so salty that there was no repackage album. I'm salty more and more everytime when I listen to their songs... I might sue BBC in the future.

Loona's debut was perfection and disappointment at the same time. Hi High is one of the best debut songs this year and the best debut in general. It was fresh, energetic and pretty catchy. And the disappointed part? I know it's hard to give lines to 12 girls but I feel bad for underrated members. Anyway. I know line distributions can't be really fair since there are different positions in groups. Some members will always have less lines than the rest. I'm just waiting and hoping my underrated daughters will be able to shine in the future.

I loved their debut album. And I decided to stan the right group. When most of your old groups disband and lots of old groups become inactive it's time for someone else to take that number one spot. And yes Loona is my number one group. That won't change anytime soon. They have an amazing discography and while we wait for their comeback we have a lot of songs to listen to. They have zero bad songs (for me at least) they have had two songs that I wasn't really into at first but sometimes songs are like that and you start loving them after listening to them a few times. They are all my talented daughters.

But the short answer is: I stan Loona because they're talented and because they have amazing songs.

:pandalove:If any Orbits want to express their love for Loona comment down below!:pandalove:

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