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18 November 2018
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Blood for the blood god
I adore Techi. I love her. I am in awe of her. I revere her.
And I will always love her whether she stays a celebrity or not.

I have a habit of describing my faves as gods... (case in hand Woozi and Kai) but Techi... She is so PAINFULLY human only with divine talent... that ended up burning her. The thing that makes her so unbearably amazing, so incredibly unmatchable, is also the reason she cannot continue on anymore.

Techi became famous too fast, too young. She was just 14 when Keyakizaka46 debuted with her as the center. Even in normal groups being the center is difficult mentally and physically, but with Keyakizaka... there is the added stress of Keyaki songs being emotional. Keyaki performances need that rawness to be good. I cannot imagine the strenght one would need to go up on stage and bare your soul to the crowd. To abandon any and all barriers holding back and just SCREAM.

Because that is what Techi did again and again. The normally cheerful kid dug up all of the emotions inside of herself. All the sadness and all the righteous anger inside of her and she let the world see it. And those emotions left a mark. She FELT those feelings she was dragging up.

Her being a perfectionist did not help matters. For an MV she would demand for a shot to be retaken again and again and again endlessly until her knees were swollen until there was a shot she liked. She could not stand going on stage and not being the best she could be, but her best is a burning fire that lights up everything around her and leaves her burnt.

And just to show an example of those emotions... In this clip she is about 16... The video will start at the climax of the song, but feel free to check out the entire performance it is amazing.

Imagine having to go on stage and SCREAM like that. Would you be able to make a noise like that? Would you even be able to let out an emotional sound like that on command whether in public or not. I somehow doubt it.

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