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    What hair color did you like the most on your bias's?

    The dark brown Taeyeon had in 11:11 and Fine was so pretty, also the iconic blonde from Lion Heart and I was so good on her, it added a kind of fairy look to her already amazing visuals imo the black is a classic though, she always looks stunning. the black brings out more of her features, i...
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    What were your favorite songs on Itzy's Guess Who?

    sadly, i have to agree with you on the title track. The teasers had me really excited, cause the instrumental sounded really and Lia(or is it Chaeryoung) singing "nuguilkka" was lit, and then the actual song itself is not for me ngl thought it would grow on me, since most ITZY title...
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    give me your kpop bias and ill tell you how yugyeom is better

    lol i wanna play my ult bias is Taeyeon:wonugl::dab:, but in terms of boy groups, ig Wonpil or Dowoon from Day6 (im not a boy group stan lmao, BTS day6 and Astro from like 3 years ago(ie crazy sexy cool and baby era astro) are the only boy groups i listen to regularly:we_kpopsourcing: )
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    Appreciation more and more is such a bop

    its so good fr idk why people say its a bad song, or even say it's a weaker twice title track, i love it so much i get preference and such, but idk, its a bop and i will never think otherwise :/ thats all i have to say lol, stream more and more ig
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    MV TWICE『Kura Kura』MV - 8th Japan single

    yeah, i guess im not used to japanese releases yet lol that explanation sort of makes sense ig, i dont listen to many japanese artists so i have no input that would say otherwise lol
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    MV TWICE『Kura Kura』MV - 8th Japan single

    They look great omg i thought Kura Kura wasn't supposed to be released until May 12 though?
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    Found completed taeyeon's set!

    nice:sadcat: lmao im not active enough on here whoops at least i have one taeyeon card lmao:sanapray:
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    Petition for companies to start releasing instrumentals as well as studio acapella versions of new releases from their groups i cant be the only one who loves acapella versions of songs to sign this petition, idk comment or answer the poll i guess
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    okay but seeun ate with this hair

    seeun literally looks so good with the princess hime/hime cute/princess cut haircut (it's usually called the hime cut, or princess cut, but i just combine the two since they mean the same haircut) if you dont know what the princess hime haircut is, it's essentially a haircut where the portion...
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    is it just me or....

    jooe is so pretty and always has been but idk i was watching the Ready or Not MV and i legit could not take my eyes off her, she looks so pretty the long black hair seriously suits her so well idk what changed because she looks exactly the same as before but idk i guess the hair and makeup just...
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    okay but why does rollin by brave girls slap

    fr its such a bop
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    wendy looks amazing

    she looks so beautiful omg also idk if its just me but she looks different idk but a good different she might look different because of what happened or because i havent seen her for like an entire year but oh well i might just be losing it she looks fantastic either way
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    okay but why does rollin by brave girls slap

    its literally so good like i completely understand why it suddenly shot up in popularity in the past month a true example of a song that was ahead of its time in my opinion heres a video of them performing it (its kind of a compilation of sorts)
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    Official Request Cards or Trades Here

    I agree (:
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    Bias wreckers