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a lot of tags

  1. Chahee

    Appreciation Eccentric (a 10 characters title)

    That person said I'm like that This person said I might be like this A kind of rumor without a sender Spreads as much as it is unconfirmed They said even if I look like that, I'm unexpectedly like this, As they thought, I'm like that A version of myself even I don't know is created And exists...
  2. lexus

    Favorite title tracks by these GG's

    If you can't tell, I'm very bored. :welp: Also, these are just random groups. lol If you don't like a group then just skip them. EXID AOA Girl's Day Sistar Twice SNSD Blackpink Momoland Gfriend Oh My Girl 2NE1 Red Velvet CLC Dreamcatcher (G)I-dle