1. marublade

    Appreciation Kai is an actual baby...

  2. marublade

    Appreciation I am feeling nostalgic... Samuel with Seventeen was (is) the most adorable thing ever!

    Samuel hasn't had a comeback in a long time... I miss him... And even more than Samuel I miss Samuel hanging out with Seventeen! He was their baby and they all showed him so much love and I just love it! I can just imagine an alternate universe where Seventeen debuted with Samuel and that...
  3. marublade

    Appreciation Kun is the only member of NCT that matters!

    Kun is the only one who matters, because he is AMAZING and so talented and a literal angel! Sometimes I stop and think about just how can a person who is so fundamentally nice and kind as Kun is! How does somebody like that even exist? I am convinced he is an actual angel in human form! He is...
  4. marublade

    Appreciation Suhwan is the cutest bean to ever live and Woozi's son!

    I WILL TOLERATE NO ARGUMENTS! He is so adorable and perfect and just amazing! Look at how Suhwan jumps onto Yuvin's back, it is so adorable! I love it! I LOVE IT! Not to mention that is just SCREAMING Woozi and Mingyu vibes!
  5. marublade

    Appreciation Have this video to cleanse your mind from anything that might be troubling it!

    Have some cute baekhyun singing a cute song to cheer you up! This is adorable!
  6. marublade

    Chenle is an uncle now!

    A cutie! That baby will grow up to be just as spoilt and adorable as Chenle!
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Who allowed Chanyeol to be this cute?

    This tall ass man, shouldn't be this cute! He is supposed to be mysterious and cool and all that, so why is he coming after me like this? I'm not even kidding, who gave him permission? I sure didn't! Was it kyungsoo? I feel like it might have been Kyungsoo, but still, they should have warned me!
  8. marublade

    Appreciation I want to bite Suga's nose

    I want to bite his nose! I like his nose and that makes me want to bite it Like just look at it! Who cares about booping it, that's too simple and too brief! I want to bite his nose! His nose is so pretty and cute and just waiting to get bitten!
  9. marublade

    NCT's Mark is really cute [18+]

    I can just imagine him blabbing away and rambling when a girl makes a move on him! He is blatantly a submissive and it is so adorable. He isn't into anything hardcore either! Just telling him to undress would probably fluster him to no end! now imagine how he would react to being spanked! I bet...
  10. marublade

    Appreciation Kai's bellybutton appreciation

    It is so cute! I don't know how or why, but his bellybutton is adorable! Don't ask me to explain, it just is!
  11. marublade

    Appreciation These are the only pictures I need

    No other pictures are needed... Period! There are no pictures more perfect than these!
  12. marublade

    Appreciation These are the only gifs I will ever need

    These are everything I love and more... I am in love with them! Can I become these gifs? Can I only see these forver? Can I go inside them and be in that moment? I love them!
  13. marublade

    Appreciation Things I want to do with Kai [18+]

    There are many things I wish to do if I could... Hug him Pat his head Give him food Hug him some more Basically I just want to hug him I want to hug him really tight Maybe go out to the movies with him Or even better a zoo Maybe lasertag? It would be fun I also want to hit him I want to see him...
  14. marublade

    How to recognize a new kpop fan!

    There are some big giveaways! One doesn't necessarily mean they are a new fan, but multiple of these and it is almost 100% a new fan. Feel free to add you own! very exited over everything! Like to use a lot of fandom inside jokes to prove that they areone of the crowd now When you mention...
  15. marublade

    Appreciation Who is the cutest among these idols?

    The choices are: Samuel NCT Chenle Stray Kids I.N (Jeongin)
  16. Emanresu

    Appreciation Who Needs ASMR? I've Got Yoona At The Sea!! - (*UPDATED W/ PHOTOS)

    Who Needs ASMR? I've Got Yoona At The Sea!! While all you folks be into those ASMR videos for sleeping or whatever it is. I just watch this. I'mma put this on loop for hours!!!! I can fall asleep to Yoona saying things I don't understand and being the cutest thing on the whole planet...