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  1. Yerichu

    Appreciation Happy Giselle Day 🎂 🥳

    Happy Birthday to Giselle ^^ 😀 🎂 🥳 @My
  2. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Revelus are smoking over the SMTown Tokyo set list.

    and if i had to bet it is all the female group fans. Basically each group and BoA got 3 stages with all 4 being in Got the beat.
  3. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Lol Taeyeon forgetting they were going to call out the groups at the end

    She was just hanging with Aespa saw a comment that she is so used to being alone at sm town she was just hanging with girls :) all of SNSD are tying to get her attention...... lol and just earlier the Aespa girls were kinda hesitant to grab her hand.
  4. SeulPika

    Appreciation My favourite songs of 2022 is an SM party....

    Been a kpop fan since 2009 and this is a first for me..... :pandalove: Never has the Top 5 spots been held by artists from the same company! :pepeheart: Just waiting on IU to now release something in 2022 to gate crash the party............
  5. Abeamus

    Found Completed aespas Rares

    Only just noticed I completed this set today after seeing that I had the rest of aespa after getting Karina when I updated the trading thread :pandatea: Thanks to the following people for helping me complete this set :sanapray: @Generator for Karina @Nina ><> for Giselle @Yili for Winter...
  6. SeulPika

    Guess my aespa bias

    Guess my aespa bias I am now officially stanning aespa and I have also chosen my bias :pandahappy: :pandalove: Seeing how well y'all know me and if you can correctly guess which of the girls is my bias! :sakUwu: Clue 1: This member caught my attention straight away with their predebut...
  7. F

    Appreciation SF9 11TH MINI ALBUM [THE WAVE OF9]

    Any of you guys saw this? thr lit Summer bop definitely 🌴🌊🌈
  8. Yerichu

    News aespa adds an additional date for their SYNK Showcase in LA @My
  9. Yerichu

    Video aespa at Coachella 🌵🏜 | Coachella VLOG

    @My aesp
  10. Yerichu

    Video aespa at Coachella 🌴☁️ | LA VLOG

  11. Yerichu

    News AESPA to hold their first showcase [aespa Showcase SYNK in LA ]
  12. RandAlThor

    Rumor New Aespa sub or adding members?

    What is all this? Seems a bit long after debut to do a massive add. @mysteric you got anything?
  13. Yerichu

    Rumor AESPA 2nd Mini Album? or Other SM Artists? Or could it be for HYOYEON's Album or NCT Dream's? The world may someday know..... :taesip:
  14. Yerichu

    Rumor AESPA as 5? Rumors spread so quickly....but I dont think this might be true but no one is yet to be sure.... IDK what to think for now.....
  15. maruberry

    4th gen has made me toxic

    Don't question it I'm a bitter stan I used to be calm, stay out of fanwars, mind my own business and just enjoy my groups... now I'm BITTER I'm an especially bitter Wiz*one I don't know what happened with IZ*ONE to make me into the bitter hag I am, but I am BITTER Le Sserafim especially...