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  1. PetitBonheur

    Intro Who else went here after AKP crashed?

    The forums in AKP is unavailable. They said the site was hacked or something. Are there members here who are also members in AKP? Also, is this post allowed? :irenecrazy: I just created my account yesterday. I want to see which one's better, this or AKP. I do hope this is better :( Anyway...
  2. InTooManyFandoms

    Who here used to be on AKP, but then switched?

    I am just curious how many users on here used to use AKP. I use AKP more, but this website is underrated xD Post your answers down below!
  3. Baechu

    Intro Another akp nugu

    I'm a complete nugu on akp and I'm nugu on here , so help me to get famous on this site :chickill::maheart: I'm complete girlgroup trash, which means that I'm stanning too many girlgroups :pepecry2: I do listen to boygroups as well, so please accept me :maheart: Oh and ANTICIPATE LOONA'S...
  4. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation So I broke my 7 day Self-ban

    Thank you guys for always being so postive and civil. This is definitely the friendliest kpop forum. The users are friendly The staff is amazing, supportive and dedicated And the emotes are :llama_ramen: