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anticipate the book of us

  1. Mayday

    Rumor So 5SOS wants to collab with Day6

    Let's make it happen, JYP.
  2. Mayday

    Do you believe in past lives?

    Personally, I don't, not only for religious reasons, but also because I find it illogical. I feel like once you're off of this Earth, you're off, then it's heaven or hell. I've seen a lot speculations about past lives, but I just don't believe in them. For example, Monsta X's Jooheon and Shownu...
  3. Kedon

    Debut sikko mode

    im sorry
  4. Mayday

    Comeback ANTICIPATE

    The Book of Us: Gravity comes out tomorrow, and I'm losing my mind. Their last summer cb was a bop (Shoot Me), and since this was delayed, it better be a bop. (Last comeback) If you want to stan, now is the time.
  5. Mayday

    Rumor Why does NCT Mark like cooked watermelon?

    The question at hand is- "Why does Mark like cooked watermelon?" Before diving into this question, it is important to acknowledge the depth of this question. This is not your average question. This question requires a significant amount of thought and emotion. Firstly, it is important to...
  6. Mayday

    Variety This was completely wild from start to finish

    Dowoon also seems kinda of comfortable on air too now. King of variety.
  7. wayvoutsold

    Teaser Day6 “Time Of Our Life” MV Teaser

    4 days left, I can’t wait!
  8. Mayday

    What reaction have you received the most?

    (Other than Like) Mine has to be "Haha". Because I'm just so funny!! Ha!! Ha ha ha!! Ha! Ha!!! What about you all?
  9. Mayday

    i made a bunch of kpop stans mad on ig lmao

    I just said I wanted to see white people in KPOP (because of diversity), and they said let "Asian music be for Asians". Okay my dude, I am Asian, so I know what you mean, but that isn't what I meant. Honestly, I meant that I'd like to see more diversity in KPOP. In my opinion, the logic that...
  10. Mayday

    You ever look at your old threads?? and just???

    I've been looking at my old threads from September, when I first joined. And I get that September was only about a year ago, but thank God for character development, because... When I did my intro thread, people liked me then. Did I get too cocky? Did I lose my guard? Who knows skskk And...
  11. Mayday

    News Spanish woman legally owns the sun

    "Angeles Duran, 49, says that the sun officially belongs to her now, having had the celestial body registered in her name at a local notary office. 'I know the law': An international agreement states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals...