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  1. rhslvkf

    Appreciation May I introduce K-POP related apps?

    Hello. I'm a novice developer. I took some time to make an app about K-pop. I put YouTube, SNS, and Vlive together for each K-pop star so that you can enjoy it comfortably. If you have time, please install it and give feedback. It can help me grow as a developer. If you're interested...
  2. Discipline

    Announcement [APPLICATIONS CLOSED] EU and ASIA/OCEANIA Moderator Applications!

    Hey! Just about a week ago, we'd closed the applications for NA mods, with two fresh and dedicated mods joining our team! They've been working diligently to ensure that the NA time zones are covered to the best of their ability and I hope that their presence has been felt throughout the forum...
  3. Koala

    Announcement [APPLICATIONS CLOSED] Attention! Attention! Looking for NA Moderator Applications- Apply today! West Coast and East Coast

    Hello to the fellow kindest users of the forum galaxies. Your time has come but yet sadly there's a catch. Your time has come to become a moderator only if you are placed in the North American region. I know what you're thinking; "How heinous to already choose a region to apply with?" Allow me...
  4. NeoSquare

    News In 4 days, TRCNG's app will be released

    TRCNG has already announced that they will have an app, however, it was unclear when it would drop. Koari just announced that it will drop in 4 days. Soompi reports that this app will be the very first app that a group will use to communicate with their fans in Korea as well as all over the...