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  1. loonayoongi

    Appreciation omg so sexy

    thought i was talking about a person? no, it's pied piper enjoy the four minutes nineteen seconds of pure sexiness
  2. loonayoongi

    Video Crush의 BlackVOX - Ep.01 with j-hope Teaser

    @Crush @ARMY
  3. loonayoongi

    Armys are well fed 🙏

    the amount of solos and collabs we got this year only is insane and the year is not close to ending 2022 is a good year for @ARMY
  4. loonayoongi

    Information [공지] BTS 'Proof (Collector’s Edition)’ 2차 예약 구매 안내 (+ENG/JPN/CHN)

    " Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. We would like to provide some information regarding the second pre-order of BTS “Proof (Collector’s Edition).” “Proof (Collector’s Edition)” is an album that has been planned along with the Standard Edition and Compact Edition of the BTS anthology album “Proof.”...
  5. loonayoongi

    Teaser Proof (Collector’s Edition) 'Anecdote' Preview

  6. loonayoongi

    Photo cutest friendship 💓

    joon and hoseok with their matching tattoos, there's nothing cuter in this world :pepeheart: @ARMY
  7. loonayoongi

    GFX threads of edits i made except it's very questionable

    merry christmas 😍 um best wii game argue with the wall get it? *dropped pizza on my phone interlude coquette yoongi uwu baldpink when i when i when i when fish graphic design is my passion <3 @ARMY
  8. loonayoongi

    BTS 2022 Happy Chuseok Greeting

  9. loonayoongi

    my music week #4

    guess who's back? another music week! yeah! important: the rankings are based on the number of streams i gave the song during the week and not at all influenced by my personal preference *i'll add a photo for each artist, kps just does not want to work with me at the moment 😕 top 5 artists! 1...
  10. loonayoongi

    lady di reincarnated as jungkook [PROOF]

    :oliviakek: @ARMY @jesus_christ i think you would like this thread 💓
  11. loonayoongi

    Appreciation what's the best comeback trailer...

    and why is it i'm srry i stole that idea from @Vikki i think
  12. loonayoongi

    News BTS PTD ON STAGE LA on Disney+

    The concert is now available for streaming on Disney+! Trailer @ARMY
  13. loonayoongi


    i literally have no idea what this title mean :sanathink: @ARMY
  14. loonayoongi

    News Audacy names Jungkook as artist of the summer 2022

    Congrats, JK! He also posted about it on his Instagram. @ARMY
  15. loonayoongi

    News You will be able to hear BTS RM at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

    It is about 130 modern Korean artworks that will be displayed in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)'s exhibit "The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art". The exhibit will open this Sunday and continue until February 2023. It gets even more interesting knowing that the leader of...
  16. loonayoongi

    Appreciation I Need U by BTS (song review)

    This song is absolutely revolutionary. It changed my life for the better. I finally felt like I knew where I was heading. I gained strenght: physical and mental. I feel like a better person. A newer, better, more confident version emerged after listening to this song. My insecurities and...