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  1. Jewel

    News MOONBIN’S MOTHER letter to fans.

    The fact that she finally had to speak up is so tragic. I know exactly what kind of rumors she's speaking of. I wish people would stop speculating still and just share happy and fun moments to remember the wonderful person Binnie was. I honestly still treat Astro as if he was still with us. He...
  2. Jewel

    Appreciation Ngl, I teared up

  3. Jewel

    Appreciation Being reminded of Moonbin

    All Aroha and fans know that Dandelions have a big significance to fans since Moonbin liked them and their meaning. I kept hoping to see them here. Not only have I seen dandelion seeds floating in the air but one came floating right by my head. Binnie has been sending signals to fans. Whether...
  4. Jewel

    Appreciation K-Ville THE EVOLUTION OF ASTRO (아스트로) | In Loving Memory of Moonbin ♡

    My favorite song of Moonbin & Sanha was "Ghost Town". @Aroha
  5. Jewel

    New MV ASTRO 아스트로 문빈&산하 - Madness M/V

  6. Hakunama_Tata

    Sales ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha set a new personal record with album sales

    Moonbin & Sanha's Astro sub-unit sets a new personal record. Moonbin & Sanha made their comeback with their second mini-album, 'Refuge', and title track "WHO" on March 15 KST. Their mini-abum sold over 33,000 copies on it's first day, that's their highest-selling first-day album sales. With...