1. marublade

    Sansa is the smartest person in GoT [SPOILERS]

    Sansa is the smartest person Tyrion is too optimistic Jon thinks with his dick Danaerys is a vengful maniac ruled by her emotions Varys is just Varys Arya is pretty OK aswell, mostly because she doesn't think she is really smart or anything like that! + She listens to Sansa! I haven't liked...
  2. marublade

    Appreciation Sooo... Uuuuhhhh...I watched ep 3 of Game of thrones.... [SPOILERS... Duh...]

    So yeah... Stuff happened! This part is for the pppl who don't mind 18+ stuff!
  3. marublade

    Appreciation Arya is highkey a... [18+]

    She is highkey a dom and I love it! I would love for her to come over and question me like she questioned Gendry! I can just imagine her standing over her sub and demanding he tell her what a nasty slut he is! Demanding all the little details and staying expressionless while the sub is blushing...