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  1. IsTamaraHere

    My jpop haul

    @Willow @uran @YouChan Enjoy them
  2. IsTamaraHere

    bought jpop releases

    @Tsukino @Ahsoka @kimsguardian
  3. IsTamaraHere

    My K-pop hurl

    Behold the goodness @kimsguardian @Silver_Snowflake @Selfmate Iu Taeyeon Jessica and Hyuna
  4. Nobody4444

    MV Official theme song Music Video -- "Summer Dream" IT'S TIME TO GO! 【CHUANG Asia 2024】

    31 January 2024 Official theme song Music Video -- "Summer Dream" IT'S TIME TO GO! 【CHUANG Asia 2024】
  5. Nobody4444

    Debut CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?' Official M/V

    The Vietnamese contestant Nguyễn Thành Công who has been eliminated from the K-pop survival show Boys Planet just made his V-pop soloist debut working for the Vietnamese V-pop company Mustation Entertainment under his new stage name "CongB" : 16 December 2023 CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?'...
  6. Nobody4444

    Movie "Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms" - New Chinese mainland live-action movie adaptation of the Chinese classic novel "Investiture of the Gods"

    9 September 2023 CREATION OF THE GODS I: KINGDOM OF STORMS Official Trailer | In Theaters September 22
  7. Nobody4444

    Information What do you think about the Korean SBS K-pop survival show Universe Ticket ? Is it rigged or not ?

    The girl above on the TikTok video is the Indonesian contestant Vanesya who was ranked in the top 8 at the 3th place on episode 1 then she was ranked at the 1st place on episode 4. The girl under on the TikTok video is the Vietnamese contestant Vũ Linh Đan who was ranked in the top 8 at the 4th...
  8. UniNine0Nine

    Appreciation The incoming of Vietnamese Kpop idols in 4th gen

    We didn't have any vietnamese idols in years, but suddenly they arrived and took the world by storm. Here are those who are active: Newjeans Hanni, the most famous of them all Former ILAND Hanbin of Tempest Former GP999 Nancy who is half taiwanese, half vietnamese in TripleS...
  9. Nobody4444

    News Singers of Vietnamese descent in non-Vietnamese language music

    J-pop : Singers of Vietnamese descent on the J-pop scene based in Japan that are no longer active on the J-pop scene : - Tu Ngọc Phương Chị (秋玉芳姉) (full Vietnamese) also known as Fonchi (フォンチー) by the Japanese from the Japanese J-pop Idol girl group Idoling!!! and the Japanese J-rock Idol girl...
  10. IsTamaraHere

    Have you been to Japan and if so, where abouts?

    I always wanted to travel there, but with my fear of heights it would be hard. What are your favourite places been or not been. I wanted to visit osaka for it's octopus balls.
  11. Rockman

    Chart V-pop/Vietnamese pop groups

    V-pop boy groups : 1) Da LAB : Thức Giấc - Da LAB (Official Music Video) 2) 365daband : 365DABAND - BỐNG BỐNG BANG BANG | OFFICIAL MV (TẤM CÁM: CHUYỆN CHƯA KỂ OST) : 3) UNI5 : UNI5 | NÓI DỐI CẢ THẾ GIỚI VÌ EM | Official MV : 4) Monstar : MONSTAR - BADADU | Official Music Video : 5)...
  12. IsTamaraHere

    Appreciation Been watching Asian films again, (subbed) like when I was a teen

    It feels great to get back into something, I used to do with dad as a youth. We used to tape or record Chinese subbed movies and binge em the next day. I have watched 3 Asian films so far and reviewed. Are you in Love 2020 (Korea) You and I 2019 (Korea/Vietnam) Love in Magic 2005 (Korea)...
  13. Discipline

    Announcement [APPLICATIONS CLOSED] EU and ASIA/OCEANIA Moderator Applications!

    Hey! Just about a week ago, we'd closed the applications for NA mods, with two fresh and dedicated mods joining our team! They've been working diligently to ensure that the NA time zones are covered to the best of their ability and I hope that their presence has been felt throughout the forum...