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  1. Yundubu

    Appreciation I stan ATEEZ now

    I'm yunho ult biased but I also bias seonghwa, jongho and yeosang :pepeheart: Can anyone recommend me any shows from ateez for me to watch??
  2. Reverie


    while watching one random video, Fireworks comes on, and I’m suddenly hit with a slap of nostalgia and I get the urge to listen to it in full. Then I check out other songs. I start feeling things. Next minute i want to restan. I’m currently crying to Treasure and thinking of the best way to get...
  3. Reverie

    Photo Some photos of ATEEZ bc why not

    Appreciating the visuals :sanapray: Thanxx/Inception era was the best 😩 one of the first pictures I saw of them T^T 👇 Love this photo shoot below ⬇️ They’re all stunningly handsome :rosesmug:
  4. xakya_is_weird

    Appreciation I don't think i can get over this!!!!!!

    So i've been thinking about this a lot lately....and i just needed to say something about it.....ya'll like i'm literally falling in love with this man day by day:pepecry1:....since he did this look right here :zoomeyes: ....somebody help me...pls....he's taken over me and i don't know what to...
  5. xakya_is_weird's what i did.....

    So i made my first video that's crazy...but anyway...i wanted to ask everyone up here if ya'll want to see it....but part of me is like they'll watch it and hate it and i will die of embarrassment and probably die in a corner :pepecry1:...but the other part of me is like...
  6. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Atiny I bless y'all

    As expected when a group I love comes out with smn dope I gotta make gifs for it :sanapray: Enjoy! (If it wasn't obvious I loved Wooyoungs scenes) (This is the only one I edited but I love it so much :sanapray:) Now to comment, I have my doubts about Wonderland, it's still...
  7. crescentpins

    Fanart Preorders: Ateez Moon Mingi Pin

    hi everyone! i am a new pin maker and we launched preorders two weeks ago for our first pin design. we only need 9 more slots funded to go into production so we’d appreciate if there’s any ateez mingi stans if you’d look and share! all orders can be made here and we’ll appreciate a follow at...